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And while Antigone is being entertained by a plethora of Heinz choices for dinner, the caterers swiftly and professionally set up tents, tables, chairs, and all you can eat buffet until your stomach explodes, Monty Python style.

I do hope that no one eat that much because that would be crazy.

Well, crazy hilarious.

Countless people quickly flood the area, homeless or otherwise. Even the people wandering the street, having plan to head elsewhere decide to converge towards the crowd.

Who could blame them? It is a free and rather lavish buffet that anyone and everyone can enjoy, even people with expensive taste like Lexi.

And for such an outdoor gathering, the more people there are, the better.

To prevent chaos spiraling out of control due to the growing number of people, dozens of Shield Security personnel are there at my request.

Quite a few homeless people, all friends and families of Halle, help out to maintain the order.

As there is plenty of foods and drinks to go around, there is no need to push or anything of the sort. It is still first come, first serve, so everyone must queue up.

The line is incredibly long, but with so many caterers, it is moving rather quickly unlike at the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles.

Those working there must really hate their jobs.

All this catering and security is costing me more than a couple of million dollars. Quite expensive for a group date. Is that what it is still called even if I am the only male in the group?

Ah, whatever.

It isn't like I haven't got trillions of dollars to splurge.

And sometimes, you have to spend money to make money.

But in this case, it is getting into someone's pant – just like dating.

Honestly, calling a hooker or an escort seems to be more effective than this dating nonsense since you don't really have to take the woman out to lunch or dinner at an expensive restaurant or listen to her blabbering for hours on end about her pointless daily life. All just for a small chance to get intimate?

Makes you think, doesn't it?

And you might even get seconds or thirds with the hooker or escort if you are just really good at what you do in bed. No need for small talks. Get straight to the action!

Of course, it is different if you are trying to build a long-lasting relationship.

Speaking of which…

"Mr. Maxwell."

Halle Berry calls me on her approach when I am showing my daughter every available choices of Heinz specialized baby food. And since there are too many to choose from, Antigone is having great difficulty making up her little mind, all while drooling.

"Yes, Miss Berry? Shouldn't you enjoy the food and music like everyone else?"

I response while cleaning the drools off Antigone with a napkin.

To most people here at the party, I am just a good friend of Halle. My real identity is overlooked since I do not radiate an aura of absolute wealth, power and prestige, even if I did dress up nicely for a date with 3 beautiful ladies – 4 if you count Antigone in the mix.

"I will, Mr. Maxwell. And thank you… for all of this."

Halle answers and helps me dispose the dirty napkin before Lexi could. Lexi sticks to me like glue while Sandra spends more time to socialize with other people.

"Why are you thanking me? You're the one who is paying for all of this."

I response and pick a canned food for Antigone from the table. I also warm up the can with my ability to manipulate thermal energy.

Since no one is paying attention to me aside from Lexi and Halle and maybe Sandra from a distance, I didn't need to be inconspicuous at all.

Even if someone else did take note of the steam rising from the sealed metal container being held in my hand, they will find a logical explanation instead of resorting to wild fantasy.

Halle is shocked at my response.

"That is my attempt as a joke, Miss Berry."

I chuckle and gesture my hand dismissively.

"This one is on me. The company will throw a proper one with special guests once your movie is finally in theater. The filming is going very well from what I have read."

I assure Halle with a smile and open the canned food for Antigone. Even though I am not directly being involved with the filming and production of Speed, I do keep track of what is happening alongside with music and gaming.

If something or someone screw up somewhere in Terra Entertainment, I will know about it.

So far, Speed is on schedule.

The three stars – Halle, Keanu and Liam – get along with each other and the filming crew well enough to give me and Terra Production no trouble.

However, I am more interested in how Halle is doing since she is one of my contracted actresses.

I will contract Keanu Reeves and Liam Neeson when it is time to, especially Keanu since I have so many movies for him to star in. The Matrix is not the Matrix without him.

Furthermore, I think Keanu might look really good as a Jedi Master. He does have this mysterious and stoic look. I will have to talk to George Lucas about this. It will be the first I talk to the man in person.

I do hope I don't go all fanboy when that happens.


Honestly, most of my interstellar warships and vessels back during the time when I am the head of a Galactic Empire are designed and based on Star Wars. A lot of questions were asked by the masses due to the similarity, which I answer with the undiluted truth.

Knowing that I am a fan of Star Wars does not change my status as Emperor.

Good time.

"Yes, Mr. Maxwell. Everyone is really nice."

Halle response to my question.

"Tell me all about it while I feed my daughter, Miss Berry."

I request, and Halle did, happily. She is more talkative when we are alone by ourselves.

Lexi left after about 15 minutes or so, leaving me, Halle and Antigone by ourselves. Sandra did join us occasionally, but she comes and goes since she is really enjoying the party. I think I will join her on the dance floor once I find someone to look after Antigone.

"It is very stressful sometimes, Max, reshooting again and again. But I understand the director wants me to convey the necessary emotion for the scene."

Halle tells me with a weary sigh. She is a very talented actress, but even so, she still has much to work on, which she does diligently every day of the week.

Halle doesn't slack off like a certain someone named Sharon, not out of fear for what I can do to her, but because this is her chance to reach the spotlight. She has lived in the street for a long time, so she has a lot of good values instill in her.

"I will drop by the set next week to see for myself, Miss Berry. Maybe I can help you out with some of your scenes."

I tell her once we finish taking turn feeding Antigone, who didn't seem to mind.

Lexi has tried to feed Antigone before she left out of frustration, but Antigone beams at Lexi and dodges the spoon repeatedly.

Halle did ask about Lexi and Sandra before she joins her families and friends, just out of curiosity. She isn't the jealous type. She is more of an envious type. She does have some feelings for me, but most people do once they get to know me personally, especially when I am not torturing them for one thing or another.

I can be a devil or an angel.

It all depends on the situation, really.

Antigone is already yawning, so I brought her back home to New York and tug her in for the night. She will have a good night sleep in her room. Once that is done, I return to the massive party and then find something to eat.

Sausage on bread seems nice enough.

I request a couple with drinks before walking some distance away from the party. I sit down next to a lonely girl who seems to have been sobbing.

"Here. Have one, Lexi. I didn't see you eat anything all night, so you must be starving."

I offer to Lexi, who looks at me. She accepts the offering along with a can of soda.

Lexi then nibbles on the hotdog, wondering to herself why she is even here. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I know what you are thinking, Lexi, but you should enjoy the simple things in life whenever you have the chance. One day, you will look back at this and glad that you were here in person. Not everyone is as special like you, but they are special in their own ways."

I speak up after taking a bite out of mine and chew. It is not that bad, but it couldn't compare to a fine dining in a restaurant with a great view. Some other time perhaps.

Hearing that, Lexi brightens up immediately. She just wants my acknowledgement, telling her that she is special.

"And if you are a good girl, you can be more special, one day, my daughter."

I add as fire swirls around my palm with spark of electricity. This isn't magic, but it can be mistaken for magic. Magic will come to this world in the future, and with magic, everyone can be special. Of course, I didn't tell Lexi that.

Lexi will grow out of this petty thought with under me – in more than one way.

I finish my hotdog and chill until Lexi finishes her. Once that is done, we join the party and enjoy the fun with everyone else. There is already alcohol, but you can't have too much alcohol.

Everyone is wasted by 11pm. I take Sandra and Lexi home. Sandra first since she is more wasted. Lexi is second, and she vomits all over me. A little time reversal fix that all up.


Lexi utters when she is in her bed. Her apartment is really nice, but not nicer than what I can provide.

"I think… I'm… going to… quit my job… I want… I want… to work with you…"

She speaks in her drunk state.

In contrast, I am not drunk since I can't really get drunk.

"I think I need a secretary, but we will talk later. Now, sleep, little princess. Want daddy to sing you a song?"

I point out and tug Lexi in. It didn't feel strange tugging in a full-grown woman, who is my daughter. I even give her a deep kiss with tongue, groping and everything. It is right after I strip her down to her underwear for comfort.

When Lexi is deep asleep, I teleport to Hydra base.

One girl down, another girl comes.

They are the bane of our existence, as God intends them to be.

The moment I appear at the Hydra Headquarter, the people around me give me a salute and greeting, and when I dismiss them, they return to whatever they were doing just a moment ago.

I head towards a room and enter it.

The person at the far end of the room didn't seem to notice my presence as her head is buried into her arms and knees. She is also mumbling something to herself, probably calling for her father.

Silently, I sit down on the floor in front of her.

Despite that, she lifts her head slowly to see who it is. Her eyes immediately widen in fear. It seems she fully understands who I am.

"Hello, Miss Oxford. You seem far worse than the last time I had seen you."
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