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Keira was smiling from ear to ear as they were walking hand-in-hand toward the function hall. She knew about Torin's surprise event that he prepared for her husband.

Zach noticed his wife's knowing look and asked, "What is it?" to which Keira just shook her head and answered with, "Nothing..."

When they entered the function hall, everything was pitch dark. And suddenly, a bright spotlight was on, beaming toward a large throne chair which was placed toward the center of the room. Keira led Zach to sit in it while she occupied a smaller seat next to him.

Then the bright light was shifted, pointing to the stage in the middle of the hall. "What's this?" Zach murmured when he saw some of his soldiers appear, one by one, including Torin. They started to perform some funny skits of all the memorable experiences they encountered during their fieldwork.

"Wow, look, he really put a lot of effort to impress you," Keira praised as she laughed watching Torin acting as Zach.

Zach was laughing as well, as he recalled all those adventures during the many missions he was sent to. The most awful part was when a group of them had to hide from their enemies inside a small underground shelter, and Torin released a fart bomb! 

Everyone inside the function hall roared with laughter. 

"Oh my gosh, bro Torin almost jeopardized the whole mission with his fart!" Rizie commented as she laughed.

Then came the part where Keira and her friends joined the military academy to stalk Zach. Torin performed the bit where Zach would always confide his dilemma to him, about how the teenage Rizie was stubbornly pursuing someone older than her. 

Rizie crumpled her face as she looked at her big brother and pointed to herself, mouthing, "Me?" Zach shook his head and laughed in embarrassment.

Then Torin performed the bit where he was ordered by Zach to demonstrate a full CBR training to the new cadets, only to find out how lenient Zach had been to Keira's group because he couldn't see Keira suffer inside the gas chamber for even a second more. 

The CBR training skit must, of course, include Torin's pathetic attempt of revenge, where he ordered Keira and May to prepare dinner for the high-ranking officials, which flunked and only backfired on him. In the end, not only had he gotten reprimanded by Zach, but Zach had also commanded Torin to help him finish the horrible food that the two girls had prepared.

May flinched and mumbled, "Eww! How could they eat it all?"

Keira widened her eyes and hit Zach's chest, "General! Admit it! You already liked me back then!" Zach chuckled and grabbed his wife's hand to kiss it.

Then came the last part, in which the couple was stranded on an isolated island. Zach looked at his wife in disbelief, to which Keira responded by giving him a mischievous grin and shrugged shoulders.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Torin seemed to be a natural born performer, as he was doing a great job imitating Zach, only based on Keira's explanation. They all laughed as he acted how Zach used hand gestures and body language to communicate with the tribesmen. 

"Oh God, this is remarkable. Keira told me she brought along a girl from that tribe, and she wanted to adopt her as a younger sister… What was her name again? Mara?" Lana commented.

"Correct. Mara. And John is assigned to look after her in a secluded place where she could strengthen her immune system slowly. It was the only way for her to survive in the modern world. And I heard it would take years..." May explained.

"Oh yeah, right, I heard about that. They're probably already staying on that island, which Keira recently bought. You know, one of the neighboring islands of the Kens'," Lana figured.

"Yes, they're already there. Keira bought the island, not only because it reminded her of the memorable moments she and Zach had when they were stranded on the other island, but also to have a secluded place where Mara can stay, study, train, and build her immune system properly…" May added.

She knew because John had personally bid his farewell to her before he left for that island. He told her that he would be staying there with Mara for a few years. 

John also mentioned that it would be a tough job because, even though Mara was a grown woman, but she didn't know anything about modern civilization. So she would be as naive as a child, and instead of being her guardian, he would most likely be her sitter.

May felt terrible for John because of the way she rejected him. But what else could she do? She needed to be straightforward with John. She regretted that she had been clueless about his feelings for her. Had she known about it earlier, she would have been able to act sooner and minimize his heartache.

"Don't worry… John is a tough man, and he said he understood you. Besides, you parted as good friends. He smiled genuinely when he said goodbye and wished you luck, right?" Lana consoled her friend when she noticed May's solemn expression.

May had confided to her about what happened. She was also surprised when she heard the story. Perhaps both May and her were just too dense to notice this kind of thing.

The show finished with a finale as the soldiers shouted, "Happy birthday, General Lim!"

All the guests were obviously satisfied with the performance, which could be heard from the sound of laughter and applause in the hall.

Keira whispered to Zach as she clapped her hands, "You see how hard Torin has worked to entertain you? This was all his idea. So, stop giving him a hard time and just grant him his wish..."

After the show, Torin rushed to Zach, panting hard. "Did you like it, bro?" he asked, smiling broadly at Zach.

Zach stood up from his chair and looked at Torin with a serious expression and said, "I appreciate this, brother-in-law. Thank you for all your efforts…"

Torin's eyes widened as he repeated excitedly, "You said brother-in-law, right? Does that mean you consider me as your brother-in-law now?"

Zach did not say anything. He only smiled and patted Torin's shoulder before he walked toward the rest of his soldiers to thank them for the wonderful show.

Torin shifted his gaze to Keira and asked, "You heard it, right? He really called me brother-in-law, right?"

Keira laughed and nodded while giving him a two thumbs up.

"Yes!" Torin shouted before he ran to Lyra. He hugged her, lifted her off the ground and did a twirl.

"We can finally get married!" he murmured happily. Rizie, who was standing near them, looked at them in bewilderment.

"Geez, look how happy he is? He looked so desperate..." Rizie commented.

Grandma Terry laughed and said, "He's not desperate dear, he's just in love…"
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