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Keira and some of the news crew boarded the Cooper Network's private plane, flying to Plumeria island where she would have an exclusive interview with Ryu Ken.

Her doctor said that it would be safe for her to travel since she had a healthy pregnancy.

"Don't you think you have had enough of islands lurking for now?" Zach, who was seated beside her, murmured.

The crew members could not hide their admiration for the couple. Especially Zach, who was so protective of his wife. Not only he went to accompany her on this work trip, he was also attentive to all of her needs all the way through their flight. 

"I know, right? But I heard Ryu's Island is a very nice island. And, I've checked, there are some neighboring islands still available for sale. I checked because I want to get an Island for us. I actually wanted the one we were stranded on, but it was not a deserted island after all... It's a home to Mara's tribe. So I'm looking for another one which also has a beautiful waterfall." Keira sighed dreamily. 

Zach laughed. His wife surely had a lot of plans going in her head. And if she wanted something, she would try her best to get it. 

It was just a short flight, and as soon as their private plane landed on Plumeria Island, a few vehicles were already waiting to pick them up and bring them to the main mansion.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Inside the beautiful mansion, they were greeted by Arya, Ryu's wife, who was now six months pregnant.

"Welcome," she smiled and hugged Keira. Arya's drama did really well, and she was a famous actress, so everyone in the news crew couldn't contain their excitement as each of them would like to have a selfie with her.

"You can set up the interview here. Ryu will come down shortly," Arya informed them as she smiled at Keira and Zach. Then she added to Zach, "My husband was elated when he heard you're also coming, General Lim. I heard you two have become close during the mission. Thank you so much for all the things you did for my husband during that mission."

Zach nodded and was about to say something when Ryu greeted him from the staircase, "Bro!" Ryu came down quickly to hug him. 

"I'm glad you are doing fine now," Zach said after seeing Ryu looking well, just like before. 

"Yeah! Look at both of us! We are so fortunate. I found out you went missing with your wife, but thank God you both are safe and sound now!" Ryu burst out.

Keira watched her husband talk with Ryu, while Arya offered her a drink. "I heard you're also pregnant, Keira. Congratulations…"

Keira thanked Arya, and excitedly announced, "And we're having twins!"

"Ohhh… That's really nice. But be prepared, because they will be heavy to carry in the later stage of your pregnancy. I'm now in my sixth month, almost seven. And my baby boy already feels heavy," Arya advised, laughing.

The two had a good chat while they waited for the news crew to finish the set-up for the interview. 

During the interview with the couple, Keira found out that Deyna Song was the one who had worked wonders to help Ryu Ken regain his consciousness. Later, after the interview ended, she told them, "She's magnificent. Actually, she was the one who confirmed my intuition of having twins just by feeling my pulse."

The exclusive interview went well, and the Ken couple insisted that Keira and Zach spend the night on their island, which they accepted.

"Look at the sky... It's so beautiful at this hour of the night!" Keira exclaimed. They were both sitting comfortably on a blanket in the grass while stargazing.

"Have you thought of names for our babies?" Keira asked as she leaned her head on Zach's shoulder.

"Hmm, like 'Star' and 'General'?" Zach said, trying to conceal his laughter. Keira hit his chest and said, "Think of something unique, my General."

"Hmm yeah, I thought about it. I came up with a set of names for a boy and a girl for now. I'll think of the other set later," Zach said.  "What are they?" Keira asked, her head still on Zach's shoulder.

"Cayden for a boy, and Stella for a girl," Zach answered, smiling. He then added, "I'm the luckiest man because a falling star had decided to land right in my heart. In Latin, 'Cadens' means fall, and 'Stella' means star. You're my falling star, and our children will always be a reminder of that."  

Keira remained quiet for a few seconds before she suddenly pounced on Zach, who fell on his back. She was lying on top of him and murmured, "I like it... They're lovely."

Zach got startled at his wife's sudden action, but it only lasted for a few seconds. He looked back at her and held her tightly. He then smirked and teased her, "I know you're bold, my star, but you don't mind Ryu, Arya or their staff to see us?"

Keira laughed and kissed Zach's nose. "What are you thinking, my General? Are you perhaps thinking of something perverted? Gosh, I was just going to hug and kiss you…" Keira teased back. She then stared intently at her husband's handsome face under the moonlight and into his charming eyes.

"I wonder, If I had not pursued you back then, do you think we will still end up together?" Keira asked. Zach pulled her closer so her head would lean on his chest, and tightened his embrace.

"That's why I'm so very grateful that you set your eyes on me, and never gave up on me. Because if not, then I might not be the happiest man on earth right now..." Zach declared and kissed his wife's head.

Then he added, "You are the best thing that ever happened to me… So my falling star, don't hesitate to barge into my life, over and over again, until time ends… I love you so much."
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