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As soon as Zach heard those words, he stood up to carry her. But Keira was fast and ran away from him toward the beach as she removed her bra and panties and tossed them onto the sand.

Zach gulped as he watched his wife's naked body running on the beach. "Such a tease…" he mumbled before he ran after her.

Keira was feeling self-conscious and felt that she was sweaty and smelly, so she wanted to have a quick dip in the water. She did not want her husband to be repulsed by her on their first time to do it again after a long parting. She dipped her whole body in the water. 

After she gave herself a quick clean-up, she turned around and widened her eyes when she saw Zach walking toward her with his nude body and his legs in water that were up to his knees.

Her face and ears turned crimson red and she bit her lip as she stared lecherously at her husband's masculine body which now was glistening under the rays of the afternoon sun. She didn't think she would ever stop feeling attracted to his body at all. It could always ignite the fire in her, just by looking at it. 

She gulped when her eyes went further down to his manhood. "Why is it pointing upward so fast?" she mumbled, staring at the shaft that seemed to be even bigger now than the last time she'd seen it.

She bit her lip again… And when she looked up, she saw Zach chuckle at her bewildered expression. 

"Can't you see that my 'pet' is aggrieved right now? He's mad because he felt he was unfairly treated when you suddenly ran away while stripping yourself naked like that…" Zach said with a sexy smirk on his face. Keira smiled bashfully while still biting her lip. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Zach was already in front of her. He gently pulled her closer, leaving only an inch of space between them. Keira could hear his heavy breathing as he whispered in her ear, "I'm not the tease… You are. You are such a tease… So don't blame me if my pet attacks you soon..."

Keira responded by encircling her arms around his neck. She pulled him down to her and stared directly into his eyes. "I missed you, my General," she whispered and followed it up by lightly brushing over his lips with hers. 

She kissed him gently and carefully. But it was not gentleness that Zach sought for. He had been yearning for his wife far too long already. Her slightest touch had turned the burning flame inside him even bigger. He was on fire and ready to have his way with her.

He pulled her closer toward him and pushed his body harder against her to enjoy her softness to the full. He returned her gentle kiss with a fiery, demanding and controlling one.

Keira could feel his hunger for her as he continued to ravish her lips and attack her ferociously like a starving wolf that he was, as though she was his prey to devour. And she answered him with her own hunger as she pressed herself even tighter to him while still letting him have his way with her. 

She whimpered when his hands squeezed her buttocks and slightly tilted them up so he could press her urgently against his heavy arousal. Zach's touches had never failed to send shivers through her body. But this time, his intense desire had sent her trembling so badly that she was clutching at him desperately. 

Zach couldn't wait any longer and he could feel that she was ready too. They wanted each other too much that they both felt they would burst anytime soon. He lifted her buttocks up to his waist and Keira instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, to welcome his hard 'pet' inside her waiting 'crater'. He was buried in pleasure when he felt her wetness against him. 

Zach began nuzzling her neck with suckles and kisses as he made his way inside her. He was sent to the seventh heaven and groaned in ecstasy as soon as he felt his manhood being pulled into the familiar tightness and warmth that had been haunting him for a long time. 

"Uhmm…" a moan escaped her mouth with Zach's sudden thrust. How she missed him to be inside her like this. 

Keira had to cling onto him for her dear life when he started to move inside her. Because his movements at the time were unlike all of his previous ones. It felt different, and yet still deliciously the same. 

This time, he was merciless. He was taking her roughly. She could feel his primitive desire as he invaded her with bold and aggressive thrusts, giving her pain and pleasure at the same time. 

But she did not mind. She did not protest nor did she feel uncomfortable. They had both been deprived of each other for too long and she just wanted to satiate his hunger as much as she could.

She could feel his ragged breath on her neck as he bit and suck it. He was wild and frenzied. "Keira… I missed you…" Zach murmured the same thing over and over again. He was losing control. It felt so good to be inside her again. Taking her wholly like this. She was his and he was hers. Their breaths mingled and their bodies entangled, unrestrained and out of control. 

"Zach…" Keira called his name and moaned repeatedly as he continued to ram into her wildly. She was close to cloud nine. No, she was there already. Her body shuddered uncontrollably and she cried out his name loudly when she reached her climax from his single thrust so deep inside her.

Not long after, she felt Zach's hot liquid burst inside of her. And her heart fluttered.

She hugged him tightly and bit on his shoulder hard as she was trying to calm her trembling body.

"I think our fish is burned…" Keira murmured after a while, still catching her breath. Zach laughed. She was right, the fish was probably burned. "Don't worry, I will catch more later. I won't mind a lot of fish getting burned if my wife would tease me like this often…"

Keira looked at him with pouty lips and hit his chest. She contested, "I beg your pardon, General? You were the tease. You started everything… You started biting my ear and…"

Zach stopped her by sealing her lips with his and he murmured, "I missed you badly and I love you so much, Keira… You will always be the falling star in my life. You are a dream that came true… I love you so much."
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