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Keira woke up very late. It was almost lunchtime when she looked at her wall clock.

She creased her forehead as she looked around her room. 

"What happened?" she mumbled in surprise because she was sure that her room was a total mess before she fell asleep.

"Mom?" she murmured as she rushed outside to see if her mom was around. But then she paused, realizing that her mom did not know her door password, so…

"Oh, crap…" she exclaimed as her eyes widened.

Only Zach knew her password. She bit her lip and scratched her head as she recalled her mom's words, "Zach will definitely get turned off once he sees how lazy you are in tidying up your room!"

'Did he do this?!' she mused as she walked into the kitchen, her stomach was rumbling.

She was surprised to see a covered plate of food on her table with a note, saying:

[Heat the soup and rice before eating. I've cooked these dishes for you. By the way, I've also cleaned up your super disaster-state room. I feel like a mistreated boyfriend, so you must compensate me later… Haha, just kidding. I honestly enjoyed it, serving my falling star with all my might… Also, please next time, keep me aware wherever you go regardless of what time it is, and that's an ORDER! I will still scold you later if I would be able to pick you up later or come home. Enjoy the meal I've prepared with all my…]

"Why is the last sentence cut, hanging?" Keira whispered, complaining.

Keira smiled from ear to ear as she felt her heart jumping with too much joy…

"I'm such a lucky falling star!" she burst out. She started cheerfully humming while she put the soup and rice in the microwave to heat up.

"Hmm, so tasty," she commented after a spoon of the soup that Zach had prepared for her.

She looked at the wall clock. She needed to report at the head office soon, so she must move quickly.

'Reward… Hmmm…. How should I reward my doting boyfriend this time?' Keira mused, giggling.


Inside the meeting room, Keira and the rest of the reporters were having a discussion about which news should be reported on the prime time news program.

"I think this one needs a pass. The other one doesn't have enough impact to be reported on prime time. Hmm uhm, I find it a bit meaningless," Thea simply commented.

It was one of Keira's scoops where a man's act of kindness was caught on camera. The man pulled over to help an elderly lady walking with her groceries at 101-degree-hot weather and took her to her destination.

Keira wanted to show this, as the scene melted her heart away.

Keira looked straight at Thea and commented, "Those seemingly meaningless stories could be just as important as a story on the headline news. Our news for tonight is almost filled with death, tragedies, and crime… I think we need a breather and a heart-melting story like this. We need to show people that despite all those bad things, there is still good happening daily too."

Keira held her chin as if caressing it while she was thinking.

Then she smiled at Thea as she added, "A bit meaningless… Hmm, do you think it's meaningless and not inspiring to see that there are good people left in this world like that man… Instead of ignoring like others, he pulled over to give a helping hand to the old woman." 

Then she turned her head to Director Holmes.

"Anyway, it's your call, Sir… I'm just stating my opinion, according to my own understanding and belief, but you know how flexible I can be. If Anchor Thea is not comfortable with simple news like that, I'm good with cutting it out," added Keira with a wink.

At that moment Thea's face became gloomy.

Whenever she tried to irritate Keira, she was always the one getting annoyed in the process.

'What's with her face? She doesn't budge at all!' Thea mused, complaining about how relaxed Keira was at all the times. She was always smiling, even straight in her face when she was deliberately picking on her.

'Let's see if you can still smile once you find out that I'm Zach's first true love.' She thought inwardly.

Thea hated the fact that, so far, she was having a hard time finding Keira's weaknesses and flaws. 

Even her assistant couldn't find anything with her investigation skills.

Thea felt that she would have a hard time taking Keira out of the picture; the woman was so optimistic and full of confidence.

But she would not be swayed. Zach was hers from the start.

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JV, who just arrived, apologized to Keira several times.

"I did not know that my wife has put my phone in silent mode," he explained.

"It's okay JV… If there is a next time, I will simply strangle you to death. You know how I hate taking a video of myself. It's so awkward," Keira murmured with a twitching mouth.

The competition among television stations for higher ratings and more advertising revenue meant that reporters were often required to present the news first and live.

Though Keira had mastered doing things on her own, she hated it the most - taking videos of her own self.

"Yeah, I know. Really sorry, it won't happen again. But fairly speaking, you've improved your skills…" JV praised, smiling.

"I know, right? I captured it so perfectly that if I continue doing this, you won't have a job anymore," she said in JV's face straightforwardly with an exaggerated jest.

They both ended up laughing.

Keira had been observing Thea's anchoring skills from day one. She had to admit that the latter was doing her job well. For some reason, she felt that she could have been good friends with her… So far, Thea hadn't done anything aggressive towards her and Zach.

Well, except that Thea was not sparing time in bullying her every now and then. But she could understand that, especially if the woman still loved Zach...

It's almost time for dinner, and Director Holmes suggested the staff in the newsroom to grab dinner together.

"We are all working hard… So, let's eat something expensive tonight! It's my treat!" declared Director Holmes, and everyone felt energized, suggesting the best restaurant to go.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, Keira received a call from Zach, and she told him her location. She was smiling and accidentally, her eyes met with Thea's…
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