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Because of the unexpected arrival of Zach's sister, Keira and Zach's supposed date at an amusement park was rescheduled for the next day.

Keira was excited to spend time with Lyra and know her more, so she suggested to have lunch together at Zach's condo instead.

Lyra proposed to cook the lunch and nobody refused. She seemed to be a good cook. Keira enjoyed watching her skillfully cut the ingredients.

"Wow, you are good. I want to learn to cook too," Keira whispered admiringly. She would love to help, but Zach stopped her, saying that Lyra hated assistance whenever she handled the kitchen.

Lyra laughed… "I've learned it from my mom. She is the best cook. Oh, you should visit our villa soon. I'm sure all of them will be happy to meet you. They can't wait for Zach to have a partner."

Keira's face flushed. She would love to meet all of Zach's family members too.

Zach interrupted and said, "Yeah, I will bring Keira there soon, but I have to formally meet Mrs. Chan first and visit her home."

It was scheduled tomorrow evening. Zach insisted on doing it, though she refused, saying that it was not necessary since her parents already knew him.

Well, her mother was too excited when she informed her about their relationship. She kept bugging Keira about what would Zach want to have for dinner.

"By the way, are you sure you don't want to stay with me, Lyra? I mean I have a guest room too, and you can stay there for a month. I feel like it's still. hmmm. how do I say this…? You staying at Torin's condo ahh seems…" Keira said and she couldn't find the exact words to put it.

"It's okay… She's safe with Torin." Zach commented.

'Darn! I'm not a saint, Bro!' Torin wanted to shout out but ended up sighing.

Lyra laughed and said, "See? Big Bro also knows that I will not stay in his place now even if he drags me inside. Geez, I don't want to become the third wheeler for you two love birds. It will be awkward..."

Lyra twitched her lips and gave them a creepy smile as if she was eating something disgusting that made Keira laugh.

Zach knew his sister well. If she said that she won't do something, no one could actually pressure her, besides, he trusted Torin too. They were all like siblings.

"Imagine the awkwardness of that?! So, NO, please. Besides, Bro Torin is the safest man in the world." Lyra added and they did not see how crumpled Torin's face became as he walked towards the living area.

Torin released a frustrated sigh. 'I'm so doomed!' he complained inwardly.

The food was served and all of it looked so tasty and the smell...

Zach put a little of everything on Keira's plate while Keira did the same for him.

"My General, this looks so tasty. Hmm, I can't wait to learn to cook, so I can feed you well," said Keira while she took a spoonful and offered it to Zach.

She planned to attend cooking lessons in her free time.

Lyra and Torin exchanged meaningful glances.

Lyra couldn't help but commented, "This is what I'm saying. I want to be spared of this kind of view. What terror! Let's have this meal as the last meal together. I definitely won't go again with you guys."

"I know, right? That's why I left that coffee shop a while ago even if I was not done with my coffee. These two are too much. Look how insensitive they are? Not caring about their surroundings at all," seconded Torin as he began to eat and tried not to look at the couple in front of him.

Keira laughed and answered, "Get a girlfriend, Torin."

Torin's mouth twitched, "That's what I'm trying to do. But it's like I'm a jinx because there's no one giving me attention at all."

"Nah… It's because you are a playboy, Bro. How many girls have you dated? I can't even count. And take note that Torin lasts in a relationship only for two months the max. Usually, it's only a month or a couple of weeks," said Lyra nonchalantly as she poured some water for everyone.

Torin stood up frustratingly and went to get fresh orange juice from the refrigerator to pour some for Lyra.

'It's not because I'm a playboy! It's because I can't reciprocate their feelings in the end!' Torin wanted to answer but ended up sighing once again. 

He was trying hard. He wanted to be in a relationship, hoping that someone would finally be able to change his heart but none could do it so far.

Though he tried hard to be a good boyfriend, in the end, he always got ditched because they said he was boring and they couldn't feel his love for them at all.

Keira arched an eyebrow, "You like orange juice?"

Torin answered instead, "Yeah that's her favorite."

Keira looked at Torin suspiciously, but then quickly smiled as she said, "You like orange juice too?"

"No," Torin answered simply.

"Why do you have it then," Keira asked Torin.

Torin's face suddenly paled, but he quickly smiled and replied, "I like the smell of oranges, besides, I like eating oranges. It's just that the juice is not my thing."

"Oh, I see. Well, that's good that you have a juice maker in here," Keira commented as she gave Torin her suspicious look again.

"Yeah, what do you think of me? I drink fresh fruit juice too, but not just orange juice. Besides, I like collecting kitchen utensils and things for the kitchen," Torin said defensively.

Lyra laughed and interrupted, "Yeah, you know, Torin's hobby is collecting kitchen wares, but he doesn't know how to cook. Isn't it funny? He's a frustrated Chef I guess, but it's okay because I'm the one benefiting from his collection."

Keira smiled. It was her trademark mischievous smile.

Torin gulped when he met Keira's eyes.

'The heck. What's with that look?' Torin mused as he suddenly felt a cold chill ran down his skin.

Keira then blinked at him as she whispered naughtily, "Well, Torin, I hope you take care of Lyra well because Zach will surely blast your head out if anything happens."

'What is this! Another devil in disguise!' Torin hissed inwardly.

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