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It appears that my preparation is unnecessary.

From what I can tell via all the real-time video feeds being displayed in front of my eyes, the Nazis are unable to destroy even one of my land units.

Their combined firepower is incapable of penetrating the kinetic barrier, which proves to be highly effective against their magical empowered bullets.

As long as the bullet does not impact against the vehicles physically, it will deal absolutely no damage.

This was already proven by Alex Mercer of Mystic in a controlled experiment.

The excited man did warn me that enough firepower will penetrate the barrier and destroy the tank.

He wasn't sure how much firepower is necessary since there are too many variables in a real battle.

Therefore, I did go a bit crazy in designing those land and air units.

I loaded each tank with so many modules and power generators in fear that they might prove to be less than satisfactory.

My war machines did not let me down as they cut through everything and everyone in their path.

Several of the tanks are immobilized due to running over too many landmines, but their internal repair system will get them working again in no time.

Memory metals work wonders.

Too much damage will put them out of commission, however.

But even being unable to move, those machines can still blast holes and kill everything within their extreme range.

It does take a lot of effort to destroy the war machines of the 24th century. More so in the later centuries as technology becomes more and more advance.

Once nanomachines are widespread, it is literally impossible to damage war machines for long. Either destroy them outright or watch them repair themselves from any kind of within seconds.

But from my own calculation, I believe that destroying my tank is still doable with the Nazi's current level of technology.

That is the reason why I had prepared so much.

I don't want to fight a battle, where I am unsure of the victory.

It is pointless to waste resources and time to fight, only to lose.

Aircrafts join the battle once the research facility has been breeched.

I need the tanks to take out all the anti-air turrets before they could.

It is done beautifully by those Tesla Tanks.

Those anti-air weapons probably won't be able to penetrate the kinetic barrier protecting the aircraft, but they could still knocks the aircraft around the air.

Overwhelming firepower is no substitute for a good strategy.

That is why those tanks are in stealth mode on approach.

Maintaining an active cloaking field does drain a lot of power, so once the gist is up, the cloaking field is dropped and the power is rerouted to kinetic barrier.

With so much power powering them, those kinetic barrier will not collapse even under heavy constrain and endless bombardment. At least not until the fusion reactor on board deplete their fuel cells.

Amongst the aircrafts that join the battle, there is a cloaked transporter, carrying a team of four.

The Hydra squad will infiltrate the base and steal whatever secrets the Nazi have stored. They have a standing order not to rescue anyone and kill everything in their way.

With 36 men under my command, I have a total of 9 teams.

They are to assault 9 separate research facilities across the world.

Teleporting them there is easy with my power.

And once they are in designated position, they wait until I give the signal.

While only 9 research bases are being infiltrated, all Nazi's military installations and research facilities are being assaulted by tanks and aircrafts simultaneously.

The Nazi high commands are probably shitting their pants right now, seeing so many of their bases and facilities installations being reduced to rubbles while their men are being slaughtered.

I am aware that not all the soldiers at those bases and facilities are Nazis, but it takes too much time and effort to sort them all out.

They are simply collateral damage for now.

I will rephrase what General Jonathan of S.W.O.R.D tells me when I borrow one of his kill squads.

Kill them all and let God sorts them out.

It is a good advice for times like this.

Otherwise, I will have to listen to each of their stories, weighting my options and deciding what to do with them.

That will be fucking annoying.

I don't have time for that.

Actually, I do, but I don't want to make time for it.

As for Nazi Germany, I already plan to erasing its existence from this timeline.

I have seen the future under their iron grip. It is a dead world with a few pockets of survivors here and there.

The Nazi somehow bomb themselves into the stone age – probably due to an uncontainable outbreak later on. This is what usually happen when you experimenting with things you have no clue about.

While my team are assaulting those 8 research facilities, I am not being idle.

I choose the largest and most defended research facility to attack.

I don't need a team with me. My power should be sufficient enough.

Sitting in a chair all day and ordering people around is not as fun as I imagined it to be.

I need to get out and kill things sometimes – without consequences. Sometimes, I just wish the world would burn for a little bit. It will be a lot more fun.

With laser spears in both of my hands, I roam the research facility, dodging bullets and severing limbs and head without any restrain.

I even laugh a maniacal mad man. When was the last time I get to do this.

Oh... poor Halle.

Halle is coming around very nicely, becoming a respectable lady.

"Who the fuck are you!?"

The Nazis screams as he sprays me with bullets, but I dodge them easily.

Slowing down time without affecting my speed makes me superfast in his eyes. I can also see all the bullets as they spiral through the air.

"Don't you read the comic? I am the Flash!"

I answer him just before I turn him into a human kebab. He gurgles to death with a spear coming right out of his throat. I duplicate my other spear since I am not recovering that one.

"There he is, shoot him!"

Several Nazis notice me from down the hallway.

They fire their weapon, but I give them a smile.

The bullets come to a stop right in front me. Their time is frozen.

"Greeting Gentlemen. My name is Neo. And I am the One."

I joke before switching places with the men. The moment I did, time return to normal.

The magic bullets turns their bodies into bloody paste.

I head down to the hall before I heard some groaning behind me. Twirling the laser spear in my hand, I teleport the surviving man next to me and stab the spear through his head, killing him.

"Now, where do you store all your research."

I question. Although I could get the answer easy enough, I rather explore the facility myself. There are quiet a number of undead being locked in cells. They come in all size and shape, including a baby. This guys have no line they couldn't cross.

I saw a flaming skeleton as well. It stares at me with its flaming eyes before I turn it into a pile of bones.

How did they manage to create a living skeleton?

I will figure it out once I have a hold of their researches.

"There! Shoot him! Shoot him!"

Great, more people to kill. I turn them into dust without even looking. I twirl my weapon as everyone I see explodes into dust instantly. I need a challenge – and I wish I hadn't said that.

Once I turn the corner, I thrust my spear on reflex.

It is because the person in front of me didn't turn to dust like they suppose to.

There is only one reason for that as far as I know.

It should have impale the undead – her?

Why is there a child here? She looks like she is about 8 years old. She is definitely not 8!

She is also not any child as she stops the laser spear with her bare hand.

It doesn't even singe her skin.

Her blood red eyes look at me before the spear shatters into dozens of pieces.

I immediately jump back, but the distance between us didn't change at all.

She didn't seem to move at all.

"What the...? Alright, I give up. Who the fuck are you?"

The girl tilts her head slightly to the side before placing her index finger onto her lips.

Those red lips of her forms a smile.

Her hands then hold up her Victorian dress to give me a courteous bow.

"Greeting, Maximilien Maxwell. Even if it is on accident, that was very rude of you. And you didn't greet me. I suppose I will have to teach my little brother some manners. Has it been an eon already?"

The moment she said that, I feel something crushing my spirit.

It feels just like the time I was checking out the beginning of time.

She is as powerful as those things dwelling in the darkness, probably more. No, she is definitely more powerful!

Holy fuck!


I struggle to stand upright.

My knees begin to bend under the immense pressure. I stab my spear to the ground and force myself upright.

I will not knee, not to anyone!

The girl blink.

"Why is your spirit so weak? What happen to your magic and cultivation?"

Her hand reaches out towards me.

Even though she shows no hostility, just the gesture screams extreme danger.

I immediately teleport out of the facility and back to the Hydra base in America.

To my surprise, she is still in front of me. No matter where I teleported, the distance between us does not change. Even stopping time does not affect her.

Now, I know that I'm fucked!

Her hand touches my head.

It feels warm – like a mother touching her child.

Why did it feel like that?

She called me her little brother. I do not have a sister.

I am the only child –

"Oh. So that's why. They really gang up on you."

The girl said and remove her hand from my forehead.

The incredible pressure on my soul also stop, letting me breathe.

"I can forgive your forgetfulness for failing to greet me, your senior, since you have lost your memory after your rebirth. But I will not forgive you for attacking me, even if it is on accident."

The moment she said that, the world glow brightly.

A magic circle form under us and spread out to encompassed a huge area.

Stone pillars emerge from ground at the edge of the circle along with ornaments and buildings. It looks like Roman or Greek architecture.

I could feel immense magical energy in the air, entering my body with each breath.

Once the coliseum is erected, the little girl vanishes from her spot.

She is now sitting on her little marble throne, looking down at me.

This is probably the first time someone did.

I would have been pissed if they think they are superior to me, especially from what appear to be a little girl.

However, this time, I feel that I am actually inferior.

"Not to fear, I will not kill my dear little brother. But try not to die too quickly. Also, your power will not work here. I will unseal it after the punishment."

Yup. She definitely has the power to crush me.

Good thing I hit her on accident.
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