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After Keira finished her drink, she saw Thea smirk and then ask the waiter to give her more drinks. Keira's jaw dropped when Thea picked all the glasses from the waiter's tray and gulped each one of them down quickly.

"Hey, stop that!" Keira said as worry crossed her face because Thea took plenty of glasses with different types of alcoholic drinks and drank everything one after the another.

Thea grinned and said, "I need more shots to get drunk," she mumbled as she bit her lip. She was feeling half hearted. Her inner voice was scolding her for what she was doing. Her conscience kept haunting her…

Thea cursed as she drank another shot. Feeling a bit dizzy which she presumed was because of her heavy alcohol intake in just a few minutes. Realising she is heavily intoxicated, Thea took out her mobile phone and dialed for Chin. The phone rang but went unanswered. She wanted to cancel the despicable plan… She desperately wanted Zach back but…

"Damn Chin answer the phone!" she muttered as she felt her head become heavy and she almost lost her balance.

She felt Keira grab her and held her on her seat as she said, "Thea are you alright? What's wrong with you to drink so much so fast?" 

Thea chuckled and exclaimed, "Take your hands off me. It's all your fault! It's your fault entering the picture! It's your fault for being so stubborn… What else could I do?" Looking at such disheveled state of Thea, Keira called the waiters for help because she was not able to hold Thea's weight.

"Please help me to take her to her room." Keira instructed as she took the initiative to get Thea's cardkey from her purse. One of Keira's team members came to her and said, "You cannot leave the event in between. I will help them bring Thea in her room. Do you know her room number?"

Keira shook her head. The waiter looked at the cardkey and answered, "I know her room Sir. It's in the cardkey... "

That instant one of Keira's team-mate and one of the waiters left with Thea.

"What a messy woman." Keira commented while she composed herself and calmed her mind down. She still had interviews to do and had spent enough time enjoying the party. She walked towards the crowd as the auction would soon begin. Then she laughed recalling her actions earlier with the glass Thea offered her.

Anyone who noticed it might think she was too paranoid but Keira had to take precautions because she knew Thea had a deep grudge against her. 

Besides, isn't that's how they show in all those dramas? A desperate, jealous ex… want to get back with him and resorts to exacting revenge... So, it's better to be alert and safe, like what the Department of Health's motto - prevention is better than cure - she would always apply the same - prevention is better than a solution.


"Let's go… the instruction is to just leave him here with her. They will both wake up soon," said the waiter as soon as they lay Jeru's body beside Thea on the bed.

Outside the hotel, Chin gave her payment to the two waiters and asked, "Are you sure that the woman was already inside?"

The two waiters nodded and said, "Yes ma'am, we are sure she was already on the bed." Chin dismissed both the waiters. They had already bugged every corner of the room and she would have things checked tomorrow morning. 

"Don't worry Thea, I'm sure you'll soon get back you man after what is about to happen with that girl." Chin murmured and added, "Lets now wait for both of them to wake up, that's when the drug would kick in." .


Thea woke up with a heavy head and hot body… She frowned and mumbled a curse when she felt a little weird with her body. 'Why am I feeling so hot and raunchy?' She mused as she tried to remove her evening dress to feel better, she sat up on the side of the bed. She felt drained out when it took her an infinite amount of time to remove her evening dress.

"What's going on with me?" Thea whispered panicking as she realized that she removed her evening dress in haste and she felt the urge to remove the rest that were covering her body.

She was about to take off all her clothes,when she heard a hoarse, pleading voice from her back, "Stop that please! I beg you..."

Thea's eyes widened as she looked with shocked expressions at the man who was already naked in front of her. It was Jeru whose face was covered with lust and desire as he stared at her hungrily like a beast ready to attack her at any moment.

"What are you doing here?" she gasped as fear clouded her so she immediately stood up but unexpectedly stumbled and fell.

That instant, Jeru ran to her side to help her but that was a wrong move for both of them because the moment their skin brushed against each other's, the burning sensation took over…

It was as if a raging fire had consumed both of them and without even them knowing, they started kissing each other hungrily and ran their hands all over each other's body.

Jeru ripped away the rest of Thea's clothes and hugged her close to his own body as tightly as he could. They were both very wild and were trying to extinguish the flames of desire by feeling each other's body. They both stumbled and fell on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms.

Everything that happened after that was like a dream that played in her sleep, Jeru was also under the influence of the drug and he also found it difficult to control his urges.

Things happened fast and Jeru and Thea were soon immersed in the pleasure of exploring each other.

Jeru was unable to hold himself and soon he parted her legs, positioned himself in between her legs and touched her nascent spot and the next thing Thea knew was a jolt of pain tearing her apart.

Jeru entered her and gave a sudden thrust between her thighs to reach deeper and deeper into her. She was in immense pain, yet, instead of pushing him away as what her mind was shouting to do, her body reacted otherwise and she wrapped her legs onto his waist, accepting his every thrust.

She was moaning as well as crying at the same time, the sensation she felt was indescribable as Jeru continued to thrust into her deeper and deeper. She was biting him hard on his neck and shoulder while the latter kept on thrusting in her as he whispered with panting and stuttering voice, "I'm sorry… I just can't stop… I'm sorry.."

Jeru's movements accelerated as he groaned when he finally released himself inside Thea… But that was just the beginning… because their bodies were still raging with fire. Their bodies still wanted more from each other.

Jeru was cursing but he couldn't stop as he moved and took Thea's lips into his. He was so consumed with unexplainable lust and desire. They kept satisfying and extinguishing their body's fire and remained entwined for a few hours. Jeru couldn't even remember how many times he actually thrust inside her in a single night. All he knew was that he had to do it and he couldn't stop himself... 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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