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Keira woke up early and a sweet smile automatically curved her lips before she even opened her eyes.

That day Zach was going to report at the Military Base and file a week leave to spend his time solely with her. She was so joyful about that. She felt that she was very special.

Meanwhile, she had to stop by at the Cooper office to submit all the required documents needed by their HR.

She was excited to report for her new work but at the same time, a bit sad because of the timing. She and Zach have just started, so she wanted to spend more time with Zach. It would be impossible to do so once she started working.

She saw a message in her inbox and clicked on it.

And she cringed seeing Zach's name and his message…

[I will report early at Base… I'm sure you are still asleep… Don't skip meals…]

"How come he's thoughtful like this?" She said smiling widely. She felt that her jaw would soon lock because of excessive smiling.

Then she typed her reply…

[Morning, love]

But she suddenly paused and bit her lip.

'Love? Isn't it too uhmm...' she mused.

Then she erased the word 'love' because, as much as possible, she wanted to act not too sweet or clingy. She had searched online and also heard that men started losing interest when the girlfriend acted too clingy and showy.

So she must manage to maintain the balance-not too much of everything.

[Morning, bf] erased...

[Morning, hon] erased…

[Morning, heart] erased…

[Morning, Zach] erased...

"Ahhhh!" Keira hissed loudly because she wanted to call her boyfriend by a sweet endearment and not just by his name. It's too dull calling him by name.

"How about babe? baby?" she murmured but then shook her head because she felt that the word did not suit Zach's character at all.

Maybe, she should ask Zach first...

She let out a long sigh before she typed with crumpled lips.

[Morning… you too don't skip meals. Come back home safe…] sent...

Afterward, Keira stood up from bed to get prepared and called Lana and May. After their appointments, they all were going to visit Drey. She also wanted to ask her friends about a good endearment to use.


Torin narrowed his eyes directly at Zach, seeing how Zach was smiling on his own while reading a message he had just received.

"What the heck? Stop smiling! I hate you, Bro! How come Cielo knew and I didn't!" Torin exclaimed, confronting Zach with flaring nostrils that made Zach to subconsciously laugh.

Last night he called Cielo to deliver the good news and to his dismay, the latter just laughed at him saying that she already knew about it. She even helped Zach to decide how he would confess and ask Keira to be his girlfriend.

Then Torin sighed, as his face softened.

"But I'm really happy, Bro. Seeing you smiling like this… I do hope your relationship will be successful. And if you need any advice or help, I hope you will talk to me honestly. Don't you dare pretend that it's your sibling's situation like before! Rizie my ass! I knew that it was Keira all along…" Torin said with a complaint recalling how Zach opened up the situation using Rizie's name.

Then he added, full of pride, "Are you forgetting that I'm Torin, the best tracker in your team? I'm the best when it comes to solving puzzles! So simple things like that are too easy for me to get to the truth! My IQ and EQ are beyond comparison!"

"Alright, Torin, stop sulking. You know how I hate when you blabbermouth, so don't talk too much…" said Zach apologetically with a grin.

"Maybe, I should file a week leave too? I will hunt for my future girlfriend. I start to hate this job now, seeing how I'm still single like this. Maybe, I should go back and ask dad to take me back and become the CEO of that Pharmaceutical Company of his?!" Torin murmured full of a long, frustrated sigh.

He wanted to pursue Lana but he could not find a good timing to do so.

"Yeah, right. I should join that CEO thing right now… All girls are drooling over that reality show called 'House of Zeus'," Torin commented helplessly.

"Hmm… You like one of Keira's friends, right? Because you look so pitiful now and to make you feel better, I informed you about me and Keira that late. I will give you a hint this time to help you," said Zach with a wicked grin.

"What the heck, Bro! This grin is giving me goosebumps! Are you going to make a prank on me?" exclaimed Torin suspiciously with an arched brow.

Zach laughed and said, "No, you know I don't do pranks… Why don't you visit Cielo today at her new home? Keira mentioned to me that she and her friends will be there to visit Drey. So maybe, it can be an opportunity for you to make your move."

"Wow, you can even play cupid now, Bro?! I really like the improvements I'm seeing in you. I hope Keira brings out the best in you."

Torin meant every word because his brother Zach deserved it after he had been devastated with his first love. He wanted to witness on the example of Zach's current love life how true was the saying "Love is sweeter the second time around".

But then his face became gloomy because of a familiar figure that he had seen lurking near their building before Keira's birthday party. It was Thea. He was still contemplating whether he should mention that matter to Zach or not. 

He did not want to ruin the good mood and besides, Zach was still on the first stage of his relationship with Keira.

'How dare that woman come back at this happy moment!' he mused irritably. He had actually wanted to approach Thea, but then a black car stopped in front of her and she quickly boarded it and left.

Zach creased his forehead seeing how Torin's expression changed. 

"Aren't you happy? I'm giving you an important detail to start your road to being in a relationship," Zach asked in jest.

Torin immediately smiled and said, "Oh yeah, Bro. Of course, I'm happy. I will immediately contact Cielo. By the way, Bro, I'm just curious…"

Torin paused and was contemplating if he should ask at all. But he knew that his curiosity would kill him, so he asked, "Bro, just in case… Uhmm, what if… What if Thea is back and looking for you? I mean, what would you do?"

Zach gave Torin a scornful look as he said wryly, "Torin, don't ruin my day…"

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