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"What do we do?" Keira whispered as Zach quickly moved her behind his back. If her estimation was correct, ten tribesmen were surrounding them. They were armed with pole weapons such as spears and long-ranged ones, like bows and arrows.

They were talking to each other, but Zach and Keira could not understand anything since they were talking in their own language. Zach and Keira had their knives ready for defense. 

"I think we can take them all," Keira whispered. She was confident because both of them, especially Zach, were well trained for battle, whereas these indigenous men were not.

"No, we must not start a fight. We don't know how many men there are exactly," Zach whispered back as he observed their surroundings. Tall trees and bushes were everywhere, so it was hard to tell if more men were hiding in them. 

Meanwhile, Keira wasn't sure how to feel about the whole situation. Of course, she was nervous and petrified, but she was also distracted by the sight of the tribesmen that surrounded them. They were all naked, wearing only a belt made with vines in which they put their short-ranged weapons, like knives.Their phallus were parading before her eyes and would also jiggle whenever the men moved.

She was a little bit shocked to see an entirely nude tribe like this. All the tribal groups she had seen on television or read in books at least had something covering their private parts.

She didn't know where to look, and it made her feel uncomfortable. So Keira decided to just keep her eyes on her husband's back, as much as possible. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

It looked like the men were arguing because they were talking to each other with a raised voice. Then one of the men whistled loudly.

She saw her husband gesture at them, trying to tell them that they were not bad people, and they would not bring them any harm. One of the men seemed to be angry, so Keira suggested, "I don't think they want to understand us. We should just fight them and try to escape. The island is big enough, I'm sure we can hide somewhere from them." 

Keira was starting to get a little bit of panic. She was, by now, pretty convinced that this tribal group was dangerous. So far, they seemed unfriendly. There was also a language barrier which made it nearly impossible to communicate with them and try to make them understand that they were not there to intrude their peace. 

Zach understood his wife's reasoning. He definitely could bring these ten men down by himself, but again, he was not sure if they were the only ones there. And any kind of bold move would put Keira at risk, and she was the only thing in his life that he could not afford to gamble. 

But before they could even do anything, an arrow fell not far from them.

"Oh, common! Give me a break!" Keira whined as she was startled at the sudden hostile warning. Terror streaked through her as she saw more tribesmen with bows and arrows suddenly emerging out of nowhere.

"We are doomed, right?" Keira fretted. Zach immediately threw his knife and raised his arms as a sign of surrender. He instructed Keira to do the same as he whispered, "Don't be scared. We'll think of another way…"

She obediently did as he instructed. Then a few men approached them with a rope. They would definitely tie them up, so Keira quickly suggested, "Shall we grab them once they're really near? We can seize the knives in their belt."

But the men were obviously cautious. More men walked toward them with spears pointed at them. And more men were ready with their bows and arrows aimed at them. 

Zach knew that he could not take them all down without harming Keira in the process, so he directed her, "They don't seem like a simple tribe. They know how to deal with strangers. So don't move recklessly, Keira. Stay calm."

The bare tribesmen tied their hands on their back and covered their heads with a basket. Zach and Keira could hear the sound of the men jabbering as they guided them to walk.

"Do you think they will kill us?" Keira fretted because they were absolutely outnumbered. "No, they won't. If these men wanted to kill us, they would have already done so from the moment they saw us," Zach comforted her as he tried to memorize the directions to which the men were taking them and the numbers of steps they had made.

It seemed like this group of men were out hunting, judging from the dead wild pigs and mountain goats some of them were holding.

"I can't believe naked tribes like them still exist in the world," Keira mumbled as she tried to calm herself down. But Zach's words reassured her. He was right, even though these people looked hostile, but so far, they had not violently touched them.  

The way they tied their hands, covered their heads, and guided them to walk was careful and considerate. They did not hit nor push them around. So Keira was hopeful that the tribe was not a dangerous one, as she had initially thought. They were probably only cautious of total strangers, and as soon as they reached their settlement, she hoped they would be friendly enough to let them go.

'But they still abducted us,' Keira muttered to herself.

"And they're all naked. Gosh, it's so awkward, I don't even know where to look," Keira unthinkingly voiced her thoughts out loud, to which Zach responded, "Don't look at them, then, just look at me." 

Keira snorted, trying to contain her laughter at her husband's response. Then she heard a man fussing at the other man who was guiding her in their language. He was probably complaining about her talking too much. But at least they did not hurt her.
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