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Keira tried hard to stop herself from crying as she watched Zach choked his opponent to death. She knew Zach was fighting for his own life and he would not kill an innocent person on a whim. This man probably deserved what he got.

Jeru was right, her husband could manage the fight. But she still could not stop herself from worrying.

"Hm, it looks like this General of yours could bring me a lot of money with those skills. Now I'm really doubting if I should kill him or keep him with me, so I can use him for more money in the future," Leon murmured to Thea who was now crying.

Leon's mouth twitched as he rubbed his chin. he was impressed with Zach's fighting skills. He considered himself a businessman, and money is his god, so in that instant, he was already raking his brain for ways to use Zach's fighting skills for his own gains. 

"Stop crying!" Leon barked at Thea. She was crying because she was happy that Zach won.

"Let's see if he can still win the next one!" Leon murmured with a darkened face.

Zach was declared the winner of the match. After his match the tournament had been brought to a halt, in order to clean all of the blood that had been spilled of those who had died from losing the fights.

"Here, wash your eyes with this," Cobra instructed as he gave Zach a bottled water. "That dirty scumbag!" Riley muttered furiously as he watched Leon's men pulled Sting's lifeless body out of the ring.

The profiles of each fighter were repeatedly shown on the screen as a quick review during the break.

After a few more minutes, the roaring sound had started again, indicating that the tournament would soon recommence. 

Leon did not intend for his best fighters to get killed. Tonight was just a chance for his best fighters to prove themselves. If they were truly the best of the best, then they would go far in the tournament. If they couldn't prove themselves and ended up dead instead, then he would be more than happy to be free of those worthless duds. 

Drey stood up to go to the restroom with Lieutenant Jang, who had now disguised himself as one of Drey's men. They were escorted by two of Leon's men. He would proceed with plan B at the earliest opportunity with Jeru's approval.

As soon as they reached a blind spot where Lieutenant Jiang had a CCTV camera covered, Drey swiftly and discreetly made an attack on the two men. Drey and Lieutenant Jiang then immediately changed their clothes into the guard outfits that were worn by those men and hid the men's bodies in a corner where the view was obstructed. 

Drey and Lieutenant Jiang's objective was to infiltrate the control room where Drey could hack into the ship's mechanical system.

Back inside the arena, two of Jeru's men had gone out when the spectators, including all of Leon's men, were all too engrossed in watching the climax of the current match. It was Cobra inside the ring.

But Draco had noticed that two of his men who had gone to escort the other two guests to the restroom were not back yet. On top of that, he noticed that Jeru was also missing two men by his side.

"He had noticed," Lana silently commented to Janus, who was sitting beside her. She saw Draco talking on his Bluetooth headset with a suspicious look. 

Drey could hear that Draco was calling out to his men, who were now lying unconscious in one of the corners of the ship. Lieutenant Jiang, who was well trained at voice imitation, immediately answered his call.

"Boss, I will bring these guests to the infirmary, because they are not feeling well," he explained to Draco.

Lieutenant Jiang had been studying those men's speech mannerisms and the way they spoke to Draco through their communication device, so he managed to mimic them well.

They needed to buy more time so Keira signaled one of Leon's men who was standing near her to relay her request to Leon. The man quickly did as he was told.

Leon had a broad smile on his face upon hearing the old lady's special request and the amount of money that she was willing to spend in order for her request to be granted. 

For the next fight, Leon did not tap his screen to trigger the random selection. He went to the center of the ring instead and announced Keira's special request to the audience through the microphone. 

"One of our very special guests here has offered a generous amount of money so she could pick the particular fighters she would like to see next, instead of letting them be picked by the machine."

Then he shouted, "What do you say? Shall we grant her this request?"

Thea crumpled her face. She knew what Leon was up to. He was not asking the audience to leave the decision entirely to them. Why wouldn't he accept the old lady's request given the amount of money he would be receiving from it? There was no way he would let go of this money-making opportunity. 

He was announcing it to the audience in order to let them know that such a thing is possible too. And he hoped that more guests would ask the same request in exchange for some hard cash.

Keira also knew about this, but they did not have any other choice but to go to this extent. She was well aware of the risk of Zach being requested to fight again by some of the other guests.

But of course, she would not allow that to happen. She already signaled for Lana to put in the next request, immediately after her. She had brought tons of money for this and she would spend every single dime of it to make sure her husband is safe.

As expected, the bloodthirsty crowds cheered in agreement. Keira picked two fighters whom she noticed were closed to the man called Sting who had lost from her husband. These people were obviously not good people. They were barbaric fighters who were in it only for the kill.

'Let those bloodsuckers fight against each other!' she thought.

The fight ended and Lana quickly followed after Keira and made the request. Leon's face brightened. Lana was allowed to pick the fighters for the next match.

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"Three more hours," Jeru murmured. If they were lucky, back-up would arrive in three hours.
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