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"The tournament has already been confirmed. I don't see the point of you getting involved anymore," Jeru stated when they were on their way back home.

"But how will you even be able to enter the ship with the tracking devices? They will find out at the scanning process. You need someone who can wear those tracking devices without getting caught. So having me to be that person is the best option," Thea said matter-of-factly. 

She was indeed the best candidate for those tracking devices. She was the only person who could go inside Leon's ship without all the hassle of getting checked.

"We've already planned everything. Keira and the rest would enter the ship with a disguise," Jeru explained about the plan to Thea. 

It was a tournament aimed for the uber rich. So entering the premise disguised as a spectator should be reasonably easy, as long as you could pay the exorbitant entrance fee. However, the thing would get trickier if they were to enter with a tracking device planted on them. According to their sources, Leon had upgraded his security system so any kinds of concealed devices would be easily detected.

No one was allowed to enter with anything other than the clothes they would be having on their body and cash money. Mobile phones or any kinds of gadgets, and any other things that were not intended for a mere spectator of the tournament, such as weapons, were strictly prohibited. It was even said that Leon's men had been ordered to kill anyone on the spot should they find anything suspicious on the person. 

"See, you will all enter with nothing but yourself? That would be too dangerous! I'm telling you, I'm the best host for those tracking devices! I'm the only suitable candidate. You can put all kinds of tracking devices on me and see if they still can detect it," Thea said, trying to convince Jeru that this was the most sensible option.

"But it's too dangerous… If they found out you had a tracking device on you, they might kill you." murmured Jeru. He was hesitant to put Thea in an uncertain situation.

Thea laughed scornfully and rebuked, "Trust me they won't kill me. Once they verify that I'm Leon's woman, they will not even dare to touch me. Even if they somehow find anything suspicious on me, they wouldn't kill me on the spot as they had been ordered to. They would just remove those from me."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Jeru knew that Thea was right. Having her as the host of the devices was indeed the most logical thing to do in this situation. Everyone else had proposed that plan already. But he was against it. He somehow detested the idea of Thea going back to Leon again. He felt that it would be too unfair for her. She had finally managed to escape that evil bastard's grasp, but now they wanted to use her, and let her be held captive by her very own sadistic torturer once more.

Thea noticed Jeru's sulky face and she smiled. Somehow, their awkward days together had turned out to be quite funny and memorable. Surprisingly, they seemed to be enjoying each other's company, even if they argued about the simplest things most of the time.

"It's really fine… Besides are you not confident enough that you can bring me back? I trust you and your team, so after saving Zach, just make sure that you bring Leon down and his stupid ship along with him," Thea said light-heartedly. Then she heard Jeru respond with only a sigh.

"Oh, we are almost at your house. By the way, do you have any particular requests for our dinner tonight? If you don't, then I will just cook what Janus asked me to make," said Thea nonchalantly.

Jeru's face crumpled. Janus was his Lieutenant and his right hand man when he was still in his active General duty. How dare that bastard to even think of requesting her to cook him his meals? He looked at Thea and said firmly, "You don't have to cook for the men. They can buy their own food."

Thea laughed and said, "I'm cooking anyway. Why let them buy their own food when I can cook enough for all of us? Besides, I like it. They all love my cooking and it makes me happy."

Jeru twitched his mouth and thought irritably, 'I love your cooking too. Isn't that enough?' It looked like he would have to give those boys some scolding later.

The two arrived at his place. Jeru parked his car inside the garage and went out of the car. He creased his forehead seeing Thea was not out of the car yet, so he opened the car door on his side again, peered in at Thea and asked, "What's wrong?"

"The seatbelt seems stuck. I can't take it off," Thea murmured as she was trying to remove her seat belt. "Let me see," Jeru said before he bent down a knee on the driver seat and moved his upper body forward towards the passenger seat to check on her seat belt.

Thea gasped when Jeru was almost near her. She felt a bit awkward and held her breath. "Weird, what's wrong with this seat?" Jeru whispered as he tried to unbuckle it. 

Then he suddenly looked up to face Thea. Her face was very close to his and it had caught him off guard. He whispered while still staring at Thea's eyes, "I think we need to cut it…"

Thea opened her lips to say something but nothing came out of her mouth, so she just nodded. Jeru, on the other hand, felt something had magnetically pulled him closer towards her as he stared at her open lips.

Things happened very fast and the next thing she felt was Jeru's lips pressing against hers. Her eyes widened when she felt him deepen the kiss. She tried to move but her body felt numb.

'What's happening?' she shouted inwardly. But she unconsciously closed her eyes and let Jeru's lips take over. His tongue gently slipped inside her mouth, probing, searching deeper within. 

"Sir, is everything alright?" Thea was startled at Janus voice and her reflex reacted quickly as she abruptly pushed Jeru away from her.

"Ouch!!!" Jeru yelped when his head hit the car ceiling and the side of his body bumped into the steering wheel. Thea, on the other hand, had miraculously removed the seat belt and slipped out of the car.

"Oh Janus, it's just the seat belt... I'll head inside first," she stammered as she hurriedly walked towards the house. Janus squinted his eyes, looking suspiciously at her.

Then he turned his head towards Jeru who was now massaging his nape. "What happened, Sir?"

Jeru looked at him and scoffed, "Don't request Thea to cook a particular meal for you guys anymore. She's already tired from work, so let her rest when she's home!"

Then Jeru walked towards the house, but paused briefly to throw his car keys at Janus and said, "Can you check on that weird seat belt in the passenger seat?" 

Janus was left confused and could only scratch his head...
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