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Days passed by, and the couple had their usual routines, where Zach would drop his wife off at work and pick her up without fail. Zach made sure that he would tend to Keira's every need. He would rush to her office just to bring her fruits, shakes, or any other foods to satisfy his wife's cravings.

"Wow. How come both of you, pregnant women, are getting more and more beautiful with each passing day? You two are glowing! Oh, here are your drinks, miladies..." Gavin praised. He had become their errand boy lately.

"Zach hasn't mentioned anything to you about his birthday, has he?" Thea asked. Zach's birthday would be in two days, and Keira had been preparing carefully to surprise him.

Keira shook her head. "That's good… Pretend that you forgot his birthday, then you will surprise him with a blast," said Gavin. That was indeed the plan. She even asked her dad to be in this together with her, so Zach wouldn't suspect anything.

The whole surprise event was Gavin's idea. He based it on the story of how she and Zach first met and everything that ensued after that.

Thea smiled and added, "Zach never celebrated his birthday before because he was always too focused on work and ways to provide for his family. After being a soldier, he was always away on duty during his birthday, so I'm sure he will be touched this time."

Keira hoped so too… Her husband deserved everything that was good in life and she really wanted to make his first birthday celebration with her memorable.

Gavin was taking up a mini role of pampering the two pregnant women at work. "It's a practice for you, so later when you get married, and your wife is pregnant, you will know what to do, and this all will be a piece of cake for you," Keira encouraged him, seeing Gavin frown upon her request to buy her and Thea some ice cream.

"I'm glad I'm resigning. I can't take two pregnant women bullying me anymore," Gavin grumbled, to which both Keira and Thea laughed.

After work, Gavin went inside the elevator with Thea and Keira, heading toward the basement parking lot, where their respective husbands were already waiting.

"You know, both of your love stories are the most awkward of anything I've ever heard before. I mean, Thea and Zach were an item before. Jeru had a thing going on with Keira before. But then Zach ended up with Keira, and Jeru with Thea. Moreover, both of you got close with each other. It's kinda twisted but so interesting…" Gavin commented while they were inside the elevator.

Keira laughed and said, "It's not twisted, Gavin. It's what you call fate. Everything that is bound to happen, will happen. But in my case, I used a special deal, which was my free will and determination, to seal that fate..."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Thea, who was also laughing, added, "Well, then in my case, I guess it's purely heaven's goodwill... I tried to harm Keira before, but instead of punishing me, God decided to grant me some good blessings, of having this tiny one inside my tummy, and a great husband. I'm so grateful for that."

Keira smiled back at Thea and said, "It's because you didn't deserve any punishments after all that you've been through. The heaven was actually trying to make it up to you. Oh, but it wasn't only their goodwill, it was also my cleverness. I saw through your plan and switched the wine glasses."

All of them laughed. And unknowingly, the elevator had reached the basement parking lot. As soon as the elevator door opened, Gavin was greeted by the two husbands. It looked like they were just talking to each other on the bench while waiting for their wives.

He watched the two couples go their separate ways toward their parked cars and shook his head. He still thought that their set-ups were awkward. 

"What a complicated story. But really impressive," Gavin mumbled before he walked to his car.


"Oh right, let's have dinner with dad tonight," Thea suggested, as she grabbed her phone to call her father-in-law.

Jeru laughed and stopped her, "We always have dinner with dad. Can we just have dinner by ourselves this time? I want to have my wife alone for dinner."

Thea's face reddened from Jeru's suggestive words. Their relationship had progressed really well after that night when they shared intimacy as husband and wife.

Though Jeru was still spending most of his time at work, he would always find time for Thea. It was not much, but it was good enough for her. She was happy to see all the efforts that Jeru was making for her.

Jeru smiled, sensing how timid Thea had become from his teasing, so he grabbed her hand and told her, "The projects I'm working on will be completed soon, so I can spend more time with you. Let's just let Grandma relax a bit now because she's the type who would act out even more if triggered. Especially if I go against her on simple things like this."

"I haven't told you this before, but as a newlywed, we need to stay with her at our ancestral home to pay respect for several months. It's just tradition, but if you don't want it, just tell me. I'll find a way to decline it," Jeru added. 

Thea sighed. She knew because Gavin had told her. Thea knew that she had to go through this tradition because otherwise, Old Madam Liu would only bully them even more. Gavin said that Old Madam Liu had never hurt anyone physically, but she had to be mentally strong to deal with Jeru's grandmother.

"It's okay. It's a tradition. We can move in with your grandma. It's not a problem for me, really…" Thea replied as she squeezed Jeru's hand. She would try her best to win his grandmother's heart. As Keira had advised her, she would only kill her with kindness.

She loved Jeru, and she wanted to prove herself worthy of him. She would not give him up, and neither would she let him give his family up for her. She would do anything to make Old Madam Liu accept her.

"Are you sure?" Jeru asked.

Thea smiled at him and answered, "Yes, I'm very sure. She's your family and an elder. We should pay our respect.  Besides, months of staying with her at your ancestral home won't kill me."

Jeru laughed. His wife was really admirable, and it made him like her more and more. He had to stop at the side of the road because he could not control the urge to hug and kiss her.
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