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It did take several loops to get Lexi where she is, kneeling in front of her and inhaling my cock.

Like Lexi had said just a moment ago, she had never given a blowjob before. That is true, and now she is giving me one as well as a nice and rather sloppy deepthroat.

She wants to be special, daddy's special little girl, so she has to learn fast.

I do not have the patience to guide her through every detail. So instead of teaching her the finer points, I am balls deep in her hot mouth and tight throat, forcing her to tears. She gags and gags as I proceed to fuck her lovely face, sliding my throbbing shaft in and out of her pretty lips with all the intention of making her mine.

Lexi is mine! As they all are.

The only reason they are granted their powers is to serve me and the cause, one way or another. And becoming an equivalent to a fuck toy isn't exactly off the table. There is just something arousing about fucking a privileged girl like Lexi.

She has used that mouth of hers to make people do things for her. It is only fair that she uses it to do things in return. She will pay all the people she has taken advantage of in full, through me. Yes, that is not how it supposed to work, but po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

I am not robin hood. I do not rob from the rich and give to the poor. And I certainly do not let others enjoy this kind of pleasure.

My balls soon contract, urging me for a release.

I did not warn Lexi as I pound her face hard and flood her mouth and throat with my seeds. Her eyes widen in utter shock and surprise before swallowing frantically.

And when it finally becomes too much, she pulls back and allows me to give her a nice steamy makeup.


Lexi utters as she coughs out the cum in her throat onto her palms. It also coats her lips and runs down her chin, dripping down to her blouse and staining it, making the expensive fabric translucent, letting everyone see her bountiful assets.

Such an erotic display reinvigorates my cock, bringing it to full hardness once more. Seeing the erected pole in front of her, desiring to fuck her mouth and throat again, Lexi is a bit frightful.

"That is no good, Lexi. It is very wasteful. You should have swallowed it all and sucked it clean. Sandra, can you please a dear and shows our daughter how it should be done?"

I request. It is a family roleplay of sort.

Since Sandra is my wife at the moment, Lexi can only be a mistress or our daughter, but Sandra didn't want her to be a mistress, so Lexi will be our daughter instead. There is some truth to that, at least for me. It just makes this whole thing hotter.

Sandra gives Lexi a haughty grin before kissing the tip of my cock. Without breaking eye contract from Lexi, her hands cup my balls and stroke my cock while her pouty lips envelop the mushroom head. She sucks the engorged glance expertly and cleans it with her tongue.

Once that is done, Sandra swallows the whole thing and takes me down to the base, milking whatever cum left in my balls. My cock is delighted to let her have it all.

"Oh God! That's it. Suck me, Sandra. Suck it all out. Fuck yeah!"

I utter and grip her head tightly with both hands, pressing her face flatly between my legs and letting me feel the wonderful sensation rolling along my hard shaft. She even tries to lick my balls when my cock is embedded deep in her throat.

My hips jerks, humping her hot mouth several times before finally pulling out, letting her salvia trailing my retreating cock. Junior is now completely clean, from top to bottom. Whatever spunks coating it a second ago are now spooling in her stomach along with the content from my balls.

Sandra licks her lips hungrily. She then rubs my cock against her face, running her soothing tongue up my meaty shaft from its balls while giving Lexi that victorious look. It is a bit unfair that she is trying to compete against a novice, but hey, I am not really complaining.

"That is how it should be done, Lexi. Um… let's try again, shall we?" Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

I gasp and force to remove myself from Sandra. Due to her, precum is already leaking at the mushroom head, beading and sliding down the shaft. Sandra pouts before standing up and locks lips with me. Her hand wraps around my cock and points it at Lexi.

Lexi is gapping at the display of affection. Her dark brown eyes are staring up at me and Sandra as we illustrate to her our raw sexual desire. Sandra and I do fuck like rabbits whenever we are together.

In fact, many previous loops, I 'forget' to unlock the door, so Lexi never manages to get into the room and witnesses me and Sandra fucking the hell out of each other. So instead of her enjoying with us, it is just me and Sandra enjoying each other.

Lexi did masturbate outside the door since she couldn't take the contagious sexual energy, permeating the hallways and the entire estate. Sexual energy – that is a thing, right?

Anyway, Sandra remembers all the loops since it is unfair for her otherwise. Also, I think it is time she knows since it opens a lot of fun possibilities. She did ask me whether I have used this reload ability for notorious mean like raping someone, which I shrug and leave it at that.

I did rape Halle Berry in Oxford Hotel, repeatedly, mostly just for the heck of it and to prove to you all that I could. I also use it to torture an awful amount of people for information, but meh.

As far as they concern, my dark side never happens.

Sandra didn't think any worst of me, regardless.

I did warn Sandra that remembering things will be a very strange experience, but it wasn't any stranger than being trapped in another reality and getting gangraped by a bunch of Nazis.

The nightmares are also one the reasons why she is so into having sex right now. It is her way of coping things as well as to replace all those awful memories with much better ones. But hey, whatever works, I suppose. I do reap the benefits.

In the first few loops, Sandra and I were quite romantic and passionate in our love making, touching and humping each other slowly and affectionately. She decides it is fucking boring after several times, so she reverse-rapes me instead. She can be one hell of beasts when she wants to be.

I retaliate of course and pound her virgin ass after filling her cunt many times. I did accidently choke her into unconsciousness a couple of times. But luckily, my strength is retrained by the nanomachines, or I would have broken her neck in my climax.

"Is she one of the others?"

Sandra moans into my mouth as her hand joins mine and grab onto Lexi's head, one on each side. We both push Lexi's face against me as she gasps. My cock penetrates without reservation into her mouth and throat.

Sandra then proceeds to support me, helping Lexi bobs her head on my cock. My other hand is around Sandra's ass, giving it a few hard squeezes. She returns the favor.

"She could be, honey. She is our daughter after all, and family should stick together and in each other."

I response and buckle my hips, face-fucking Lexi with reckless abandonment. Lexi gags hard whenever I bottom out in her tight throat and pants desperately for air when I pull back halfway. Both her hands are gripping my thighs for support as well as resistance.

She is getting used to the brutal abuse, but not quickly enough.

Sandra didn't like this roleplaying game at first, but after so much vanilla fucking around the room and the house just by us two, she is far more open to new and unique things.

This is one of the reasons why I have allowed her to remember out sexual escapade. If it didn't work, I could undo her memory, making her forget the suggestion and then thinking of something else that works.

Luckily, it works, so here we are, enjoying the soon-to-be threesome. It just makes thing a lot more fun, and I do have a lot of cum with both their names on it.

A shitload of cum, to be honest! This is just so damn hot.

 "Our daughter is getting very good. I am going to blow a load down her throat soon. Would you like a taste before I do?"

I suggest and hammer home faster and faster, forcing the floodgate to open.

Hot loads are churning in my balls, crashing against the metaphorical gateway.

Lexi tightens her grip around my thighs, pleading me to slow down. That means I should go faster, so I did until my muscles tense up. My body stiffens.

"Fuck! I'm cumming! Swallow it all, Lexi! Swallow daddy's seed!"

I call out before Sandra could answer my question.

My hard cock rams all the way into Lexi's sore throat and blow a huge load down to her stomach. Her eyes roll up slightly as her chest heaves repeatedly. Despite her desperate struggle to keep up with the insane flooding, cum manages to spill out the corner of her lips, disappointing me.

Lexi is unable to seal her lips around my shaft until I pull out half way and fill her mouth to the brim.

My cock continues to pulsate as her cheeks puff out. Her eyes stare up at me, probably wondering when it will stop. It did stop after a while.

"Don't swallow yet, Lexi. Your mother might want a taste."

I point out with a grin. I want to see where the boundary is, if there is any.

Sandra narrows her eyes at me but getting on her knees anyway. She then rests her arms around Lexi's slim shoulders, one on each side and pulls the girl into a kiss. Cum spills out of their wet lips, running down their chin.

Soon enough, Lexi is on top of Sandra, spooling cum down to her open mouth from above. Their body presses against each other, naked and fully clothes. Semi-naked since Lexi tries has remove her coat and blouse.

Seeing that instantly hardens my junior up again.
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