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Drey silently watched his father, who was very excited as he was preparing to go out with Dice and his nanny. "My cutie baby Dice… Are you excited to have fun with Grandpa?" asked Senior Russo as he gently caressed his grandson's cheeks. Dice looked at his Grandpa with his round and bright eyes, smiled widely, and nodded as he babbled with his baby voice, "Gwaa-annpap…"

"Yes, that's right, Grandpa will take you to the Zoo so you can see a lot of animals," said Senior Russo grinning.

"Are you sure you don't want me and Cielo to come?" Drey asked casually. Senior Russo arched a brow and firmly replied, "NO! You stay here and spend some quality time with your wife. We'll be home late, so let your wife rest for a while from taking care of Dice, my goodness!" Senior Russo exclaimed in exasperation at his son.

One of the reasons why he was taking Dice out, was so this unbelievably slow son of his could finally have some uninterrupted time alone with his wife, and hopefully would finally grow a pair to seize the moment with Cielo and give him another grandchild. He could no longer wait for a princess to call him 'Grandpa'. He wanted to have as many grandchildren as possible.

Besides, a Zoo was a good place to educate Dice about the many different kinds of animals, since he was growing fast and seemed to love to look at animal pictures on the children's books that he had bought him. "Alright, tell Cielo that we'll go ahead now. Go and make me another grandchild." said Senior Russo casually as if it were nothing.

"Pa!" Drey cried out at his father with a dropped jaw and a reddened face from embarrassment. It's a good thing that Cielo was still inside their room so she did not have to listen to his father's absurd request.

"What? Shoo already! Go lock yourself with your wife inside your room the whole day. I'm serious, Son! Make me proud and give me a whole army of grandchildren. So, shoo now, and quickly go make the dough for the buns, so they will be ready for the oven soon!" Senior Russo instructed Drey as he waved him away, before shifting his gaze to Dice's Nanny and said, "Let's go and leave them alone."

Drey couldn't believe what his father had just ordered him to do. 'What? Bake buns in the oven? What am I, a baker? A whole army of grandchildren? Is Cielo a rabbit?' He grumbled with a crumpled face, as he walked to his room to tell Cielo that his Dad already left with Dice.

Cielo was a fine woman. She's a great mother to Dice and a good wife to him. She would always make him his favorite dishes and help him prepare all the things he needed for work. 

Albeit a slow one, he still could sense that their relationship is progressing. He could feel that he was getting more and more attracted to Cielo. Not only in a physical sense, but also emotionally. Cielo was a mature woman. She was patient, broad-minded, and very supportive of him, which he really appreciated. She would often cheer him up whenever he was downcast or felt like a failure.

He fondly smiled at the thought of her, because it was just yesterday night that he was feeling disappointed with himself and sulked, when he got home from work, because he had failed an exam for a higher position. Cielo then told him to chin up as he could always retake the exam again next year. If it still wouldn't work out next year, then there would be another year after that, and so on. In other words, he could always retake it, time and again, until he succeeded. 

She also comforted him by saying that she really didn't care what his position was in the army as long as he was clear about his position at home; a good husband to her and a good dad to Dice.

He had chuckled at her words that night, especially at the part about repeatingly retaking the exam, because he found it funny. But he couldn't deny that her words had instantly made him feel at ease and elated, as all the chagrins that he had felt, up until then, were gradually leaving him.

He entered the room, still smiling at the thought of Cielo's priceless face last night as she was telling him all those things. 

Cielo just got out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her body when Drey entered their room. Her hair was still dripping wet. "Uhm... I just wanted to tell you that Dad and Dice already left... So… I'll go now, so you can change," Drey said stutteringly as he blushed and slightly bowed his head. He didn't notice his wife's evil grin.

"Ouch!" Cielo shrieked as she limped towards the closet.

"What happened?" Drey asked with a tone full of worries, as he quickly ran to her. He looked at her face in alarm and asked "What's wrong?"

With a pained expression on her face, Cielo looked at Drey and murmured, "My legs, I think I got cramps."

Drey slightly bent down to check on her legs, but was caught by surprise when he saw Cielo's towel fall on the floor. He instinctively looked up and gulped at the sight of Cielo's glorious naked body, which was now flaunted right before his eyes. His jaw slightly dropped leaving his mouth agape as he gazed fixedly at her body in a daze.

It was the body that had been tormenting him with countless of sleepless nights ever since he had allowed his eyes to feast on it during the previous bathroom incident. He knew immediately that he was now in for another torture again...

Cielo gave him a seductive smile. "Hmm, what's with your lips?" she said in jest as she gently pulled him up to face her. 

"Huh?" Drey whimpered as he felt Cielo touch his lips. 

"You're almost drooling… See?" added Cielo with a grin.

He felt as if a lightning had struck through him, but Cielo seemed to be enjoying what she was seeing and said teasingly, "Why are you being so timid? I mean, your body is obviously reacting to me. Look at your poor friend down there… It looks swollen."

Drey flinched and groaned inside when Cielo touched his little treasure down there, between his thighs. She was right, he was aroused and became hard as a rock just from seeing her naked body.

"I'm your wife, Drey, so you can take me whenever, wherever and however you like. And I'm also willing," Cielo implored him in earnest. She didn't believe for a second that Drey's self-restraint would be so high that she wouldn't be able to penetrate it. She knew he had actually been in a lot of agony for having to control himself, especially when she was doing wicked things to seduce him on purpose. She would, for example, sleep with all sorts of sexy negligee every night, but Drey had never taken the initiative to touch her.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

There were times when she was losing hope as she would often think that perhaps it was because she was not attractive enough to him. She really wanted for their marriage to work, in the true sense of it, but if that was not at all possible, because he wasn't attracted to her sexually, then she had even considered to have just a platonic marriage with him, where they both could still be good parents to Dice, and she could be a best friend to him.

But first she would have to make sure if that was really the case, and right now was her chance. Her Father-in-Law had given them some alone time, free of any distractions. So she definitely would not let this opportunity slip away and find out what was really wrong with her husband, why he had never taken the initiative to touch her first.

With her hand still on Drey's manhood, she leaned forward to reach his ear and whispered seductively, "What are you planning to do now, my dear husband? Would you pick up that towel and cover my naked body? Or would you take me to our bed and enjoy the pleasure that we could be giving each other as husband and wife?"
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