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"So, what's your decision now?" asked Chin after Jeru left the hospital. Thea exhaled loudly as she massaged her temple.

Then Chin added, "If you ask me, I think you can have a good and a new beginning with Jeru… I mean it's not that bad to try. You have nothing to lose because you cannot change the fact that he is the father of your baby. And he is willing to take full responsibility. I can actually see that he's a good man from the sincerity in his eyes."

Thea looked at Chin with knitted eyebrows and said, "But Chin, there's no love between us? Do you really think everything will work out well in that situation? Besides, he is so out of my league… I have a shady past and it may damage his reputation. His good name will be affected in the future. I don't want something like that. I'm a capable person. I can give my child a good fortune on my own."

Chin could only sigh. She wanted to convince Thea to start her life over with Jeru because she could feel that there were some kind of sparks flying between the two. Sparks that may grow into something more if nurtured properly. But she did not know how to prove it to Thea. 

"What's with that look? Spill it out…" Thea asked, seeing the hesitation on Chin's face. 

Chin exhaled loudly and said, "Even if I say it, you wouldn't believe it anyway. So it's meaningless… Anyway, Jeru asked me to take care of you well. So, I will stay with you at his place while he's leading the search and rescue operation for Zach and Keira. He is so worried about you and even hired a helper for you because your pregnancy is still in the first trimester and could get quite sensitive. Though I think he's just overreacting…"

Thea sighed… Chin was right. If she thought about it carefully, Jeru's offer was actually quite good. He was indeed the father of her baby and he already knew everything about her past, so he would not judge her for it. In fact, he was the only person who knew everything about her aside from Chin.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

But she was still uncertain and if she were to be completely honest, she was just not feeling confident at all… She didn't feel like she deserved someone as good as Jeru for marriage. And for some reason, the thought of Jeru only marrying her for the baby was like a pain in her gut. 

'Maybe it's because of my pride?' she concluded inwardly.

Thea touched her belly. She grew up without a family, so how nice would it be if she could give her child a good family. A complete family… 


Keira and Zach's parents were all at the military headquarters to monitor the status of their search operation. They already extended their gratitude to Keira's friends; May, Drey, and Lana, who had helped with the operation and also the rest of the team.

Mrs. Chan and Sheila were both sobbing while Field Marshal Chan was talking to Jeru. Rizie stayed with both mothers as she tried her best to comfort them. "I'm sure they are together and will be found soon," she murmured, trying hard to fight her tears from falling as well.

Field Marshal Chan left with Jeru and went to the meeting room where they would be discussing the plan for the search operation.

"Sir, Pacific Ocean is huge. We already asked the help of all the ships that were sailing in that ocean on this and are still waiting for their reports. The naval and air force have also been dispatched accordingly and all of the islands will be checked thoroughly." explained a high ranking officer whom Field Marshal Chan had assigned to lead the search operation.

He turned to Jeru and said, "I will take it from here, Jeru. You've done enough, and my family, as well as Zach's family, are both very grateful for everything that you've done."

Jeru nodded and understood. He left the room after a few minutes of the briefing. He was startled when someone suddenly held his arm from behind at the receiving area. "Ma'am," he whispered upon seeing it was Zach's mom.

"Son… Sorry that I haven't been able to thank you for what you've done to save Zach. Please take this. It's the least that I could do…" Sheila said with a smile, although her eyes were all red and swollen, as she handed a box of her homemade dishes to Jeru.

"Also, thank you for taking care of Thea. That child has experienced enough tragic things in her life, and I hope that this time she could be happy and would have a better future..." Sheila added as she unconsciously hugged Jeru. She had heard that Thea was currently staying with Jeru and he was taking good care of her.

"But we've failed Ma'am," Jeru whispered. 

"I'm sure your parents are so proud of you… For having such a great son like you. You did your best and we are very grateful… You did everything you could to save my son… And it was more than enough..." Sheila murmured as she patted Jeru's back like a son.

Jeru's heart warmed at Sheila's simple gesture. It was as though a ray of sunshine had been injected straight to his heart. He suddenly wished he had a mother like her. Because he grew up with none. His mother died as soon as he was born, so he had never experienced what it was like to grow up with a mother's love and care.

"Please don't worry too much, Ma'am. They will find Zach and Keira soon," Jeru replied. And he could not believe that he had said those words.

Sheila released him from her embrace and with a beautiful smile, she said, "Yes, they will find them soon. Thank you, Son…"

He smiled back at her. 'Son,' Jeru mused. It felt good to be called by that name.
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