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"Madam, don't worry… Everything has been planned properly and set up accordingly. Nothing will go wrong. Everything will happen as planned and we will make sure that we get desired pictures and videos," Chin said when she noticed that Thea looked so uneasy.

Chin was Thea's assistant and bodyguard assigned by Leon. She had been with her for a few years and she became her trusted friend as time passed. 

"I'm not sure about doing such a thing Chin. I feel bad and am hesitant in doing all this… make sure not to give an overdose of sleeping pills alright? Are you sure they will only fall asleep and not be harmed with the pills? Can we get a photo of them together like they did something without them actually doing it? I feel horrible in doing such a thing Chin!" Thea asked restlessly. She was struggling hard whether to proceed or not…

Chin proposed the idea because she couldn't watch Thea suffer anymore. Thea had been crying whenever Leon was not around and Chin could feel the pain that Thea was going through.

After all those years that she had been with Thea, she had witnessed how Thea endured everything with the hope that she would some day return and get back with her love, her man, Zach.

She owed Thea her life because she would have been dead already if not for Thea saving her numerous times. Chin had sworn to herself that she would do everything to help Thea get freed from Leon and return to the man she loved. 

"Yes, don't worry… Nothing bad will happen to that woman. All you need to do is give her that wine. This waiter will send you a signal and bring two glasses of wine." explained Chin as she showed Thea the photo of the waiter.

"He will personally hand over the wine without the drug to you. While the other glass that will be left on the tray will be the wine with the drug. Here's the room cardkey booked on her name, once she starts feeling a bit dizzy, ask help from any waiters and hand over that cardkey. We will take care of Mr. Liu to be there with her shortly and the waitress I instructed will know what to do afterwards. No one will suspect you that way. You just make sure you bring the room cardkey in your purse and at that time pretend as if you got it from Keira's purse." instructed Chin as she held Thea's cold hands, indicating her nervousness.

Thea tried to let go of her feelings towards Zach, even when she would cry and talked to Chin about her innermost feelings that she wanted to consider leaving Zach and Keira alone but her heart was stuck with her memories with Zach. How could she forget the ordeal she went through all those years for Zach? How could she let go of everything so easily when Zach and her could not even had the chance to talk to each other yet… 

So Chin proposed a wicked plan to Thea. While they couldn't approach Zach, she must get rid of Keira Chan for her madam…

"Madam, do you want to get back your man? If yes, then this is the only possible way since you do not want to stoop down to killing someone, be it her. And if after seeing this scene, that General still chooses that Keira over you, then as you said before, maybe it's time for you to move on, get freed from Leon and start a new life without Zach… But until then, we must try every possible way to get rid of that woman between you and the General." added Chin full of sympathy and encouragement. 

Though Thea was still nervous and hesitant, she did as Chin asked her to and brought the cardkey with her and walked out of the door to head towards the venue. 

Chin looked at Thea's silhouette leaving the room and murmured, "Sorry madam but we cannot win a battle with such a soft heart as yours, in our world, we are taught to have a strong and cruel heart to win in every situation... You cannot change yourself, but i will do what is needed to make you win this fight, by hook or by crook."

She dialled a number and asked the man on the other line if everything was prepared according to her plan. Chin had actually planned to use an aphrodisiac drug instead of using simple sleeping pills to make both Keira and Jeru lose control of their minds and let the hunger of their bodies take over their sanity. She strongly believed that those videos of them engaging in intimate acts and the pictures would make things work for Thea.

Her Madam would never bring herself low enough to do dirty things like those to hurt the dignity of a woman so Chin thought that she would do it on her behalf. She let out a long deep sigh because she knew that Thea would surely go mad if she found out that she did not do things as planned .


Back at The Charity Event…

Jeru's gaze simultaneously followed Keira and Thea to keep a check on the situation. He wanted to make sure that no harm would come to Keira. And so far, all had gone well in the event. Both women were busy in their own works, Keira was busy interviewing a lot of guests including himself while Thea seemed too occupied in entertaining guests who wanted to talk to her or to take a photo with her.

His suspicious mind got activated when he noticed the weird exchange of looks between Thea and the waiter. Then Thea walked towards Keira with two glasses of wine. He creased his forehead, feeling suspicious, he started walking towards the two of them.

Jeru paused in his tracks at a certain distance from them such that he could easily approach them should anything untoward happens with Keira.

He saw Thea offering a glass to Keira and keep one for herself. The two ladies seemed to be talking intently and then Keira pointed at someone where Thea's gaze followed.

He almost choked on his drink witnessing the clever move of Keira as she quickly exchanged her glass withThea's.

"She really doesn't need anyone to protect her… huh?" he mumbled chuckling. He was worried for nothing since Keira seemed to always be in an alert mode. "I guess her training in the military has also improved her sixth sense," he whispered still grinning as he picked another glass of whiskey the waiter had offered him.

He was enjoying his drinks while watching over Keira and Thea when he noticed Thea gulp down a few more glasses of drinks and then stumbled from her seat. Jeru furrowed his eyebrows and was about to walk towards them seeing the worried looks on Keira's face when suddenly a waiter bumped into him, causing the drinks in his tray to splash on his suit, spoiling it completely.

"I'm sorry Sir, please forgive me for my mistake, please forgive me sir." he heard the waiter apologize coherently. Jeru ignored him and looked at Keira's direction and sighed with satisfaction seeing Keira was fine. She was looking at Thea who was assisted by the waiters to walk out of the function hall.

"Oh, she's fine. Thank goodness," he murmured as he walked towards the elevator to go back to his room and change out of his spoiled suit. Inside the elevator, two waiters followed him as they greeted him. That was the last thing Jeru remembered when he suddenly felt suffocated and stumbled before losing his consciousness.

The only thing he remembered was the two waiters saying, "Sir, are you okay?" And he felt their arms on his body when he totally blacked out.
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