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Keira opened her eyes, and her perfect lips curved upward upon seeing Zach sleeping beside her. She looked around and immediately realized where they were. They were inside one of the VIP wards at Yang Hospital. But this one was a special ward for a couple, and the bed was customized to fit two people, unlike those in one patient wards.

They were rescued just in time. Who would have imagined how perfect the timing had been? Keira was flabbergasted with joy and gratitude. Finally, they were safe. And how nice it was to feel a comfortable soft bed on her back again. 

Keira sat herself up on the bed but groaned because the sudden movement hurt her. It woke Zach up. "You're awake… How are you feeling now?" Zach asked as he sat up to touch Keira's face. Her temperature was now back to normal.

"How come we don't have any visitors? Where are my parents? Your mom? And the rest?" Keira complained with pouty lips because she had expected to see her parents and friends.

"Oh, they are all here, my family, your parents, Lana and May. You need a rest, so they left as soon as they saw you're okay," Zach answered as he gently caressed Keira's cheek, which had started to turn back to its lovely rosy color from being pale.

He smiled and continued, "Drey and Cielo also called. They can't be here because they are overseas."

"Oh! Mara! What about Mara? Where is she? She must be scared and freaking out now!" Keira shrieked at the thought of Mara. She quickly moved to the edge of the bed to stand, but Zach stopped her.

"Stay here… She's fine. John is with her, and the doctors are taking care of her. You need to rest more, Mrs. Lim, you're not completely fine yet, and you have to be more careful with yourself for the sake of our baby…" Zach scolded as he gently pulled Keira back on the bed and kissed her forehead.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

It took a while before Keira responded with a creased forehead, "What?" It took her some time to absorb what Zach had just said, and she was also contemplating if she heard it right.

Zach looked at her lovingly, and with the most attractive smile that Keira had ever seen, he told her, "You are going to be a mom, my star. And I'm going to be a dad. We are going to be parents soon!"

Keira blinked her eyes several times before she murmured, "I'm pregnant?"

Zach nodded with a bright smile, and Keira instantly screamed for joy, "Ahhhhh!!!" Then tears started to roll down her cheeks. She pounced on Zach as she cried, "I'm going to be a mom? Oh, the dream! My God! But how? Did I miscalculate my safe days? How can it be?"

Zach answered while stroking her back and hair gently, "Hmm, yeah, I asked too. But the doctor explained that it's totally possible that we miscalculated. To calculate your safe period accurately, you need to monitor the length of your cycles for at least six periods." 

Keira pulled herself from his embrace and acknowledged as she wiped her tears, "I never thoroughly recorded my cycle. But whatever, I don't care now. I'm so happy!," she squealed as she showered Zach with smooches on his face. 

Then she suddenly paused and worriedly asked, "But how is our baby? I mean, are there no side effects? You know, from my running, and the arrow wound…" She quickly checked her wound. 

"Relax… Everything is fine, my star. They already examined you thoroughly, so there's nothing to worry about. It looks like we got ourselves a strong baby too," Zach explained as he gently shoved some of Keira's hair strands back, away from her face.

Zach was staring at her full of love and admiration. He was intoxicated with joy when he heard about Keira's pregnancy from Xander, and couldn't think of a time he had ever been happier. 

Keira suddenly felt bashful from his stare. Her cheeks flushed pink. 

"Hmm, it's the result of you going wild on me every time we're together," Zach teased, which made Keira widened her eyes in shock and retorted, "Me? It was definitely you! You're the hungry Wolf! You were always starving!"

Zach cracked up and pulled Keira to his tight embrace, "I love you so much, Keira… Thank you for this wonderful gift. I'm such a lucky man. No, I'm the world's luckiest man for having you with me."

"Zach... I want to eat…" Keira suddenly murmured in Zach's ear.

"Hmm? Okay, what do you want to eat? I'll go get it," Zach asked, as he kissed the top of her head while still hugging her.

"I want to eat you," Keira murmured as she bit Zach's ear sensually. Zach could feel the change in his wife's movements. She was definitely aroused.

"Mrs. Lim, are you serious? We're in the hospital now. Doctors or nurses can come at any moment." Zach chided her but groaned when Keira playfully kissed his neck.

"It's okay, we can just lock the door. They can't just barge in… They will need to buzz first," Keira said in an aroused voice. She was not sure if it was because of her pregnancy, but she felt her body get easily turned on by Zach lately, ever since they were on that island.

"Is this safe for the baby?" Zach murmured as he also started to get aroused.

Keira stopped and said, "Lock the door." Then she grabbed the phone on their bedside drawer and dialed a number. A few seconds later, she said, "Big bro, please connect me to the Ob-Gyn that you assigned to me."

Zach was in the middle of locking the door when he heard Keira's conversation with the doctor. He could not help but shake his head and chuckled at her wife's shamelessness, as she asked the doctor if it was okay if she made love to her husband now.

He looked at her as she put down the phone. He waited and shook his head when Keira started to undress herself as she said, "Come here, I will reward you nicely for giving me a baby this soon, my General."

Zach immediately obeyed. He would, of course, never reject the fantastic reward that his wife had just offered her.


Meanwhile, Xander was curious to know why Keira had asked him to connect her to Doctor Wang, as soon as she regained her consciousness. So he called Doctor Wang to ask.

"Oh, she was just asking if it was okay for her to make love with her husband in her condition," Doctor Wang answered truthfully.

"What!? Already!? And she could have just asked me directly!" Xander exclaimed. He was irked because there was no need for Keira to ask Doctor Wang about it. He, too, could answer simple questions like that.

Xander heard Doctor Wang laugh as she said in jest, "Well, I told her it's okay as long as they don't go wild at it. And obviously, she doesn't trust you, that's why she asked me instead of you."

Doctor Wang quickly hung up the phone as soon as she bid his farewell.

Xander's nostril was flaring from embarrassment as he complained, "Those brats! How dare they turn my hospital room into a love hotel room!? If I were Jean, I'd have told that brat that they're not allowed to do it until after the baby is born!"
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