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Keira took Zach to her room and to her surprise, Zach immediately locked her into his embrace for a passionate and fiery kiss. He was really not joking earlier, because Keira could feel his hunger for her. 

"Why do I feel like I have you starved for love making when actually you're the one who barely let me rest last night?" 

"You left me alone for so many hours at my condo, is that not equal to making me starve?" Zach murmured between his ceaseless kisses and started tracing her neck with his lips.

Keira moaned from his actions and cringed with desire. Zach had discovered her sensitive points and was biting softly and then kissing and licking those sensitive spots on her neck. It was getting more irresistible for Keira with Zach's hands roaming on her entire body, exploring her curves with his scorching hands.

"General, let's hurry or they will notice that we've been gone too long..." Keira murmured and panted as she felt Zach's demanding kisses going further down her neck and his hands cupping and squeezing her mounds gently. 

"Hmm… Don't mind them. They are too busy discussing the wedding details. Besides we are newlyweds so they will understand our need to spend a little time together especially when… when I will soon be starved of my favourite thing for a few weeks." Zach whispered softly, while his hands were busy playing with the zippers of her dress.

Keira pulled back to stop his kissing spree, cupped his face in her hands and looked directly into his eyes. Her eyes had started to dampen when she asked, "Why are you leaving so soon?" 

Zach kissed her palms that were holding his face, then looked into her misty eyes and replied, "Yeah, I have to go back tomorrow morning. I really hate to go and leave you behind, but I have to. I'll be back soon to take you in my arms again and we'll make love non-stop to complete the marking of the rest of our condo units since we have only managed to mark my dining table so far..."

Keira hugged Zach possessively. For some reason, she did not want him to go back to that mission. 

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly gasped when she felt Zach's sharp teeth bite on her chest and then sucked and licked her there, leaving a small dark pink mark. He devilishly smiled at her and then continued to use his expert hands to caress her breasts. 

Keira gasped as heat started to consume her body as Zach's tongue was now exploring her bare bosoms one after another.

Keira was too consumed by her own desires that she did not even notice that Zach had removed all hindrances away from her body so he would have a better access for his passionate moves on her.

Keira moaned when Zach's hand that slowly went down south landed between her thighs and touched her womanhood. All she could want next was to be filled up completely by his big, hard, and untamed pet. 

While torturing her by rubbing in her vertical lips, he suddenly slid his finger inside her hot crater and felt her depths with his fingers. He brought his finger out only to slide it back in again, forcing her to make various kinds of sensual sounds.

Zach retracted his finger from her secret world as he put one hand behind her knees and the other one on her back. He carried her in his arms and gently put her on her bed while constantly kissing her on her lips. His tongue probed deeper, savoring her sweetness as if there would be no tomorrow. 

Zach laid down at her side as his hands kept caressing her breasts. He then brought his lips to her chest and put her hard peaks in his mouth again, sucking and licking them. He was taking Keira to another world.

He bit and sucked the soft flesh of her breast hard and then licked it gently to make her relax again. Keira felt a little pain but the pleasure was also inexplicable. 

Keira was already on the verge of releasing herself and was waiting for Zach to fill her up. She didn't want to wait any longer. She looked at him and pleadingly said in a panting voice, "Hubby, I want you now…" 

Her hands grasped his hair as he sucked her hard on her peaks while one of his hands softly caressed her body.

Keira felt Zach's unruly 'pet' throbbing in between her legs like a hard rod ready to enter her cave anytime.

She reached out one of her hands to touch and caress the standing beauty of Zach who moaned in pleasure when he felt Keira's warm and sensual touch on his bare manhood.

"Ahmm.." Keira moaned and pleaded.

Zach then positioned himself in between Keira's thighs who immediately opened up and welcomed him. He looked at Keira. Both of them had misty eyes and the hunger that they have for each other was too visible in both of their eyes.

He stared at her intently as he whispered, "I love you…" and simultaneously thrust inside her.

Keira smiled at him as she answered with a moan and then said, "I love you too…"

That moment Zach reached for her lips once more and the two of them shared a loving kiss where their tongues were entangled with each other.

Keira gasped as Zach started moving slowly inside her. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

He kissed her as he made his gentle movements inside of her. Keira wrapped her legs on his waist as she arched her body upwards to meet his movements and swayed along with him.

Zach was gentle at first, moving in and out of her crater. Keira could feel Zach's pet was getting even fuller inside her as he accelerated his movements and started thrusting with force, in and out of her…

Zach stopped kissing her and raised his head to stare at Keira's face and watch her expressions. He sped up, thrusting even harder as he was about to reach his peak soon, aroused by Keira's moans while he stared at her beautiful face, full of pleasure.

But he wanted her to reach her peak first, so he controlled himself and prolonged his movement. 

He felt Keira's muscles inside contracting, so Zach moved faster until he heard Keira's hard moan as her body trembled beneath him, indicating she had reached her climax. As soon as he felt her fluids inside, Zach kissed her hard as he attended to his needs.

Keira encircled her arms on Zach's neck and pulled him for a kiss as she danced with him so he could finally reach his peak. Zach felt that his body would burst out soon from Keira's bold movement as she captured all his fullness while he moved deeper and deeper inside her.

With a loud moan from him, he finally had his release inside her, filling her with his seeds as he moved in deeper so nothing would go to waste for their future little Keiras and Zachs.

They were both panting when Zach whispered, "I wish to have a basketball team of our kids…"

Keira gasped and hit Zach's shoulder as she complained, "What am I? A dog?"

Zach laughed out hard and said, "Of course not, you will be the mother of my future sons and daughters. Alright let's just have five then. Three boys and two girls… What do you say? I want a big household..."

Keira's eyes widened, she was about to complain but Zach had already sealed her lips.
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