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"I will bring you inside the jungle with me," Zach told her after they finished their breakfast. Keira's eyes widened in anticipation. She immediately pounced on Zach, hanging on his neck with her legs encircling his waist, followed by some deep smooches on his face.

"Mwah… mwah… Thank you! My General is the best! I love youuuuu..." Keira burst out with a wide grin on her face.

Zach laughed at the intensity of his wife's excitement. Her cheeks turned peachy pink from delight, accentuating her smooth and milky skin. She looked so lovely, and it distracted him. So he said playfully, "Let's stay here for a bit…"

Keira rounded her eyes and hit Zach's chest as she complained, "Stop teasing me! Let's go!" She quickly released herself from him and pulled him towards the jungle. She was dying to check out more of the rainforest.

They walked hand in hand through the rugged terrain. Zach could not wait to show her the stunning waterfall he had found yesterday. Keira would definitely be thrilled. 

"Where are we going?" Keira asked curiously. Zach kept leading her as though he knew exactly where they were going. "I'll show you in a bit. We're almost there," Zach murmured, smiling. 

And finally, it came into view. Keira's eyes widened and sparkled as she saw the breathtaking cascading beauty in front of her. "Surprise…" Zach whispered in her ear, beaming proudly as he stared at his wife's awestruck expression.

"Wow…" she gasped in wonder. The multi-tiered waterfall was hidden inside the lush green rainforest, cascading into a majestic natural pool with crystal-clear emerald water. Around the water, there were several boulders to sit or lie on.

"Do you like it? I found this yesterday," Zach explained. 

"Totally! It's so beautiful! I love it!" Keira exclaimed in joy as she lunged at him and shower him with hearty kisses.  

Zach laughed and added, "I already checked the pool. It's pretty safe, and it isn't deep." Keira nodded cheerfully, and without a second thought, she removed all of her clothes and left to take a dip in the water.

It was a true natural wonder. After a few days having had to make do with the seawater, nothing felt more refreshing than soaking herself in this freshwater oasis. "Finally," Keira whispered, almost teary-eyed.

Zach watched his wife enthusiastically play with the water. Swimming and submerging her body, without a care in the world. He removed his own clothes to join her.

"If you keep on flaunting that beautiful body of yours, I'm afraid I'll have to tire you all day, my star," Zach murmured, while he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer toward him.

"I like this place a lot... I want to have it," she told him. Yes, this island was too memorable for Zach and her. Once they were back at home, she would look into how she could make this island their property. 

Her thought was interrupted by Zach's light and soft kisses on her neck which made her moan. His hands were now on her buttocks, squeezing them gently and pressing them toward his body. Keira could already feel his hardness down there.

Suddenly, she felt her feet above the ground. Zach had lifted her up, with his hands still on her buttocks to support her. She immediately wrapped her legs around his waist and clung onto his neck. 

"Hmm, are we going to do it here? We will taint the water," she murmured. 

But instead of answering her, he brought her to one of the decent-sized boulders by the natural pool. He sat her down on the edge of the rock with the smoothest surface, of which height was a little lower than his hips. Her legs were still encircling his waist as he lay her upper body down onto the flat part of the rock. He whispered, "No… We'll do it here."  

Keira felt the cold stone on her back, and it made her shiver a little. But she soon didn't feel the chilliness on her back anymore. All she could feel was Zach's warm tongue on her breasts and his touches all over her body, which sent a shiver down her spine.

"Hmmm, it's not salty anymore, right?" Keira asked with a small giggle in between her soft moans. Zach would always say she tasted good. But she bet it was salty, because of the seawater on her skin.

"Salty or not, you always taste the same to me… You're so yummy, and I can't get enough of you," Zach answered brazenly, while he suckled on her nipples alternately. 

It was true. She always tasted delicious to him. Only Keira would ever feel this good to him. Only Keira could satisfy his hunger, and only she could make him ask for more.

"I love your breasts. They're gorgeous," Zach murmured, brushing his warm breath over her nipple, sending an electric jolt through her. She naturally arched her upper body and moaned. 

"Only my breasts...?" Keira whimpered. Her breathing started to quicken from her burning desire.

Zach paused at her question. He stared at her longingly with his misty eyes. He moved one hand down to squeeze her buttock and answered in a husky voice, "No… your buttocks too, they're so sexy..." 

His hand then made its way to her womanhood. He rubbed its lips gently with his fingers and said, "And of course here…" Keira shuddered, not only from Zach's teasing touches, but also from his seductive words. They aroused her even more.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

But Zach was not finished expressing the salacious thoughts he always harboured about his wife. He wanted her to know how much he desired her and of his unceasing craving for her.

Zach's gaze never left her. It was still fixated on Keira's face. And with hoarseness in his voice, he added, "And your little moans… The lovely look on your beautiful face when I'm pleasuring you... Everything, Keira… Everything about you. You always turn me on…"

Keira stared back at him to meet his intense gaze. She understood his constant longing for her. Because she always longed for him too. She then cupped her husband's handsome face  and gave him the sweetest smile that instantly melted him to his core. She then said, "I want you inside me now, my General..."

On her command, Zach straightened his back up. He was now in a standing position. He grabbed hold of Keira's hips firmly and pulled them toward his own hips to position his erect manhood on her cave. And with one swift and sudden movement, he thrust into her deeply. "Oh!" Keira gasped in pleasure. 

Keira intuitively tightened her legs around his hips to receive him deeper. Zach started to move in and out of her, gently at first, then faster.

"Zach… Deeper…" Keira purred in bliss as she moved her lower body to match his rhythm, asking him to take her deeper. He complied with his wife's request and plunged his manhood into her as deeply as possible, which made her moan in ecstasy. 

From his position, towering over Keira, whose upper body was still spread on the rock, Zach was given full access to his favorite sight. Of the blissful look on her beautiful face, while her glorious body was writhing in rapture before him. He basked in the view. It's like a drug to him, and it always turned him on even more. 

"Keira, you're so beautiful…" he murmured, while still thrusting in and out of her, wanting so badly to give her all the pleasure that he could give her.  

Zach felt he was already on the verge of his own climax, but he held himself as much as he could. He wanted to shower his wife with his overflowing love first before he would tend to his own needs. 

He accelerated his movements. And as he felt Keira's muscles start to contract, he pulled her hips even closer to him. He buried his hefty manhood deep inside her with one swift and strong thrust. He then lowered his upper body down to her level to whisper more sweet flowery words inside her ear. 

Keira's body convulsed into a frenzied state and her pulsated muscles wrapped Zach's manhood in a tight grip. And both of them came together to a crescendo, as their cries of pleasure joined the harmonious gushing of the waterfall.
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