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During the travel, Keira was lively, asking Zach a lot of simple questions. Mostly, they were about the things that he liked and did not like.

Zach laughed as he commented, "This is so unfair. I don't know what else to ask you because you have mentioned everything that you hate and like in those letters."

"What? Can you even remember all of that?" Keira exclaimed, seeing how Zach smiled confidently.

"Hmm, I think I should test you later on... if you really remember it all," Keira mumbled.

"Why later? Let's do it now? Don't you believe me? Do it now, c'mon. But I must have a reward if I answer everything correctly," said Zach with his naughtiest smile that made Keira laugh.

"What's my favorite color?" Keira asked suddenly.

"Pink!" Zach answered quickly.

"Hmm, that one is easy. General, just focus on driving, and I'll test you later. By the way, what reward do you want?" asked Keira as she giggled.

She was so happy to hear that Zach had actually taken the time to read all those letters of hers. Now, she could understand why her dad said that her mom's style was the best by sending him a lot of letters.

'Hmmm, it is indeed effective.' Keira mused because some might have thought it was too old-fashioned, like May and Lana, but that was actually the best way to express your sincerity toward a person, especially, when you couldn't express it in person.

"My reward? I have to carefully think about it, so let me tell it to you later." Zach said grinning.

"I like that smile. As if you are going to ask me something hard. Oh crap, I hope you won't ask me to clean up your condo because I will mess it up more," Keira commented in a jest.

"Hmm, maybe not that kind of reward. It's too easy for you." Zach said simply as if he had something in mind that would be even harder for Keira.

"No kidding?" Keira burst out with rounded eyes.

Zach laughed and nodded. 

"So, get ready to ask more difficult questions. Because I will definitely ask for a high reward." He added still laughing, seeing how Keira's face became weary.

They made a stopover at the gas station and Keira did some stretching because she felt stiff after an hour of sitting in the car.

Afterward, she entered the mini-store at the station where Zach was buying her ice-cream and some other snacks.

'How manly,' Keira thought inwardly as she admiringly looked at her man. He was wearing lightweight trousers, a polo shirt, and loafers, perfectly in light colors for the summer.

She noticed that some girls were stealing glances at Zach, so Keira quickly walked towards Zach and hooked her arm to his.

"What's taking you so long?" Keira asked lovingly.

Zach smiled at her and said, "I'm not that slow."

"You are… because I'm already missing you. I feel like it was long enough." She said lovingly.

Her possessiveness took over as if clinging was not enough, she even nuzzled her face on Zach's arm. She made sure that her man was properly labeled as taken.

As soon as they were out of the store, Zach chuckled and Keira noticed it.

"What?!" Keira asked as she got the ice-cream from Zach.

She smiled, seeing that flavor of the ice-cream was cheese.

She had never mentioned to Zach the flavor when she asked him to buy her an ice cream cup.

"Are you happy? Grinning widely? Eat that before it melts, instead of staring at it like that" commented Zach before he started the engine of the car, watching how Keira wasn't eating ice-cream yet.

"I told you that I've read your letters, all of them… So, I basically know everything about you since you've intentionally written everything there." Zach teased.

Keira chuckled because Zach was right. They were all about herself. She had even written there about her childhood memories. But mostly, they were the most memorable ones and she also included her most embarrassing experiences.

The letters she wrote were more as a diary about her life. There was written about almost all her life. She wanted to share all of it with Zach.

She did hope that Zach would trust her and share some of his past experiences to her too.

She knew that she could make future memories with Zach, and the past didn't matter at all. But still, she wanted Zach to share his story with her one day.

"My General," Keira whispered.

"Yes, my falling star?" Zach answered and Keira grinned.

"If Torin or Lyra heard us, geez, they would have cursed us for sure," Keira said laughing and Zach laughed too.

"I'm actually a possessive woman. Is it okay if I act like that with you?" asked Keira.

Zach pulled her hand and said, "Just be yourself with me… Like you used to… I prefer it that way. Do what you want to do and don't ever change who you are just because of someone. Well, a change to become better is good, of course, but everything you do must be of your own will because you want it for yourself, but not because the other person prefers that."

"Noted, my lovely General… this humble falling star will do as you advised." Said Keira with the tone of a soldier.

Zach laughed and kissed her hand, "What an obedient star, eh?!"

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