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"Aren't you going to work?" Thea asked, seeing Jeru still in his sleepwear during breakfast. 

"Nope. You will go to the market, right? I will accompany you..." Jeru offered. Thea did not respond and began to eat, but her heart was actually wild with joy from Jeru's thoughtfulness and care. Well, maybe it was because of the pregnancy hormones, but it did not matter, because Jeru's attention cheered her soul.

Jeru had invited his father to their home instead of them visiting him at the Liu family's main residence. She was planning to cook different kinds of dishes for her father-in-law, so she could at least gratify him with her exceptional cooking skills.

Jeru accompanied Thea to one of the largest traditional markets in the city, where she could buy all kinds of fresh meat, fish, and vegetables. Thea was all smiles when they arrived at the market. 

"It's been a long time since I last experienced going to the market like this," Thea murmured as she was looking around.

"Careful," Jeru cautioned her when he noticed that the floor was a bit slippery. It was his first time going inside this sort of market, and he had to sneeze several times when he detected various kinds of unexplainable smells that were coming from all the raw meat, seafood, and spices combined.

He didn't feel that it was safe for Thea to walk around by herself, so he extended an arm to her and instructed, "Grab onto my arm for support." Thea remained still on the spot, so Jeru pulled her hand and wrap it around his arm.

Thea was surprised with Jeru's action, but she was smiling radiantly. 

Jeru had called for a bagger, who would carry whatever purchases Thea would make, while he leisurely watched her buy all the things that she needed.

He could not help but laugh whenever Thea would ask for a discount from a seller. "Let's just buy it at its original price. That's okay," he assured her, with a grin, when one of the sellers strongly countered Thea's offer.

"But, it's too expensive," Thea whispered, frowning. She pulled Jeru to another stall. 

"Why do you have to wear such an expensive-looking clothes? That's why they keep giving us a high price because it's obvious that you're rich…" Thea complained as they walked.

'Huh?' Jeru was amused. How did it become his fault? He was only wearing his casual outfits, which consisted of a white polo shirt, khaki chino shorts, and sneakers. Just like her, who was also just wearing a casual cotton dress and a pair of flat shoes.

So he joked, "Shall we change into rag clothes, then? I think both of us should because you also look loaded, although you're only wearing a simple dress like that."

Thea twitched her mouth because although he was joking, she knew Jeru had a point. So she conceded, "Never mind, I'll just pay their asking price since you have a lot of money anyway. Let them earn some money from the Liu Group."

Thea also bought various vegetables and fruits. Jeru laughed after seeing all the stuff that the bagger had put inside their car. "Are you preparing for a big feast? Isn't this too much? I don't think dad will be able to eat them all."

Thea only made a face at him before she went inside the car. "What was that?" Jeru chuckled and followed Thea inside the car.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"By the way, which dishes are you going to make?" Jeru asked as they were driving back to their place. 

Thea smiled as she mentioned each dish that she was planning to make with excitement. Jeru swallowed hard at the thought of eating all those delicious food. 

"If you continue to feed me with delicious meals like that, I'm afraid I will soon become a human hog…" Jeru trembled as he pictured himself, put on a lot of weight.

Thea burst into a hearty laugh and avowed, "Don't worry, you will be the most handsome human hog ever, and I will still like you…"

That instant Jeru became silent, and his driving slowed down. He was actually about to step on the break, but his instinct automatically stopped him, knowing that it could harm Thea and their baby.

Meanwhile, Thea was cursing Gavin silently as she quickly took out her phone and murmured, "Oh, I almost forgot. I need to call the office for a task that I have to do next week…"

It was Gavin's idea. He told her that she should throw the words 'I like you' casually at any chance possible. Especially when they were in the middle of a laid-back conversation, where they would be playing around and cracking jokes. 

Gavin explained that she would be able to get a man's attention deftly, if she would throw subtle hints about her liking him by nonchalantly mentioning it. 

Gavin also told her that if she suddenly felt embarrassed, the simplest trick was to quickly change the course of the conversation by, for example, acting like she had just received a text on her phone. 

'I will grind you alive tomorrow, Gavin!' Thea grumbled silently. It had now become awkward inside the car, she felt she could die of embarrassment. 

Meanwhile, Jeru was just caught off guard by her words and did not know how to react. 'Did I hear it correctly?' he wondered. He was trying to replay the scene in his mind, in which Thea had uttered the words 'I will still like you.'

'What is wrong with me?' Jeru scolded himself. It was the first time he was tongue-tied about something. He knew he should have said something, but he did not even know where to start.
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