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Zach's words served as fuel to the fire in Keira's body. She had waited for this day to come for so long, and now she was in the arms of her husband. 

Zach started to plant small kisses on the left ear of Keira. She quivered and unconsciously bent her head back while a small moan escaped her mouth. That sound elevated Zach's arousal and Keira was startled on her own loss of control in Zach's arms.

Zach held Keira by her waist and pulled her towards himself, as she hit his hard chest, Zach held her head from back with his one hand and pressed his lips on the white milky neck of Keira. 

At first he trailed small kisses on her whole neck and then he started kissing her down towards her collarbone. Keira was simply lost in the pleasure of his lips moving all over her sensitive neck rewarding Zach with a moan every few seconds from her. 

While Keira was lost in her pleasure, she hissed with pain when she felt a small sharp pain on her collarbone and then saw Zach's apologetic look for causing a hickey in passion right in the front, so visible and yet so beautiful on her fair skin…

Keira's moans and her soft body made Zach more aggressive in his movements and his hands travelled to the back of her dress. He unzipped her dress and let it fall off her soft smooth body, landing on the ground within seconds. He looked at his beautiful wife, that now belonged to only him, standing in front of him in her bare minimums and her look made Zach go wild with desire. 

He grabbed Keira in his tight embrace and started kissing her all over. He kissed her cheeks, her lips, and moved on to sides of her neck. Then he kissed her on the mounds of her softness and licked the upper parts of her both soft candies and simultaneously unhooked her bra from behind and removed it suddenly from her body…Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Zach took one of her hard peaks in his mouth sucking it hardly and forcefully in his mouth making Keira wriggle and moan in pleasure mixed with pain… 

Keira was grasping each and every touch and caress of Zach when he suddenly turned her around and grabbed her from behind… he started tracing kisses on her spine and started moving his hands on her bare front. 

He held both her sweet candies in his hands and gently squeezed her soft mounds. Keira felt her legs go weak and found it difficult to keep standing anymore. She held onto him tightly and turned to face him. She took his lips in her mouth to gain control of him a little but today Zach was not in the mood to let her win against him even for a single minute…

Zach moved his hands on her bare back caressing her back and then coming back to her front tracing her chest. She gasped when Zach gently squeezed one of her breasts and caressed her nipples with his thumb while kissing her deeply... Then she heard him whisper in her ear, "Let's start with the bed…"

That instant, Zach lifted her and carried her in bridal style and took her towards the bed. He didn't leave her lips and Keira didn't let lose her arms encircled on his neck. 

He carefully laid her down on the bed and they were both panting when he released her lips. Zach never left his gaze from Keira as he whispered, "You're so beautiful."

Keira blushed and bit her lip while she watched Zach strip his clothes off before her eyes. The muscles of his arms flexed on each movement he made, with each piece of cloth he took off. His masculine charm showed off even more; with his shirt off Zach stood tall in front of her, with well built abdominal muscles and broad muscular chest, dim light from the candles made him look breathtakingly handsome and irresistible. 

This heavenly sight was making Keira cringe with desire and made her core burn. She felt a strange feeling down in between her legs, she trembled with this new sensations that would soon become a normal routine for her… 

Keira kept cringing and drooling while Zach took off each damn cloth that hid his perfect muscular body from her. Keira looked at the perfect figure and could not help but think how he is the epitome of a strong, handsome, studly, tough, rough, powerful, hot dependable… in fact she would be at a loss for words if she would keep describing her husband.

When Keira's gaze landed on his hardened 'pet' standing proud in front, asking for attention and craving for its destination, her eyes widened and she thought it looked bigger than every other time she had seen it. Zach chuckled, he was amused watching Keira's expressions as she stared at his so called 'pet'.

While Keira was busy admiring her husband and his pet, Zach quickly pounced on top of Keira without any warning. Keira wrapped her arms around him feeling each cell of her body merging with his. 

She then heard his voice near her ears, "Do you know how much I had been dying to have you? Finally..." He said with hanging word as his face was only an inch closer to Keira. She opened her mouth to say something but Zach sealed it instantly with his lips. He aggressively kissed her, like a man deprived of a certain important vitamins now absorbing as much as he could.
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