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Keira was shining brighter than the sun when she went to the dining area to great her parents and have breakfast. Her smile could almost reach her ears.

"Good morning," she said with a hum.

"What's with that flashing smile? Are you that happy after turning twenty-one?" Mrs. Chan asked with the same energetic aura that her daughter had.

Keira giggled with a squeal as she announced, "Last night was the best birthday celebration I ever had, Mom. Thank you." 

Keira was still smiling as she hugged both her mom and dad and even kissed their cheeks.

"What's wrong with your, daughter?" Mrs. Chan asked her husband as she looked totally confused.

Field Marshal Chan answered her only with a shrug. He did not mention to his wife that he and Zach had already talked about Keira. Women talked too much, so he would let Keira handle her mom.

Meanwhile, Keira couldn't help but spill it all and said, "Finally, I have a boyfriend!!!"

Then she danced and giggled and squealed some more. She was too proud of herself for finally having Zach as her boyfriend that she didn't care how crazy she looked to her parents. Not that they weren't used to her antics though.

"Oh my God, darling, our daughter is going crazy…" Mrs. Chan murmured as she stared with wide eyes at her daughter.

"Is it Zach? You mean her wooing has actually born fruit? Since when?" Mrs. Chan quickly asked her husband.

Field Marshal Chan pointed his lips to Keira, indicating to his wife to ask their daughter instead.

"Keira Chan! Stop giggling! Tell me what happened?" Mrs. Chan exclaimed in her serious tone.

Keira stopped and smiled at her as she showed her mom a diamond shooting star pendant from white gold that she was wearing. Zach gave it to her last night.

Then, without any reservations, she excitedly narrated how everything happened. She wanted her life to be an open book for her parents.

"Ohhh…" Mrs. Chan gasped as she felt satisfied and delighted, seeing how blissful her daughter was at that moment.

'She truly is in love with him,' she mused as she silently prayed for her daughter to get the best in her new milestone. It's too early to rejoice because no one could actually foretell what the future held.

"By the way, Mom… I'm going to move to the new unit now," Keira excitedly said.

Mrs. Chan sighed and said, "Eat first before you go, Keira."

"Yes, Mom," Keira answered and obediently sat down.

Her mom insisted on accompanying her to move in, but Keira objected, saying that Lana and May would be helping. Besides, they would be having girls talk...

This time they couldn't ask Drey to join them since he was now a family man. He and Cielo had registered their marriage the next day after graduation as soon as both families agreed. 

They did not have a ceremony or party after registration because Cielo did not want it. But Keira heard that Senior Russo was planning to hold a grand wedding sometime that month.

Who would have thought that Drey would have a cute little boy at this point?!

'I want a girl!' she mused and laughed at her own untimely thought…


Keira was too excited that she even kept humming inside the car. From time to time, whenever she recalled the passionate kiss she and Zach shared last night, she would suddenly giggle.

She even dreamed of it and surely, would never get tired of daydreaming about it while she would touch her lips unconsciously or bite them.

Since last night, she was the happiest woman. She might be exaggerating a little bit, but she already missed Zach; his heartfelt kiss and his warm hug.

John and Jim exchanged meaningful glances.

'What's happening with Miss? Daydreaming again,' John asked with his eyes while Jim just shrugged his shoulders as usual.

"Miss, are we going to pick up the girls?" John asked after a while.

Keira laughed and said, "Yes, we are."

She knew that John liked May and she often teased May about it because John was after all good catch: young and very reliable in all aspects, plus he had a pleasing personality.

However, May seemed to be the late bloomer type and her only focus was eating.

"John, since I'm happy today, I'll give you a piece of advice about May… Her weakness is food, all types of tasty food. So if you are serious about her, practice your cooking skills… I'm sure she will take you as a boyfriend even if she doesn't think about it, you just have to prepare every meal," Keira advised laughing.

John pouted his lips and complained, "But, Miss, I'm so bad at cooking. I've previously tried really hard to learn, but it just…"

John paused and let out a long and stressful sigh.

Of course, he knew that May loved to eat a variety of luscious food.

"Then move on and look for another target because right now, having a man is not even at May's list," Keira said to John, she was intentionally teasing him.

"You're my idol, Miss, so I won't give up. Who knows, I might succeed like y.." John paused when Jim poked him, but it was too late because Keira was quick-witted.

"What the heck… Did you two watch me last night?" Keira asked with rounded eyes.

The two remained quiet, so Keira added, "I better never catch you spying on me, especially when I'm with Zach! Shoo yourselves automatically, otherwise, I will poke your eyes out… Be thankful I'm so happy today, so I will forgive you two this time." 

"Thank you, Miss," answered J & J in chorus.

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