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"What are you thinking?" Thea asked when she noticed Keira seeming to be deep in thoughts.

"Zach's birthday is coming. I want to give him a great birthday gift, but I can't seem to think of one. Also, I want to throw him a surprise birthday party. One that he would not expect," Keira answered.

Gavin, who had brought them hot chocolates, heard it, so he asked, "Do you want to throw him a big party? Or an intimate one, where it's going to be just the two of you?"

Keira pouted her lips and said, "I want one with the family and his close friends. He's been through a lot, and I'm sure he would want to celebrate it with family and friends too…"

"Hmm… I'll help you. I'm quite gifted when it comes to nice ideas," Gavin boasted, to which Thea laughed.

"By the way, you promised you'd tell me all about your love story with the General. Besides, I need more background info to help you with some ideas for the party," said Gavin with a grin. Keira laughed. Gavin had been persistent in knowing how Zach and her love story had begun. He said he wanted to turn it into a book.

"Geez, such a pushy writer," Thea commented dryly. She actually didn't want Gavin to resign because he was fun to be with and like a brother to them in the newsroom.

Gavin laughed and ignored Thea's sarcastic remark. He countered, "Don't worry, Thea, you'll also be in the book because you're also a part of Keira's story. You're the antagonist there."

Keira burst out laughing and added, "Yeah, she was at first. Gosh, I'll tell you in detail how she bullied me before. Make sure you include it in your book."

Thea pulled a face at the two who were now laughing loudly. She was about to say something when Director Holmes shouted. "Return to your spots now!"

"Why don't you write your own story instead?" Thea asked Gavin as they resumed their positions in the live studio.

"I do. I'm in the middle of writing it…" said Gavin. Thea looked at him and teased, "Let me give it a title. What about 'The Martyr Friend Who Can't Confess'?"Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Gavin laughed and said, "No. It's 'The Bestfriend Who Loves Me'."

Thea's mouth twitched as she sat down on her chair and said, "Nah, 'The Martyr Bestfriend Who Can't Confess' would suit your story best."

Keira shook her head as she watched the two banter with each other from the other side of the live studio. 

"Aren't you going to try out for Gavin's position? You really should. I think you and Thea will look good together on the screen." One of their executive producers suggested as she took a seat beside Keira. Apart from looking good on screen, she liked Keira's attitude at work and her capabilities. Keira was one of their best reporters, and the executive producer was sure that Keira would also nail the anchoring job.

Keira smiled and nodded. She would definitely apply for the position as it was her dream career.

Her phone buzzed, so Keira excused herself from the live studio to answer it. She smiled, seeing it was Zach.

"Come down, I brought you the soup you want," Zach said from the other line. He told Keira where he was parked in the basement.

Zach had messaged her earlier to remind her not to skip meals. Keira texted him back, saying she wanted to eat some hot avocado soup with curry and shrimp. She had it once at a restaurant which had now closed down, and she couldn't find another restaurant that sold that particular dish.

Keira excitedly went down. She did not expect Zach would seriously make her the soup she wanted.  

She saw Zach's car and quickly went inside to kiss and hug her husband.

"Don't you have to work?" asked Keira. He was wearing his General uniform. Zach smiled and answered, "I do… I skipped it for a bit to cook this quickly and dropped by here."

"Such a sweet husband," Keira murmured as she pounced on Zach to kiss him again, this time passionately. 

Her hands moved fast to unclasp his belt and unzipped his zipper while their tongues were still dancing with each other. Zach groaned when he felt her hand slid inside his boxer to rub his already erect buddy. Keira pulled away from their kiss and bent her head toward his manhood.

Zach saw her pull down his boxer shorts, freeing his erection, and asked in a husky voice, "Keira, what are you doing?" She looked up at him and winked at him as she answered, "I'm just giving my sweet husband his well-deserved reward. Why? You don't want it?" 

Zach didn't know whether to laugh or cry at her question. Of course, he wanted it. He asked, "Won't they look for you?", to which Keira responded, "No, they won't, I'll be quick, I promise."

She held his manhood in her hand and bent her head down to lick the whole length of it before she covered it with her mouth. Zach groaned. He could only sit back and moan while he saw his wife's head bobbing up and down and felt her warm mouth and wet tongue work their magic on his erection. 

He brushed her hair and helped hold them up so they wouldn't obstruct her while she pleased him. After a while, he said in a very husky voice, "Keira, come here, quick. Sit on top of me. I want to be inside you."

Keira looked up at her husband with hazy eyes. She, too, desired to have him inside of her now. So she did as she was told. She pulled away  while Zach adjusted his seat so she could sit on his lap. Fortunately, his car was heavily tinted, so none of them was worried that someone would see them from outside.  

Keira was wearing an A-line skirt. She quickly removed her panties and moved to the driver seat and sat on Zach's lap, facing him. And without further ado, she immediately covered his whole manhood with her warmth. She was already wet. And both of them moaned. 

She had her hands on his shoulders and started to move back and forth gently while Zach held her waist to support her and showered her face and neck with kisses.

The two lovers entangled themselves in a dance of passion inside Zach's car, which now looked like it was moving on a bumpy road, as it bounced up and down inside the silent basement parking lot of the Cooper Network building.
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