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Keira was humming joyfully as she followed Zach inside the jungle, her hand being held tightly by him, while Zach had continuously been sighing without he himself even realized. 

"Stop sighing, please… I think I compensated you well last night. Do you want an extra bonus later?" Keira said cheerfully. She was quite proud of herself because she had managed to cajole her over-protective husband into allowing her to come with him into the jungle, with her art of seduction. 

Zach could see that she was practically gloating. He could only shake his head and smile at his wife's smugness. 

Last night, she did show him what heaven was like after he said the word 'alright' to meet her demand. Not just once, but multiple times. He could not believe how weak-willed he would become when faced with Keira's power of temptation.

She indeed deserved to be smug about her own accomplishment. But he should not let her get away with her mischief. He must give her tit for tat. Zach unconsciously chuckled at the thought of taking a sweet revenge on his wife.

Keira noticed it and her brows knitted. 'Why do I feel like my General is up to something?' she mused.

The couple were startled when they heard a rustling sound not far from their spot. They stopped and paused, both released their knives.

Keira's eyes enlarged in excitement when she saw it was a wild pig. 'Oh yay, meat!' She cheered inside. They had only been eating fish, bananas, and coconut, ever since they got stranded on the island, and she couldn't help but feel excited at the possibility of eating meat. She wanted to scream enthusiastically but Zach signaled her to stay quiet and stay put as he quietly moved and ready himself to attack the wild pig.

Keira watched Zach stalk the wild pig and when he was close enough, he lunged and killed it with his knife. Keira cheered loudly when her husband successfully hunted the animal. Zach used a rope to tie the wild pig so he could properly bring it to their shelter.

'Wow… My husband is so manly,' Keira gushed. She looked at Zach adoringly, you could almost see stars in her eyes. She felt it was such a pity that she didn't have her phone with her to capture the scene of him doing a great job at hunting.

Back on the beach, Zach was telling her how she could hunt small animals, while she watched him prepare the meat of the wild pig that he had just hunted. He was removing the animal's internal organs from both its chest and stomach. She frowned while giving it a disgusted look. 

Zach laughed at her expression and decided to tease her. "My star… Would you like to try this? Come here and give me a hand," he asked as he gestured for her to come and help him.

Keira's mouth twitched and said sheepishly before walking away, "No, thanks, I'll pass. I'm totally whacked..." 

Zach laughed as he watched Keira walk toward the fire pit. She was going to prepare the fire needed to roast the wild pig. Zach was still busy cleaning the inside of the animal. He made sure to take special care of the digestive tract and the bladder of the animal, as they could pose some health risks if carelessly spilled.

"You're an expert now in making a fire," Zach said grinning when he noticed how Keira effortlessly prepared the fire. He was feeling proud of his falling star. She was so clever that he only needed to show it to her once and she was able to pick it up quickly.

"After this, I will go back to the jungle to check the various plants that we could use as antiseptic or medicines, just in case. Also, we will need something to store water if it rains," Zach added as he put some of the thin-sliced cut of meat into a drying rack in the sun.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

He also explained that they should preserve the food they could not eat quickly by smoking them, so it would last for a few weeks. Just like what he would do with the remaining meat of the wild pig that they would not be able to finish later. He would use a piece of fabric to trap the smoke of a small fire. "Oh, nice! We can eat it alternately with fish, so would not get tired of fish if we have to eat it for every meal," Keira commented happily.

"And above the fire, we will hang the meat on sticks and leave them there in the smoke for around two days," Zach continued to explain, as he began to roast the meat that they would eat for the day. They were using coconut shells as cooking pots and bowls.

Keira wondered if she could survive being stranded on the island, if she was alone, without Zach by her side.

After a few more minutes, she could already smell the aroma of the roasted meat. Zach instructed her to wait inside their shelter instead because of the hot weather. 

"That smells really yummy," Keira commented when Zach entered their shelter with the roasted meat in a coconut shell.

Keira ate heartily as though she had been starving for days, when in all actuality, of course that was not the case since Zach had made sure that his wife wouldn't skip even just one meal ever since they were stranded there on the island. Zach couldn't help but grin as he watched her. "Chew it carefully. We must avoid indigestion," he reminded her. She ate like a child with grease and some pieces of meat on her face.

"You eat so messily, like a kid. Here, let me help clean you up," Zach commented and before Keira could react, he already leaned forward toward her and licked the sides of her lips to get the pieces of meat off of her. He paused to stare at Keira's eyes, then on her lips for some time.

Keira opened her mouth to say something but Zach's lips suddenly pounced on hers, bombarding it with kisses and assaulting her mouth with his searching tongue. He was moving, leaning closer toward her until they both lost their balance and tumbled onto the ground with Zach on top of her. 

Zach slightly pulled his upper body up, so he could meet Keira's eyes and with his playful smile he murmured, "How about I torture you all day long as revenge for last night?"
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