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Sounds super cheesy, but hey, whatever gets me into her pants, I suppose.

This will be the first time I have fucked an elf, and it will definitely not be the last. They are just so darn sexy – balls busting kind.

Honestly, I have banged plenty of sexy alien babes in my time as Emperor, the undisputable head of a vast and seemingly unstoppable Galactic Empire. As long as they look like human and have almost the same internal organs, I am fair game.

It would be racists otherwise. Although too many tentacles put me off – so sorry, Cthulhu.

As for Eliana, my hand smoothly slips around the back of her head and slowly pulls her into a kiss. Her dark lips press against mine for about a couple of second before parting.

That was done on her request.

I arch my brow at the unexpected interruption and use the time to examine her facial features. Despite the dark olive skin, I could see a red tint filling her cheeks.

"How is it, Master?"

Eliana whispers softly, hooking her long golden blond hair behind her pointy ear with a finger.

It is very hard to imagine Eliana as a thousand-year-old being. She doesn't have the demeanour or the looks, so I will not imagine her as one.

She is a lovely young woman right now.

I am a bit confused at her question though. How was what, exactly? She didn't mean the kiss, did she, because that was super unsatisfying.

"How is what?"

I response as softly as her, unnecessarily. There is no one else in the room. Just the two of us, all alone, conducting our little pleasure. There is no need to whisper or anything of the sort. In fact, we should scream until our heart content. I know one of us will.

"The kiss, Master."

Eliana answers shyly. She looks like a teenager who has just kissed a boy rather than an extremely old elf with insurmountable wisdoms and experiences.

"That was a kiss?"

I chuckle and immediately pull Eliana against me, forcing her onto me as I lean back against the couch in comfort. Her incredible feminine frame presses tightly against my masculine one.

Eliana let out a cute yelp before I seal my lips around hers tightly, slowly forces her lips to part.

My tongue darts out, invading her mouth in search for a partner to initiate the dance.

Her green eyes widen at the playful intrusion before weakening and surrendering to my advance. This is all a very new experience to her. She has never kissed someone like this before.

My tongue gently flicks her tongue, inviting her to do the same. Reluctantly, she accepts.

Our tongues then tangle, trying to wrap around each other, exchanging all those sweet fluids. Our lips part more widely and hug each other tightly at the seam, unwilling to let go.

Her slender but quite strong hands and fingers run along my face and find their ways around my head, wrapping themselves around my head and neck, forcing me to kiss her deeply and passionately.

In response, my hands slide along her sexy body, from her well-toned shoulder to her bare back to her perfect ass cheeks and press her arousing sex against mine, grinding.

My junior stirs excitedly in my pants. It was already hard before since I am a man after all, but it is now reaching full mast.

Her chest heaves as warm breath brushes against my face when she finally parts her lips from mine.

Her face is completely now flushed with red. A glittering string of saliva still connects our lips, unwilling to detach.

"What is that, Master?"

Eliana utters, feeling her body heating up rapidly. She is in heat. It has been so long that she had falsely thought she was getting sick.

"That was a kiss, Eliana."

I response and ran my hands along the side of her body, caressing her beautiful feature. Her bare belly allows me to feel her dark skin and highly defined muscle in all of its glory.

"That was a kiss!?"

Eliana exhales deeply and heavily, trying to calm her accelerating heart. It is thumping extremely madly inside her chest. I could hear it faintly.

"Yes. Have you never been kissed like that before?"

Eliana shakes her head lightly as a response. There is a lot she doesn't know, especially about sex. This would explain quite a few things, honestly.

"To the elves, sex is just a mean to conceive. It is our responsibility to expand our numbers. We do not take pleasure or enjoyment in the act, Master. It is… forbidden."

Eliana tells me before I pull myself under her, forcing her to arch backwards and fall against the couch, looking up at me. She tries to avert her eyes, but I wouldn't have any of that.

"Forbidden huh? Not anymore, my dear Eliana. Sex is both pleasure and responsibility to me, more of a pleasure right now."

I response and cup her cheek before stealing another kiss from her lips, deeper and more affectionate than the one before. Her chest heaves at my oral assaults, pushing her amble breasts against the tight confine of her leather armour.

With a single finger sliding down her ample chest just above the skin, wrapping in my temporal power, I free those breasts, letting the erected nipples free. They are round, darkly erotic and perfect.

Giving each of her bountiful breasts a couple of light squeezes, I part my lips from hers and trace kisses down her neck and chest and suck her tits.

I roll her erected nipples along the edge of my teeth, nudging them with my tongue, biting down on them rather gently and forcing her to moan and embrace my head tightly.

Her long legs response, jerking and wrapping around my body, tightly.

"Oh, Master! Master…!"

Eliana gasps repeatedly. That erotic gasps turn to scream when my hand and fingers invade her nether region, playing with her clits and penetrating her wet inside. I spread her soaking tunnel open with my fingers while hammering in and out, simulating my cock and bringing her to climax.

Gushes of sweet fluids, coat my fingers and hand, letting me have a taste. I let her have a taste as well before I drink directly from the source. Whatever clothes she has on disappear a single thought.

Her legs grip my neck tightly as my tongue drilling into her cunt, seeking the lovely rewards from deep within. She constantly letting it all out without restrain.

"Ah! Ah…! Mas…ter! Arhhh! That's dirty! That's! Ahhhhh!"

Eliana chokes me with her legs while her body convulses repeatedly, unable to stop itself from being bombarded with waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure.

It seems that this is the first time Eliana has felt such a climax. What is a waste of her entire life!

I will definitely change all of that, right after I have my fill. I continue to play with her cunt while sucking her clits until she hits another climax. By the third time, her legs basically lost all of its strength, hanging around my shoulder.

Licking my lips, I crawl up her heaving body to her face and give her another passionate kiss. Her hands instinctively wrap around my head and neck. My hands sneak her arching body and hold her tight as I arch backwards, allowing her on top of me once more.

"Master…! This is sex?"

Eliana questions when we finally parted.

I chuckle at her innocence before looking down at my erected junior.

My clothes are dusted when I had given her oral sex. I expect one in return – maybe severals.

Eliana understands and crouches down. I push my back against the edge of the couch to give her some room. She examines my cock while stroking up and down its length, experimentally.

"Don't tell me you haven't suck a man's cock before, Eliana?"

I question since she seems to be unsure of what to do next. I hope that isn't the case, because that is beyond retarded for someone as old as her. Although, if she doesn't, I can always teach her, moulding her to my liking – of sort.

"Of course, I did. I have given my husband a few times before."

Eh!? Alright. That shouldn't be surprising.

"Husband. Is he dead?"

Eliana shakes her head before she licks the tip of my cock like some sort of lollipop. She tastes the pre-cum, trying to understand the strange sensation rolling on her tongue.

"You saw him already, Master. He is one of the elders."

Eliana finally speaks up.

Did I just cuckold someone? Holy fuck! I just unwittingly cuckold someone. Alright, which of the elders is her husband? I only pay attention to Eliana since she speaks the most.

One of them did not speak at all, but he kept on nodding with whatever Eliana had said to me – so he is probably her husband.

Wait! Does Eliana know what she is doing is wrong? Ah, fuck it. I will figure all of this out later. Not like there will be consequences that I couldn't get myself out of with my power.

This isn't like the prime universe!

Other stuffs later after I stuff Eliana with my cock.

I place my hand upon her head, patting her gently as she envelopes my cock, sucking on the head with utmost care and gentleness. I thought she would swallow the whole thing, but it seems like this is as far as she goes.

"That is an elegant way to suck a cock, Eliana. Here, let's me show you how you should please a man of my calibre."

Both my hands hold her head tightly before I ram my thick cock into her mouth and impale her throat – she chokes immediately.

I pull back half way before pounding it back in as she grips my thigh tightly. For the first few minutes, she has trouble breathing. Her eyes are all red while only gagging sounds escape her throat.

But Eliana soon gets a hang of it.

"Run your tongue along the whole length and try to lick my balls when I push it all the way into your throat."

Eliana grumbles – probably something along: "Yes, Master."

I begin to face fuck her recklessly, enjoying her tight mouth and throat.

Eliana did what I have requested, licking the underbelly of my cock as it slides in and out of her mouth and licking my balls when I bottom out inside her throat. She is not very good at it, but she is getting there.

I will make a cocksucker out of her yet.

When I am about to blow, I pull back and slap her face a few times and give her a nice facial.

With my hands gripping her hair, pulling her head back, my cock blasts against her features, masking her dark skins with sticky whiteness alongside with her golden blond hair.

"Master… you're wasting it. It should be let out inside me."

Eliana mumbles as she struggles for breath. She means that I should give her a creampie. It is the only natural way to proper finish in her mind.

"Oh, alright then."

I response with a devilish grin and impale the cock into her mouth, causing her to cringe up. The cum spill onto her tongue, letting her taste my seeds and forcing it to recoil back in horror. I wouldn't let it as I pound her face, pouring the remaining seeds into her throat.

Eliana has no choice but to swallow gulp after gulp, all while giving me this questioning look. I didn't misunderstand her. I will definitely pump her cunt and ass full of myself, but not yet.

"Master… master… you… suppose…"

Eliana coughs. Cum spill out of her mouth, running down her lips and pooling into her hands. The baby batter is quite precious to the elves since it is the liquid of life.

However, the taste is horrifying. She never had to taste it before in her entire life. This is what happen when you are too sheltered.

Yeah – alright, let's fuck with her a bit more.

"You are wasting my seeds, Eliana. You must swallow it all. It must remain your body."

I point out as my eyes narrow.

"Can't it go between my legs, Master? My husband always does it there when we are trying to have a child."

Eliana pleads. I wonder if her child is somewhere in the village. Hopefully it is a girl because a mother and daughter threesome or foursome is just awesome to pass.

"Yes, in time, but for now, I want you to swallow it all, Eliana. It takes a lot of effort to produce it, so I don't want you wasting it."

Eliana nods and begins to drink from her hand. There is horrid looks on her face as she tries not to get any on her tongue. It is kind of impossible. She swallows the pool of cum in her hands all before looking at me.

"Suck your hands and fingers too. You shouldn't waste any."

I laugh inwardly as Eliana did, much to her displeasure.

Seeing her like that, it makes my cock incredible hard again. I just want to pound her lovely face again and let her taste my cum once more. However, a better angle is in order.

"Alright, lie on your back with your legs up in the air."

Eliana looks puzzled but did what I have asked. Her breast jiggles as she did.

"Almost. Move back a bit so your head hang off the edge."

I help her along, so her head is hanging between my legs. My cock is at full hardness as I arch it down and insert the tip into her mouth.

Eliana blinks as I let go of my hands and grab onto her breasts, massaging them and playing with her still erected nipple. Despite her displeasure, she is still very aroused.

"Mast –?"

Eliana didn't get to finish her sentence as I lodge my cock into her mouth and throat before proceeding to pound her face. Her legs squirm and jerk as her mouth takes the punishment.

With the current angle, I can go deeper and much harder. I knead her breasts, using them as support as I hammer her mouth all the way to hilt.

Her hands grip the edge of the couch, trying to steel herself while I brutally wreck her throat.

"Fuck yeah, swallow my cock, you goddamn slut!"

I shout in English as my ball sacks constantly slapping her lovely face. Saliva constantly escapes her lips with each deep plunge, streaming down her feature.

Eliana becomes a mess after only a few minutes.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum! Ugh!"

I roar and sink my entire length into her mouth. My balls contract and release the flood game, blasting stream after stream of hot seeds into her stomach, so much so that it erupts out into her mouth and explodes out of her lips.

Eliana struggles desperately as the wooden couch crack under the grip. This is her natural strength. It is not enhanced my magic.

"Jesus fucking Christ!"

I utter before pulling out and jerk over her body, coating her heaving chest with my seeds while she is panting for air. Her breasts now have this glossy coating over them.

I will definitely give her a nice titty fuck later, because why the fuck not? Those huge tits of hers are basically begging to be fucked. In fact, all the female elves in the village are.

No wonder the humans risk their lives trying to capture them. Their innocence to the sinful pleasure is such a turn on.

Eliana eventually cough, letting out the cum that fill her mouth. She immediately pulls herself up and try to swallow.

"I'm sorry, Master. I didn't mean to waste your precious gifts. There is so much."

Eliana tries to utter with her hands covering her mouth, preventing anymore from spilling out.

I chuckle and acknowledge her apology. I then sit back on the couch and beckon her to clean me when she finally swallows all that cum in her mouth.

Eliana sucks my cock clean, seemingly getting over the pungent taste. She is quite a good learner since I did enjoy the cleaning. My hands palm and slap her ass while she did.

"Show me how you make love to your husband, Eliana."

I request as I stroke my cock to fullness. It is ready to go again.

With my power, I have literally unlimited stamina. I could fuck Eliana into unconsciousness, right after she depletes her stamina potions. This will take a while.


Eliana questions. There is no love between her and her husband. There is only respect and responsibly as it should be.

I roll my eyes and beckon her to straddle me.

Eliana did so without hesitation. She seems to know this part since it is the baby making part.

The tip of my cock runs along her pussy lips, giving it a few kisses before spreading it open and enters inside. My hands hold her waist as she lowers herself, groaning softly.

Once Eliana is finally sitting on my laps with my cock nests deeply inside her tightness, she speaks up.

"You can release it inside me now, Master. I am ready."

Fuck off! What kind of sex is this!?
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