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"Ohh, my grandson is so cute…" said Senior Russo as he played with Dice.

"If you need anything, tell me about it, okay? You are now my daughter, so I hope you treat me as your dad. Please, don't hesitate to contact me. Also, if Drey gives you headaches, let me know, and I'll take care of him," Senior Russo uttered as he looked at Cielo.

"Pa! Stop that…" Drey complained and Cielo laughed. She and Dice were living in the Russo Mansion for a few days already. She loved to watch the bantering between the father and son.

Drey's mother died because of a disease when Drey was only eight years old, so he only had his father.

"Poopppooopppoo…" Dice bubbled in his toddler's voice and Cielo laughed.

She stood up and got Dice from his grandfather as she said, "Father, I will clean him up."

"Wow, so intelligent like his grandpa. He can even say if he has something in his diaper," said Senior Russo admiringly.

When Cielo walked towards the room, Senior Russo looked at Drey.

"What?" Drey asked because Senior Russo was gesturing something at him.

"What what? Of course, follow your wife and help her with your son. You brat... Imagine her doing it all alone by herself. Go and help her…" Senior Russo reprimanded Drey who obeyed and stood up as he scratched his head.

Drey walked inside his room that had changed so much. He was not used to having someone inside his room.

But now, he was no longer alone. He already had a family of his own - an instant wife and a son.

"Papa… papa..." little Dice shouted when he entered. Drey smiled at him, Dice often stayed with him, in his arms, and his heart was melting whenever he was with his son.

Drey and Cielo were sleeping on the same bed, with Dice at the center. He had to change both his bedroom and bed to a larger one because they loved to sleep beside him.

"Do you need help? We can hire a nanny to help you." Drey asked as he watched how expertly Cielo was cleaning their son.

"Nah, I quit soldiery because I wanted to personally look after Dice. No need to hire a nanny," Cielo answered simply.

"How was it?" Drey murmured.

Cielo laughed and said, "You mean taking care of Dice? Hmmm. It's fun… At first, it's hard but eventually, when it became a routine, nothing is hard at all. I love it."

Drey did not know how to say it, but he and Cielo did not have enough time to talk heart to heart at all. He felt sorry for Cielo taking care of Dice alone all these years.

"I'm really sorry," he murmured unconsciously and he heard Cielo laugh.

"That's the third time you said that. Are you going to keep saying that? Can you change it to 'I like you or I love you' next time?" Cielo said jokingly with a wink.

She liked Drey because she could feel that he was a nice guy. He respected her in all aspects. She also had a hunch that Drey was felling a one-sided love toward his friend Keira. So she really understood him well. She saw herself in him with her unrequited love toward Zach.

'How funny... we ended up together like this,' she thought inwardly pertaining to two people having an unrequited love.

She smiled as she looked at Drey's face, reddened because of embarrassment due to her teasing. She loved it- to see how Drey was timid whenever she teased him. He looked so cute at those moments.

"If you don't stop saying sorry… I will kiss you next time as an answer. And you should know me by now. I always do what I say," she said in her most serious tone.

Drey blushed even more and Cielo chuckled.

'So cute,' she mused.

Then she added, "I told you…. None of this is your fault. I chose this. I mean, I don't regret it at all. Look how lovely Dice is? I should be the one saying sorry because I kept it a secret from you for years."

Drey quickly spoke, "No, you have already explained it. You were concerned about my career and welfare back then. I really admire how broadminded and independent woman you are."

Cielo held Drey's hand and lightly pressed it.

"I'm not in a rush, Drey. We can take things slow. Right now, we both don't love each other, but I like you. I believe that love can be developed with time if we put effort and time. So I will try my best to make this work." Cielo explained.

Then she looked intently in his eyes as she added, "You can... we can set a time period for our relationship to grow. If we reach the end of it and our feelings toward each other are still not mutual, I'm willing to let you go… But we should at least try and see how things will develop..."

Cielo meant every word she said… It was apparent that both of them needed time.

Drey let out a long sigh and nodded. He understood Cielo well. He certainly wanted to try it too, for their son Dice and most of all for themselves...

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