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Keira, Lana, and May witnessed how the child called Drey "Papa" repeatedly and also kissed Drey's cheek. He seemed to be familiar with Drey so much that he even hugged and smiled at him.

"Oh crap," Keira mumbled when she noticed that Senior Russo was intently staring at the child Drey was holding.

They were all startled when Senior Russo stepped towards Drey and hit him several times on his back.

"Ouch!!" Drey, who stood like a statue a while ago, cried out.

"You bastard! How can you keep this away from me? How can you hide a child!" he hissed as his face reddened but then it quickly went back to normal when the toddler smiled at Senior Russo, raising his arms as if indicating Senior Russo to carry him.

"Ahh, that's so cute," May murmured as she was smitten by the toddler's smile. He had dimples, just like Drey, the same dimples she was often envious whenever Drey smiled and they would show up.

Senior Russo's face softened and he gently grabbed the toddler from Drey and carried him in his arms.

"What an adorable child," he murmured as he stared at the child. 

Drey's gaze went back to Cielo as his eyes questioned her.

"Is he?" that were the only words that escaped Drey's mouth. He couldn't continue further. Even his body remained frozen.

He was caught off guard and did not expect something like this so he was speechless.

But he felt it, something they call a leap of blood. The boy looked exactly as his carbon copy, and he absolutely couldn't deny that fact. 

Cielo bit her lips as she exhaled then she said, "His name is Dice and he's now two years old."

She had Drey's photos on her mobile phone. It was stolen shots that she had taken merely out of fun at that one night that they had together. But during these two years, she often showed that photos to Dice, when she was telling him who was his papa.

Cielo couldn't believe that Dice had actually remembered Drey's face and recognized him in person.

Drey, on the other hand, did not know whether to laugh or cry. Who would have thought that he would be a father after that one night stand?

"What is going on in here, Drey? Explain everything!" Senior Russo suddenly interrupted because nothing was clear to him yet. His son never had a girlfriend nor introduced someone to him.

"Dad, everything happened so fast…" Drey murmured, he was having a hard time saying it, but to everyone's surprise, Senior Russo walked towards Cielo…

"I want to apologize on behalf of my son for not taking care of things properly. Please rest assured that I will ma…" said Senior Russo, he looked apologetic because he thought that the woman must have had a hard time raising the child on her own.

But Cielo quickly interrupted as she said, "No, Sir, Drey knew nothing about him. I kept it a secret from him… there's nothing to apologize really… It was me who chose not to tell Drey about Dice..."

"I understand, my son is lacking reliability, but let us makes things right from now on. You and Drey must get married as soon as possible. I will not let my grandson grow without our name," declared Senior Russo authoritatively that made Cielo almost pale.

Drey was also speechless as his mind went hazy. 

'Son? Marriage?' those words rang in his ears like a bomb explosion. He was not on himself as he felt that his world stopped at that moment.

He looked at Keira… staring at her absentmindedly. 

He graduated and felt proud of himself, with what he achieved. He even built up his courage during his years in the military. He finally made up his mind to confess to Keira and how he had loved her since they were kids.

Those plans seemed to vanish in that brief moment. He smiled unconsciously, it was a scornful smile… because of his ill-fated love for Keira… 

Destiny just slapped him hard that day.


Zach was not able to attend the graduation ceremony because he rushed to his hometown.

His family had waited for his return and was worried very much, so he had to immediately show himself to them in one piece, well and safe.

He arrived home early and intentionally hadn't informed about his arrival beforehand to surprise them all, especially, his mom who cried hard when he called and said he would come home soon.

He entered the house and Rizie shouted at the sight of him.

"Big Bro!"

Rizie pounced on him as she cried then shouted, "Mom, Big Brother is back."

Zach almost choked when he was run down by Josh.

"You will be the one to kill me," he complained at the twins.

He escaped from the twins and quickly walked towards his teary-eyed mom and hugged her.

"Oh thank God… Please retire now, Zach. If you ever be gone for that long again, I will die early," murmured Sheila.

"Mom, I'm safe… See, you can hug me like this," he said in jest.

He felt his mom hit his chest as she scolded, "You brat! You don't listen at all!"

"Please, settle down soon and live with us. Please, Son, you are old enough… Just stay here and build your own family. Manage the villa... It's growing well… The farming and ranching… Just manage it and quit the military, please…" his mom pleaded as she continued to sob.

Zach smiled and hugged her once more, then he murmured, "Hmm, please stop crying, Mom… Don't worry, I'll get you a very nice daughter-in-law soon. So you will have someone to be with while you wait for me on future mission…"

Before Zach could finish his joke, he was punched hard by his mother on the chest again.

"You stubborn, Son! Do you really want to see me dead?! If you don't find a wife this instant, I'm going to do it for you instead!" threatened his mom that made Zach laugh.

This was the most rewarding thing whenever he was away and had succeeded in a mission: returning home to a loving family waiting for him...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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