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Two days had passed and there were still no news from Zach. He was not reachable either. And as usual, her father would confirm that her husband was safe.

Keira killed her time by working really hard at work. If she was not at the office; doing research on news items, reviewing reports and attending meetings, she would be out doing some field works; live-reporting from the scene as well as digging out news and information. She had been very busy that she didn't notice time passing by.

Right now, she was at an area where a building had caught fire. As usual before she did any reporting, she would first get all of the critical information on the story - the who, what, where, when, why and how. The situation was quite dire right now. Many people were at the scene, feeling distressed, especially the victims. 

She stood transfixed as she witnessed a mother cry out in panic, calling out her son's name who was still inside the burning building. Keira tried her very best to keep her cool. As soon as she had gathered enough information and with the approval from headquarters, she reported live from the scene.

She reported the current situation… She couldn't help but feel empathy for the relatives and families of the victims, who were still waiting anxiously outside for their loved ones to be rescued. She bit her lip as she murmured a silent prayer, 'Please always keep my husband safe.'

She could identify with them and understand their feelings because she, too, was just like them. She was always worried for Zach's safety. She was always hoping and praying that he would come home safely, and not be hurt in the middle of his mission. Because nothing could foretell what would happen during this sort of operation, especially when it took place in the ruthless and barbarous criminal underworld where people would kill without blinking an eye.


Keira went home late and went directly to Zach's unit. She stopped briefly at Torin's door and let out a smile. Lyra had asked for her advice on her relationship with Torin two days ago, and she was really happy to hear that the two had finally confessed their feelings to each other.

Lyra had messaged her earlier to inform her that she would be having a work dinner with colleagues, so Keira decided to have her dinner outside before she went home.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

She sighed as she entered Zach's unit. She would often sleep there because that was the only place where she would feel comforted and not alone, as she would still be able to smell his scent on his bed.

Her eyes rounded with surprise when she saw Zach at the kitchen cooking. 'Oh hell, am I hallucinating now?' she thought to herself as she blinked several times to make sure he wouldn't disappear. 

Zach smiled at her and said, "It looks like you still can't tell dreams from reality."

He opened his arms wide as he saw Keira throw her bag on the floor in haste. She ran towards him and jumped at him, wrapping her legs around his waist and encircling her arms on his neck. He laughed as he placed his two hands on her buttocks to support her. 

"Why didn't you call me? When did you arrive? Did you wait long?" she bombarded him with questions.

"Hmm I arrived just twenty minutes ago. I called you but your phone was not reachable. So I decided to just come here to wash up and cook dinner. Ohh, I did ask your office, but they said you were out..." he answered.

"Ohh, my phone probably ran out of battery… I missed you!" Keira burst out almost crying as she hugged him tightly. Then she gently moved her head inches away from him to have a better look at her handsome and lovable husband. 

"You look haggard! What's this? Look at your dark circles. Don't tell me you haven't slept at all?" Keira noted with a creased forehead. Zach really had a worn-out look and she was not pleased with it.

Zach chuckled as he said, "I do sleep of course but mostly during the day, since the underworld is more active at night. I also missed my wife so much so I guess that added to those sleepless days…"

Keira smiled at him and rained his face with little kisses.

"Hmm I missed you so much too! I missed this forehead… I missed these eyes… I missed these cheeks… I missed this nose…" Keira mumbled as she followed her words with kisses.

"Then lastly, I missed my General's lips!" she cried out in joy, but before she could kiss him, he already caught her lips for a fervent kiss.

The kiss was so intense that Zach had to sit Keira down on the kitchen counter so he could freely move his hands to caress every inch of her skin.

"Weren't you cooking...?" Keira mumbled when his lips landed on her neck. Then she felt him nibble on her ear as he whispered, "It can wait…"

Keira then felt his hands start to undress her as he unbuttoned her blouse. "Geez, why do you have to wear such a complicated blouse," Zach complained as he struggled to remove the piece of clothing off of her body.

She chuckled as she tugged on his pants and pulled him towards her. She winked at him as she unbuttoned and unzipped it. Zach moaned when she touched his bulge which was still covered with his underwear. Keira smiled seductively as she said, "Strip off…"

Then she stood up from the kitchen counter and walked away…"Where are you going?" Zach asked a bit confused. 

"I'll be back soon. I just need to pee…" Keira said grinning as she rushed to the restroom. She had actually suppressed it long enough, and although she knew that she would kill the momentum, but the urge to obey the call of nature was killing her too.

'Seriously???' Zach was left dumbfounded as his hands were still on his pants ready to take them off as Keira instructed. He then shook his head and put them back on.

He turned off the stove and walked into the living room to sit on the sofa. He was feeling a bit tired, so he laid his head down on the headrest of the sofa and closed his eyes.

He missed his falling star so much that he did not mind driving far just so he could spend a few hours with her, even though he knew that would have to leave her again before daybreak.

Keira quickly cleaned herself up and changed into a seductive nightgown, without any underwear beneath. She wanted to please her husband badly, so she planned to be the one who would take the lead on their love making tonight.

She went out and saw Zach on the sofa. She walked towards him and saw that his eyes were closed, so she asked, "Hubby, are you sleeping?"

Zach's lips curved into a smile and with his eyes still closed he replied, "No, I'm waiting…"
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