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Zach grinned on his own as soon as he hung up the call. He indeed meant what he said. He was on a meeting, but his mind often traveled back to Keira and how excited he was to see her because he really missed her.

He also scolded himself for being stupid and not getting Keira's number that night, so he could call her. He had to wait for the discussion to end before he could bother the Field Marshal about Keira's mobile number.

If Torin heard him at that moment, he would absolutely faint out of shock because he was totally acting out of his own character. Even he was surprised at himself about how confident he was becoming about expressing what he felt.

Very different from what he was before - reserved or self-contained.

It was probably because of Keira. She had a big influence on him because he really admired her being outgoing and outspoken.

He arrived at their building and saw Torin at the hallway with paper bags.

"Bro, I went to the grocery. Let's have dinner together, I'll cook," said Torin.

Zach looked at Torin and said, "I have an appointment."

Then he pressed the elevator button.

He did not tell Torin anything about Keira yet and the latter would absolutely go haywire once he told him the news.

But he had no time to give him any details at all. He knew for sure that Torin would not stop asking and would pester him to no end.

Zach sighed because Torin was like a brother to him, so he should tell him, at least the things about him.

As they walked in the hallway and reached the door, Zach turned around and said, "Come inside first, I have something to tell you."

"Oh, alright," Torin said as he walked inside Zach's condo.

Once inside, Torin put down the bags and comfortably sat on the sofa.

"So what is it?" he asked because Zach only stared at him.

"I know that look... You've done something behind my back, Bro! What is that? Stop hesitating and tell me right this instant!" said Torin when he saw Zach's expression. It was Zach's conflicted face that hinted Torin that Zach was having a second thought about telling him.

Zach sighed then he said, "Actually… I have a …" 

But he paused when the doorbell rang. He walked towards the door to see who was the unexpected visitor.

He did not bother to look at the video intercom or through the peephole and opened the door in a haste.

"Surprise!!!" Keira exclaimed in front of him. Then she directly pounced on him for a hug.

"What is this, Bro!" Torin, who witnessed the whole scene, looked totally flabbergasted.

"You have a woman!" he added as he walked towards Zach to see the woman's face buried at Zach's chest.

Zach, on the other hand, was caught off guard and was speechless. Then he felt Keira move out of his hands to look at Torin.

"Oh, hello, Torin. You are here too…" greeted Keira with a wide smile.

"Keira???" Torin exclaimed as his eyes rounded.

"Yes, Torin, it's me. What's up?" she asked as she walked in.

"Bro, what the hell is going on? You and Keira?" asked Torin, still amazed seeing how Zach initially grabbed Keira's hand as he nodded.

"Since when? Is that why you ask me here? To tell about it?" Torin asked, and Zach nodded once more. 

Torin scratched his head and said, "Stop nodding and give me details."

Keira laughed and said, "Oh, it became official last night." Keira answered simply.

When Zach saw Torin's aura change, he immediately pulled Keira towards the door as he said, "We will go now, Torin, so lock the door after you."

When they were already outside, Zach who was a bit confused, asked in a row, "What are you doing here? I'm supposed to be the one to pick you up. How do you know where is my place?"

Keira chuckled but did not answer Zach. Instead, she lulled Zach and lead him toward Cielo's door.

"So, this is my password. It's the date we become official, but you have to start backward..." Keira said as she pressed the numbers to open the door.

"You moved here? You're the new owner of Cielo's condo?" Zach asked totally shocked while Keira pulled him inside.

"Yes, I'm your new girlfriend… new neighbor… By the way, we don't need to go out for dinner because I have cooked instead…" said Keira boastfully.

Zach paused for a while, as he recalled back to the meal Keira had prepared during their military training, then his face paled as he said, "Uhm, it's our first dinner date… Are you sure you don't want to go out?"

Keira burst out in a fit of laughter as she said, "I'm just kidding… I will only get my bag and mobile phone. Also, I wanted to give you my password and show you where I've moved to…"

But then she paused and looked intently at Zach as she asked, "Was my cooking that bad? That time at the military training?"

"Yes," Zach answered directly and nonchalantly. Zach saw Keira pout her lips, so he added, "But I ate it all… It was still edible…"

Keira smiled because she would prefer Zach to be honest with her regardless of the matter. Of course, she would love to cook for him, but she was too busy at college that she did not manage to enroll for any cooking lessons.

She winked at Zach before she quickly picked up her bag. "Let's go."

As they went out, they saw Torin who had also just got out from Zach's condo.

"Why are you out only now?" Zach asked.

"Well, it took me a while to process things! I can't believe I'm left alone! How dare you and Cielo do this to me," he murmured in a whimper.

Keira grinned… Zach ignored Torin and held Keira's hand as they passed by Torin.

"Guys, can I join you at dinner?" Torin asked.

"NO!" The couple answered in unison.

Torin's face crumpled. He felt betrayed…

He looked up and closed his eyes... 

"Why are you this cruel to me? I want a partner too..." he murmured jokingly asking the Almighty...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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