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Like she has stated, my power is inaccessible to me, currently.

If I try to use it, I feel a strange tingling sensation all over my body.

Since I couldn't run or teleport away, I guess I will have to take my punishment like a man.

Every action has its consequences.

I do feel a bit naked since my power has been with me for so long.

I feel invincible with it.

But at least now, I know that my power can be sealed.

Instead of crying about it, I should figure out a way to prevent it from happening again. Learning magic seems like a good way. How, that is the question, isn't it?

As for the 8-years-old girl, she is in the position of power, and she demands respect.

Ignorance isn't a good enough excuse. It does have some weights, but it does not completely free me from my action.

A chef couldn't blame the contaminated ingredients for killing someone with his cooking, could he?

Anyway, she did say she won't kill me – at least permanently.

That is something.

"Umm... big sister. You seem to know everything about me, but I don't know anything about you. Can I at least learn of your name? It would give me a way to address you respectfully."

The girl smiles faintly from her throne. It appears that I have rubbed her the right way.

That is a good thing.

She looks so small up there, but appearance can be deceiving. Didn't I teach a certain woman the same lesson?

Never judge a book by its cover!

And when you are that powerful, you can literally be anyone or anything you want – maybe even God.

Will I be that powerful one day?

I do hope so.

Why should I settle for anything less?

"You can call me Terra Discordia, little brother."

Terra tells me. It seems like she had just made that name up on the spot.

Well, I did made my name up on the spot as well.

I think mine is better, though.

"I am the Master of Chaos. Like you, little brother, I am an Aspect. All powerful and all knowing, but I choose to keep my individuality. We are not related by blood. Blood is meaningless to us. We are related because we are Aspects. Everything is born from Chaos, even Time and Space. In other words, I am your mother."

I nearly choke at that.

She is my what!? Fuck off!

Terra narrows her eyes as if she could read my mind.

She probably could, considering her power.

It is hard to take her seriously when she looks like a child. I wish she would choose a different avatar, one more older and more fuller in certain places.

"It is just an analogy, little brother. We are born at the same time since time does not exist then. I am aware before you, so you will respect me just like you demand respects from those beneath you. Now, show me what you have learned since your rebirth."

Terra mentions my rebirth again.

What is that all about it?

Did I died before and then got reincarnated like those main characters in books on Webnovel?

"I will tell you everything in good time, little brother. Now, what should I summon as your opponent? It can't be anyone too powerful since you don't know magic and your spirit is not cultivated. This is a bit troublesome."

Terra thoughts for a moment.

Once she appears to have make up her mind, a magic portal appears on the opposite of the coliseum, spitting out an huge, mean-looking monster.

Its body is entire green, and there is tusks coming out of its mouth.

The creature looks around before settling on me.

"Me smash!"

It roars and raises it giant wooden club high, readying to charge.

"That is an Orc. A normal human shouldn't be able to fight it on even ground. I expect you to do better, little brother."

Terra informs me.

So that is an Orc, huh?

Terra can summon fantasy monsters – or are they really fantasy?

I had always thought magic wasn't real. I was proven wrong. I guess I should be more open-minded to these things. It couldn't be helped since I was born and raised in a scientific universe.

In any case, I just need to kill it.

With the remaining laser spear in my hands, it shouldn't be too difficult. The weapon is more advance than anything these fantasy monsters have – besides magic.

Since I am unable to use magic because I have no idea how, I believe the monster could not either. It is to even the playing field.

The monster charges at me.

For its size, it is pretty fast.

I also charge at it, spinning my spear, causing it to hum ominously.

I just need to avoid getting clubbed. I probably won't get out completely unscathed if I got hit.

When I am within reach, the monster swings it massive club across my head.

I bend backwards, using my momentum to slide pass the monster.

With my spear, I slash through its belly on my way through.

Its skin is incredibly tough. Even with my enhanced strength, my spear nearly gets lodged in its guts.

Terra is right, a normal person wouldn't be able to kill this thing.

The creature roars out in pain, lowering its massive club. It lumps over and tries to stop its guts from spilling out with one hand.

Before the monster could recover from that fatal blow, I jump upwards and spin my entire body and use the rotation to swing the spear in a perfect arc.

The glowing edge crashes against the monster's neck, beheading it cleanly.

As I land on my feet, its head rolls along the ground, spilling dark green blood.

I swirl my spear and look up at Terra, proudly.

The monster behind me collapses to its knees and then onto the ground, dead.

Everything happens within a handful of seconds.

My spearmanship has increased greatly since the last time I had toyed with Halle Berry.

Once I get over the initial shock of seeing such a monster, it isn't really a threat to me.

Even if my laser spear couldn't kill it, I will just wear it down until I could smash its brain.

"I am impress, little brother. But that is a mindless creature, knows only to eat, kill and fornicate. I will summon something with a brain this time."

Terra claps her hand lightly before another portal appears.

"Wait a second, Miss Discordia. I have already killed one, now I have to kill another one? I'm not saying it isn't fair, but I should get something for winning, shouldn't I?"

Terra eyes me.

"Very well, little brother. If you win, you will get to keep them as a summon pet. You will like this one since you do have a thing for them in the past."

From the portal, a person appear.

With bright green eyes, dark olive skin and pointy ears, she is an exotic beauty. The revealing clothes she is wearing also accentuate her slender figures.

The woman looks around before bowing to Terra. It seems that she knows who Terra is.

"Greeting stranger. I am Elune Whisperwind. The Goddess of the Moon has summoned me as her champion. I will fight you with all my strength, so please do the same."

Elune greets with a light bow.

If I have to guess, she is known as a Dark Elf. She was born on another world, where her race worships a Goddess of the Moon.

Terra is obviously not the Goddess, but I didn't bother to break the illusion.

"I am Maximilien Maxwell. Please to make your acquaintances. You do understand what happen if you lose, right?"

I return the greeting.

Elune nods and drawls her bow. Before she could fire a shot, I rush at her as fast as I could.

This is because she is a range type, and therefore, I am at a huge disadvantage.

Elune immediately backs away and draws her bow and fire a few shots in rapid succession. She is very fast at running away and at shooting her arrow.

The arrow is also extremely accurate.

If I didn't slow down to doge them, I would have been hit.

After trying to chase her down for about 5 minutes, I decide I am wasting time and energy.

It is time to show some my aces.

I wasn't hiding them, but since Terra didn't say anything about it, I assume that she didn't mind or didn't know.

The laser spear pulsates before firing a laser blast. Traveling at light speed and being quite impossible to dodge, the beam bisects Elune, splitting her body in half.

Terra is surprised.

She didn't expect the weapon to have range capability. It appears that she isn't all knowing. I suppose she is telling the truth that she isn't Omni-sentient right now.

Before Elune could say another word, I execute her.

Her head rolls across the floor before vanishing away like the rest of her body.

This didn't happen to the Orc. Its body is still there.

"Does that mean I can summon her now?"

I question.

"You cheated, little brother."

Terra points out. She is actually pouting.

It is the first time she behaves like her appearance, an 8-years-old child. If I didn't know better, I have assumed she was.

"No, I didn't. I didn't use magic. This is pure technology."

Terra glares at me before snapping her finger, causing a massive portal to form.

This time, she didn't seem to give any thought to what she should summoned.

The entire area shook as a titanic beast emerges from the portal.

Magical energy intensifies, flooding over the area and crashing into me.

I feel like I am standing in front of a tsunami of power. It is incredibly suffocating.

With its massive wing spread wide, blocking out the sun, its draconic eyes narrows at me like I am an insignificant insect.


Now that is cheating!
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