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"So, your problem is that you want to hear her say that she loves you?" Keira burst out at the man in front of her.

"That's so easy, let me lead the show and after this, you will surely hear the word LOVE from her soon enough. But in return, you have to make sure that this will be the last date your parents will set up with my parents, deal?" Keira added then winked at him.

Ryu sighed and answered, "Deal."

Keira smiled wickedly as she began realizing her plan to help Ryu.

She started serving him food as she talked very sweetly to him. She even changed her seat and sat beside Ryu and took his arm in her own, making her most flirtatious moves on Ryu.

She inched closer to him and stared straight into his eyes as she moved her face closer to his… pretending to be about to kiss him, she whispered something in his ear and smiled in a very seductive way.

Keira started feeding Ryu like a sweet and caring girlfriend, and Ryu also opened his mouth to eat and cunningly looked at the other table with a mischievous smile on his face.

Keira saw the woman get up and walk towards the restroom so she said, "Let me finalize this job now, Mr. Ken. Trust me after she comes out of the restroom, you will hear the words you want to hear from her."

She stood up but then paused and turned around, "By the way, I trust you'll keep the promise. So make sure that your family won't ask for another blind date or else I will sabotage your love life."

She did not bother to see how Ryu Ken reacted and quickly went inside the restroom.

The woman was already washing her hands, so Keira quickly got her mobile phone out.

"Oh, Sara, I think I'm already in love with my date. Yes, he is Ryu Ken, the blind date that Dad has arranged for me. Yes, I know that I just met him but I really like him. He is such a gentleman and handsome as well. Yes, I know. Don't worry, my intuition is never wrong. Okay, bye. Let's talk later." Keira said as if she was really talking with someone named Sara.

She noticed how the woman's eyebrow arched, as Keira heard her murmur, "Isn't it a little bit too early to fall for someone you just met today."

"Excuse me? Are you talking to me?" Keira asked nicely with a smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that I overheard your conversation on the phone," the woman replied nonchalantly.

Keira smiled kindly and said, "That's okay, dear. Yeah, maybe you are right and it's too early to decide, but it's better telling early how I feel than to lose him. He is a good catch, you know, so before someone else interrupts or joins the picture, I might as well grab this opportunity to confess to him and say that I think I LIKE HIM…..no, no, no…I must tell him that I'm already falling in LOVE with him. Otherwise, he will be snatched."

The woman suddenly asked, "What's the difference if you say you LIKE him or LOVE him. Why are you fussing over just a word?"

'Here you are, sweetheart… your stupid man feels there is a difference!' Keira thought inwardly.

Keira smiled sweetly and said, "Men' brain function differently and they think that LIKE is not LOVE. If you say you LIKE him, he will be happy. But he will feel touched and completely moved when the girl he loves uses the words I.LOVE.YOU for him."

"Okay, now, let me take my leave and go on my mission. Nowadays, the early bird beats an industrious person, don't you think?" Keira said and was about to go out when the woman immediately excused herself and hurriedly left the restroom first.

"Not bad, she picked up fast. I'm impressed. Hmm, so let's wait a little bit longer inside," Keira murmured to herself while looking at her own reflection in the mirror and admiring herself and her moves.

Then she looked at her phone and twitched her mouth. 

"That dummy is still not here even after I informed him of my blind date!" she muttered a complaint because her minions hadn't contacted her yet. That only meant, Zach was not around the area.

When Keira went out of the restroom, she witnessed the two men fighting over the woman.

"Wow, I'm jealous, two gorgeous men, fighting over her while I'm struggling here to capture a General's heart, urgh," Keira muttered while she crumpled her face.

She was too engrossed at the commotion that she failed to notice the pairs of eyes staring at her spot.

It was an old-looking man having a hearty meal not far from where Keira's table was.

He let out a long sigh when Keira left the place with her two bodyguards.

His mobile phone rang.

"Bro! Where the hell are you?" Torin asked irritably.

Zach laughed as he answered, "I'm spying on someone, Torrin. I'll come back right now."

"Spying? Is there another mission? For goodness sake! Do you want me to die a monk?! I will no longer join you, Bro! And that's for real!!" Torin hissed from the other end of the line that made Zach burst out in a fit of laughter.

"Bro, I'm not joking, so don't laugh… Whom are you spying on did you say?" Torin asked.

"Nothing… I just wanna see… Anyway, stop asking. I'll be there shortly," said Zach still laughing as he hung up the phone.

He did not know why but he was curious to see Keira with her blind date but of course, he couldn't afford to go there without disguising himself because of his pride.

For some reason, he felt relief that the blind date did not go well…

And Keira, he missed that wicked and mischievous smile of hers… that smile that meant she had done something insane once more.

He wondered how she was doing now… He bet, she now laughed whenever she would recall her boldness toward him during her younger days because that happened to a lot of teens.

He remembered Lyra, seeing her crush during her younger days, she would often say, "I can't believe I liked someone like him before…"

That was what often happened with teenagers nowadays… You would reminisce and laugh at it and how you were acting crazily during those times…

"Are you still the same?" Zach muttered as if he was subconsciously asking Keira the same question.

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