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"Hold!!!" Zach suddenly shouted that made Draco pause as he looked at Mr. Big, asking for his Boss' signal.

"How about my right-hand man? Let my right-hand man exercise his fists on that loser. Let's see how good of a fighter the CEO of the Liu Group can be." Zach suggested mockingly, with a one-sided smile on his face. 

"I actually know this guy, Mr. Big. And to be honest, he just rubs me up the wrong way... Just because he's from a powerful and wealthy family, he thinks he can always have things his way. I want his head!" he said appearing calm and relaxed, even looking slightly amused at the thought of having Jeru's head, but had actually been cursing inwardly, because the signal that they had been waiting for still had not arrived.

Mr. Big arched a brow as he asked, "You know this man personally? So you are probably also a part of high society?"

Mr. Big's curiosity on Wolf's identity was once again piqued… But Wolf only chuckled as he replied, "Probably… You can keep on guessing, Mr. Big, but one thing is for sure… this guy annoys the hell outta me. He's an arrogant fellow who needs to be taught a lesson!!!"

Thea gasped, hearing the familiar voice from the man with a mask. 'Zach...' she mused as her heart almost jumped out of her chest with joy. They still had hope! Zach was here and it could only mean that the Military back-up would arrive soon.

"Arrogant?! Me?!" Jeru sniggered inside because he could feel that Zach had meant every word he said, putting emphasis on the word 'arrogant'. He spit out the blood in his mouth and wiped it off his chin as soon as Draco released him.

He looked around and assessed the situation on how he could move fast to protect Thea. That was his task at hand while Zach was in charge of Leon.

Zach then looked at Torin after Mr. Big agreed to his request. Torin widened his eyes at Zach saying, "Me? Why me?" But Zach ignored him as he gestured him to go and hit Jeru.

Torin attacked Jeru in haste but Jeru quickly dodged it. Jeru understood that Zach was just stalling for time when he suggested that Torin fought with him instead of Draco.

'Dammit, it looks like the signal isn't here yet!' Jeru mused as he exchanged meaningful glances with Torin.

Jeru noticed that Zach had vaguely been moving himself closer and closer to Mr. Big. If Zach could get ahold of Mr. Big, all of his men would have to hold fire. He stretched his neck before he smirked at Torin.

Torin had a weary face when he saw Jeru's smirk. 'Darn it!' He cursed silently. Jeru would definitely give them a good show… 'Oh my poor body!' He added silently as he prepared himself for Jeru's attacks.

Jeru ran towards Torin but instead of fiercely fighting each other and giving each other a good blow, they were just scuffling, using the mixed martial arts techniques of striking and grappling as if they were just sparring with each other.

"Fu*cking hell, Boss!!! Are they kids playing around on the playground? What is this shit, Boss?" Complained Draco as he watched the two who were still wrestling with each other without actually making an effort to hurt each other.

Meanwhile, Leon's face was blank as he observed the ongoing fight. He then shifted his look to Chin, and then at Thea. 

'Something is off!' he mused...

He suddenly noticed a loophole in Chin's story. Chin had told him that she was abducted by Jeru, but then somehow had managed to outwit him. But then again, how...? 

He had observed Jeru's movements. Even with his injuries Jeru was still able to dodge his opponent's attacks with his swift and nimble movements as though he could read his opponent's mind and predict the next move. That was not only a trait of a good fighter, but also that of a clever man. There was no way Chin was able to outwit him. 

Moreover, he recalled that Jeru had been tied up when he boarded the ship. And judging from Jeru's fighting skills, it could not have been possible for Chin to tie him up like that without Jeru's cooperation. 

So, there could only be one conclusion... Just as she said before, she was indeed trying to outwit someone. But instead of Jeru, the person whom she was trying to outwit was… him. 

He looked at Chin once more and scoffed upon his own realization about the whole situation… This was a good show. A good show indeed. But instead of being the puppeteer, he ended up being the puppet instead.

He looked at Draco, giving him a silent signal with his gaze… Draco then signaled the men…

"Stop!" Leon shouted to Torin and Jeru.... Followed by his men who all aimed their guns at Jeru.

Thea's eyes rounded as she gasped, "No!!!" Leon pulled his own gun, ready to point it directly at Jeru, but before he could fire a shot, Zach moved fast and locked his arm.

That time the red signal appeared in their contact lenses. "NOW!!!" Zach roared…

Torin and Snake quickly moved to Zach's aid because Draco and his men were headed towards Leon who was engaged in a one-on-one fight with Zach, still holding his gun in his hand. The rest of Zach's men expeditiously assumed a stand-off position against the rest of Leon's men with their guns pointing at each other.

Jeru and Chin, on the other hand, ran towards Thea to protect her.

"Go get Thea!!!" shouted Leon to his men as he was struggling to fight Zach. "Damn you! Who the hell are you!?" He burst out with gritted teeth as he tried his best to exchange blows with Zach.

But he was no match for Zach, the gun fell from his grip when Zach squeezed his wrist hard. Leon's left hand tried to hold Zach's neck but grabbed his mask and ripped it off his face instead.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"You!!!" Leon yelped in surprise upon realizing who Zach was. Drop of sweat started to form on his forehead. Wolf was Thea's previous man!

"I should have killed you before!" He bellowed in great anger and fury. Zach quickly grabbed Mr. Big's collar as he swung his right fist on his face.

"Men like you should be the one to die!" Zach hissed as he threw another hard punch on Leon's face and it landed on the bridge of his nose which made his blood splatter on the ground.

On the other side, Torin and Snake were having a hard time bringing Draco down as he was a big man. They had failed to dodge Draco's steel-like fists that had slammed them to the ground, splattering guts and blood, as both of them ended up rolling on the ground.

After taking care of Torin and Snake, Draco looked at Mr. Big's situation…

"Zach!!!" Thea shouted when she saw Draco who was closing in on Zach and was just about to attack him.

Zach failed to dodge Draco's lunging blow from behind. Draco then promptly struck a blazing roundhouse kick at Zach which sent him staggering sideways. 

But Zach managed to stable himself straight away and immediately turned around to face Draco. He then swiftly closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Draco's head and held him up as he thrusted some wicked knee shots into Draco's ribs. Draco wobbled and Zach, who didn't want to lose this golden chance, quickly gave him an uppercut that sent Draco crashing into the ground. 

"Boss! We have a problem! We detect movements towards our ship!" shouted one of Mr. Big's men.

Then suddenly gunshot sounds roared in the area!


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