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Zach was outside the entrance door ready to go inside but then he took a step backward.

He was contemplating if he should enter the bar or not. For some reason, he felt like something was strange.

Cielo and Torin messaged him to tell that they were already inside the bar.

"Sir, are you going in? There will be a good activity soon, so please step inside while it hasn't started yet." Said the guard at the door smiling.

Zach smiled back in an awkward way and entered the main door. He could hear the screams and the music as he walked towards the door.

He got his card and placed it on the scanner. That instant the door opened and Zach was dazzled by the lights that struck directly at him, then he heard a man's shout, "There he comes!"

The man's shout was followed by the screams of the ladies inside the bar.

Zach looked astounded when a bouncer approached him.

"Congratulations to our five participants!" This time it's a  woman's voice.

"I'm Denise Ming, the owner of this bar. As you can see this 'TAKE ME HOME' segment is only done once a year for charity cause because the money from our bids will go directly to the Cancer Patients organization that our bar is supporting. So, I encourage you guys, our five hot men to come here to the front and don't let down our beloved patients that will be given with so much help due to your hotness, guys…" explained Denise Ming cheerfully.

The crowd roared as each of them shouted and encouraged each man picked by the bouncers.

"What the hell is wrong with this bouncers!" Torin exclaimed. He looked so sulky while Cielo laughed out hard.

"Zach was chosen… all five men are extremely hot." Cielo stated as she shrugged her shoulders.

"And I'm not hot?" Torin blurted out irritably. He missed the chance to have a beautiful date tonight.

He was even extremely excited because he noticed that there were many beautiful ladies inside and he believed that most of them were from prestigious families too.

"Well, I guess you're not that lucky?" Cielo teased him back.

Keira was at the center of the stage and stared at Zach who walked with the bouncer at his front.

"Seriously? You choose me?" She heard Drey's voice that was continuously complaining to the bouncer.

May and Lana burst out in laughter but none of them dared to tell the bouncer that Drey preferred to date with the same sex.

"Go with him, Drey… It's for a good cause, think about how you can help others by using your face." Keira said with her eyes still fixed on Zach.

Drey scratched his head and obliged. To be honest, he was at a critical stage of his life where he couldn't decide what he preferred because he also admired beautiful women like Keira.

But that was kept to himself because he didn't want the girls who thought he was straight for men to feel awkward with him.

"Keira, will you bid for me please?" Drey pleaded but May answered in return laughing, "I will start the bid for you Drey for 1USD, how about that?"

"Darn, May, bid for 10,000 USD and I will pay you!" Drey hissed.

May stuck out her tongue at Drey before the bouncer guided him at front.

"I guess you will spend a lot tonight…" Lana murmured as she looked at the women who were obviously drooling over Zach who passed them to walk to the front.

"Well… let's see who will dare to surpass me. Tonight, I will spend enormously to help Cancer Patients, Lana. My parents will be proud of me." Keira said with her mischievous smile.

Zach tried to find Torin and Cielo in the crowd.

He was about to refuse the bouncer but then the owner mentioned that it would be for a charity cause for patients with cancer.

His father died because of cancer. And they were incapable of maintaining his hospitalization and medications during those times.

He was willing to do anything for a good cause…

"Oh… Our hot men are so good and cooperative. Thank you so much, gentlemen. I'm sure our ladies here can no longer wait to place their bids and take you home, guys!!!" Denise announced and the ladies screamed.

"Don't worry, ladies. These gentlemen before you will be scanned to prove that they are trustworthy. Give us five minutes and while we wait, we will let them introduce themselves and give you a quick peek of what they can do, so we can decide on our bids." Denise explained as she signaled her bouncers to get the fingerprints and profile for each man.

The men introduced themselves, each just mentioned their names and nicknames while all the ladies continued to scream and cheer.

Afterward, Denise began the bidding, as each profile of the five men appeared on her tablet screen.

"Wow, look at what we have here…" Denise exclaimed excitedly.

"Ladies… I believe that tonight is your lucky night because all of them are bachelors and with quite a good profession I must say. Damn, too bad I can't join the bidding!" Denise said jokingly.

"Shall we begin?!" Denise asked with a wink and all the ladies screamed...

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