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As they had discussed before, Zach and Keira started to plan for the worst. They both agreed that they would take preventative action for pregnancy by the use of a natural birth control method. 

This meant they would have to avoid being intimate on the days of the month which Keira would be ovulating. It sounded simple, but it wasn't as easy as it seemed, especially when they were not even in possession of a calendar. Keira would have to track her own fertile days carefully. 

Keira let out a long sigh because she would really love to have children with Zach soon. Just like in her dream, it would be nice to have twins.

However, she knew Zach was right. It would be too dangerous for her to get pregnant in their current situation. Last night Zach was really vehement about the fact that he would not be able to survive should anything happen to her, primarily when it was caused by his own carelessness.

Zach and Keira had also agreed to build a more sturdy place to live in the jungle instead of keeping their current shelter on the beach. Their current one was indeed more visible and accessible to their rescuers should they succeed in locating them. But it was a makeshift shelter that was clearly inadequate to accommodate them for a more extended period. It would not endure harsher weather conditions, nor would it be safe during high tides.

They would have to build a shelter which could also be a sanctuary for them. A place of safety which would shield them from any kind of weather conditions and external dangers. As well as a place that would offer them comfort and space to store their resources.

"This is the best spot," Zach declared. The site that he had chosen was on an elevated terrain between the waterfall and the beach. It would only take around ten minutes to walk to the waterfall, which was situated on the same altitude, and it would take them around fifteen minutes to walk down to the beach. Getting there from the beach would take a little bit longer because of the upward position. 

It was an ideal location because the elevated position would make it easier for them to observe the surrounding landscape. From the new shelter, Zach and Keira would have a wide field of view toward the ocean. So they would be able to spot passing or incoming ships. 

Keira nodded in agreement, and the two immediately worked on it while the sun was still up. Zach began to gather tree trunks, branches, and logs for the foundation of their new abode.

Keira noticed Zach's bracelet that was emitting light from the sun. Zach was about to remove it the other day, but she told him about the tracker inside it. She insisted he wear it because she hoped that the tracker inside would still be working. 

Keira was helping Zach by making a sturdy cord, twine, and rope from various kinds of fibrous plants. These items might not be that useful to bind the woods for their new shelter, but they would definitely be handy for many other things. 

She learned to do it during her time at the military academy. It was a part of the basic training, and it was considered an essential part of their survival training class. She was glad that she had paid attention in that class. 

"This is fun," Keira mumbled as she continued working. She had made several ropes and started to feel a backache. She saw a tree near where Zach was and decided to move under it so she could lean her back on it. That way, she could also feast her eyes on her handsome husband while working. She continued to make more ropes while humming happily.

Zach smiled, watching Keira enjoying her work, and she noticed his gaze. She looked back at him and chuckled in amusement. He was sweating all over from cutting the thick wood. 

But all of a sudden, panic flared in his eyes as he shouted, "Don't move!!!"

Keira froze on the spot. 'Oh, God! What's wrong!?' She yelped inside. Based on her husband's expression, something scary was near her. 

'Oh, no! There's something behind me, isn't it? What is it? A tiger? A leopard?' Her mind ran wild, and a nameless dread engulfed her. She tried her best not to make any movements as she saw Zach walking toward her quietly but urgently. 

'Oh, God, I really don't want to be eaten alive by wild animals,' she was crying inside. 

Then she heard a hissing sound behind her ear and her heart skipped a beat. 'No way...!' Her heart lurched. Keira was so scared and this close to tears.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Then in one swift motion, she saw Zach threw his knife towards her. She tightly shut her eyes. Everything went so fast, and the next thing she knew was of Zach hugging her and telling her to open her eyes because everything was fine now. 

"Was it a snake?" Keira asked as soon as she opened her eyes. 

"Yes, but it's dead now," Zach whispered in a muffled voice which Keira barely heard.

Zach could not tell Keira to run nor dodge because it was a vine snake and they were nimble creatures. If Keira had moved even just an inch, it would instinctively aim for her as a prey, and it would surely move quicker than her. Although these snakes were considered to be mildly venomous, Zach couldn't afford to have any venom inside their bodies because, without the correct treatment, it would definitely kill them.

Keira pulled away from Zach's embrace and turned her head to look at the dead snake. It was of a substantial size. Not big, but not too small either. Zach already cut its head, but she still shivered because she hated reptiles.

"From now on, do not lean on any trees. I must make sure to clear this area first…" Zach murmured as he pulled her to him once more. His voice was trembling, and so was his body. He hugged her so tightly, she could feel his heart pounds rapidly.

Something was wrong with him, so Keira pulled away from his embrace once again and was shocked to see tears in Zach's eyes. Keira got worried and checked on him immediately. She asked rapidly, "Why? What happened? Are you hurt? Did it bite you? Where are you hurt?"

Zach clung to her and buried his face on her neck as he whispered with a quavering voice, "I'm fine… I was just scared… I thought I'd lose you... if that snake had bitten you... God, I'm so afraid… If that happened, I would die, Keira. I swear, I would die. I don't want to lose you… I can't lose you."

He was shedding tears, and his body was still shaking. Keira could feel the dampness on her neck from his tears. It was the first time she saw her husband like this…

She then slightly pushed him so he would face her. She cupped his tearful face and gently kissed his tears away before she beseeched him, "I don't ever want to hear you say that again, Zach... That you will die if anything happens to me. No, you should continue to live. Whatever happens, please live... Because that's what I want you to do. If I'm not around anymore, I want you to keep on living. You will still need to be happy and enjoy life. Do you understand...? Don't make me hunt you down from the grave and scold you."
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