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Time flew by very fast, a year had already passed.

"Is he even alive, Dad?" Keira asked in frustration. She was able to send letters to Zach, but recently, all the letters were being returned.

Field Marshal Chan sighed as he looked at his daughter who was in her college uniform. She had taken the Journalism courses. Usually, the first thing she did as soon as she finished her lessons, was to come straight to his office.

Every now and then, she would ask how was Zach doing.

"He is still alive. For goodness sake, Keira. If you want Zach to return, then stop disturbing him by sending letters. The means of communication at the place where he is right now are very poor. It's not even safe for him to exchange letters," Field Marshal Chan said when he saw Keira grabbing another letter that she had prepared to give him.

"Oh, my daughter, do you like him that much? I can't imagine what you'll do when he is back and you see him again," added her father as he shook his head.

Keira laughed and said, "Of course, I will ignore and punish him for making me wait this long! If only he could see the long line of my pursuers right now." 

"Why are you so sure that when he is back, he will be yours?!" Field Marshal commented nonchalantly that made Keira's face crumple.

Field Marshal Chan teased his daughter some more when he added laughing, "Continue to ignore that long line and graduate first. Make us proud! You said you will soon get out of our roof. Go on and live on your own. I will allow it, but of course, you must not leave without your minions..."

Keira rolled her eyes, as she stood up and uttered, "You're so mean, Dad. And for your information, I'm a natural-born genius, so of course, I will graduate with flying colors."

"I'll go now, Dad. And since you want it so much, I will bury myself in my study books…" she irritably said as she put the letter back in her bag. 

Outside, Jim and John, her minions according to her dad, were waiting for her.

Her security was enhanced because of another threat that her dad had received.


Another year had passed….

Keira was now doing her internship at the largest entertainment and media conglomerate in their country, Cooper Corporation.

She was recommended by Xander since the owner was Xander's cousin from his mother's side.

Her phone beeped and she received a message from Lana and May. The two had also quit the military training and enrolled in the same university as she, but for a different course. May was studying Designing while Lana was doing the Economics course as she was planning to get a Law degree later on.

As usual, they were having a relaxing time at their favorite cafe.

"I miss Drey." May murmured. Drey was the one whom she was often bantering with.

"Yeah, who would have thought that sissy would turn out to be straight and continue the soldiery thing?" Lana commented as she chuckled.

"I wish Zach was not a soldier," Keira suddenly murmured, as she looked outside the transparent glass door.

May laughed and murmured, "Hmm… How come it's still Zach. I mean, look around. I believe you and Jeru are already getting closer. Actually, he is not that bad. I believe Zach and he are comparable."

Keira sighed. May was right. Jeru quit the military a few months ago to manage their family business.

Old Madam Hitler was already grooming him as the next successor of Liu Group. Jeru offered friendship back then, and so far, he hadn't done anything beyond the belt to crash the friendship that she had accepted.

But Lana and May were insisting that Jeru was looking at her differently and she could also feel it, but no matter what, she just couldn't picture herself having any other kind of relationship with him but just friendship.

Next year she would graduate and would start to work soon. She wanted to help her mom and dad with managing the company as well, but her main passion was to become a journalist. 

'How many more months do I have to wait?' she mused, followed by a long, deep sigh.

She did not mind to wait a bit longer, as long as Zach would come back in one piece. That's the only thing she hoped for, that Zach would return well, healthy and unharmed.

"Here comes your second male lead," May whispered with a grin when she saw Jeru entering the door with a smile.

Then Lana seconded to tease Keira by saying, "I'm often having that second male lead syndrome whenever I watch dramas. If Zach took another year… I will push you to accept the second male lead's feelings."

May's lips curved downwards as she commented, "Hmmmp, you're just being biased because he offered you to do your internship to his friend's law firm, the most prestigious law firm in our country and is currently at top ten worldwide."

"Shut up, you too…" Keira scolded when Jeru was almost near them.

She was now in good terms with Jeru but that did not necessarily mean that she would agree to an arranged marriage if Old Madam Hitler, who was surprisingly quiet all this time, would ever open talk about it again.

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