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I am not anything special.

I am… not… any… thing… special…

I am… not… thing…

His words constantly echo in my mind, shattering my world.

I have finally met my father – my real father, not the man who had raised me from childhood alongside with my mother. Unlike my father, who I have inherited my gift from, that man is nothing special.

But my real father isn't who I have hoped and dreamt about for so long.

Maximilien Maxwell is powerful, unimaginable so, but he has absolutely no love for me, his daughter, his one and only daughter.

No. I am not his only daughter. He has made that abundantly clear, repeatedly. His appearance alone tells me that he is beyond human. He is even younger than me, which shouldn't be, logically.

If my father has aged normally like a normal person, he would be at least in his forties. He is obviously not. He is in his early twenties. And it appears that he has always been, at least for a very long time. It is as if he is immortal.

Is he immortal?

A day ago, that very thought would have been insane, but now, I am unsure.

My father could bend time and space to his will and teleport anywhere he pleases, not to mention all those frightening people working for him. His power affects even me while he is completely immune to mine. And that woman, Sandra tells me he could resurrect the dead with a snap of his finger.

That is… unfathomable.

For someone as powerful and wealthy as him, he probably has fathered hundreds if not thousands of people, all gifted with fantastical powers and abilities beyond logical reasonings. I am just one of those people, and like them, I am nothing special, at least in his eyes.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

No one has rejected me before, even before I was gifted with this power. But my father did. He did so without hesitation. He rejects me and then goes off to enjoy that woman of his.

Who is she? She is just a normal person, nothing special.

There is nothing special about her! Not even her looks! I am prettier and younger, and more than that, I am his daughter! His special blood flows in mine, granting me power over others! What can she give my father that I could not?

What can she give my father that I could not!?

That question repeats in my mind, again and again.

And before I knew it, I am standing in front of the door, leading to the living room of the estate.

My father is in there, enjoying his time alone with that woman of his. I could hear lustful moaning and groaning coming from within. I even overheard her asking him for a child just a moment ago.

How dare she? How dare she!?

She is a nobody! A nobody! A nobody at all!!

She is not worthy of carrying my father's child.

No one is, not even me.

But even so, I am more worthy than her. I am his daughter, his blood flows through me. And his child through me would definitely be special in his eyes, isn't it?

Yes. It is. It must be.

And it isn't the first time my father did such a thing – fucking his own daughter. He had said so himself, didn't he? He has impregnated his daughter!

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

That wasn't a dream. I could remember all of it, every single piece of it. His touch. His voice. Bringing me to uncontrollable climax. My body shudders and I feel my face heating up just from the memory alone.

My heart beats rapidly as my hand reaches towards the doorknob, but I stop myself before my fingers could touch the cold steel and turn it. My father wishes not to be interrupted, and I do not want to be the object of his wrath.

I want to be the object of his affection, just like that woman in there alone with him, crying out in utter pleasure within his embrace. I want to be within his embrace once more. I want to be his special little girl.

It is not wrong, is it?

What does she have that I don't?

I do not understand, yet I am too fearful to find out.

My hand and fingers slowly retreat from the doorknob.

I feel so cold and lonely in this empty hallway.

The only thing I could hear is lustful moaning and groaning, emanating from the doorway, echoing this corridor. The sounds are like sharp blades slashing through me, cutting me apart.

I am envious, so envious, so envious of her, who has my father's undivided affection.

I want father's affection too. I want it. I want it desperately!

I want father to take me and show me the joy of being his special woman. I want him to bless me with his love and affection. I want him to fill my being with himself.

My body weakens at the thought, and my palms press against the wooden door in front of me to hold myself up.

To my shock and fear, the door gives way, allowing me to stumble inside the room.

Undeniable erotic cries and moans are immediately captured unhindered by my ears, and my eyes see my father fucking that woman in the ass on the couch.

That woman, Sandra screams at father, urging him and goading him. Father responses with fierceness and intensity, spearing her from behind with both his hands on her shoulder for supports.

Sandra did not see me since she is drowned in unrestrained pleasure, but father did. He makes nothing of it and continues on what he is doing, intending to split her ass apart with reckless abandonment.

It is raw and undiluted expression of lust.

I watch with mortified fascination, unable to move from my spot at the doorway.

Father did not speak up until he pulls his glistering cock out of her stretched rectum and then rests it between her reddened ass cheeks due to all the slapping he has done. And like a raging firehose, his cock sprays steamy liquids over her ass and back, getting some onto her hair as well.

Sandra is a gaping mess, panting heavily on the couch with her ass pointing upwards.

I could see hot cum leaking out of her cunt, running down her thighs and dripping onto the couch and floor. How much time father has filled her up to overflow that much?

There is no way she isn't pregnant.

Despite her current state, Sandra has enough strength and will to take father into her mouth when he presents his cock to her for cleaning. His cock is still rock hard and fully erected, making me swallow the hard lump in my throat.

"Did you enjoy the show, Miss Lester?"

Father asks while Sandra moans with her stuffed mouth. It takes a moment for her to realize that I am in the room. The shock and surprise flicker in her eyes, but she continues to clean father without any sign of hesitation. She doesn't appear to be under any kind of mind control, as father obviously didn't need to resort to such thing.

"I… I…"

I utter. My eyes lower. It was an accident. I didn't want to intrude, and now I am going to be punished again. I don't want to be punished!

"Since you are here, Miss Lester, why don't you join us? It could be fun. Maybe some roleplaying with the three of us?"

Father suggests and removes himself from Sandra. She isn't too happy at the suggestion, but she didn't protest. Instead, she strokes his cock and fondles his balls while the shaft bobbing up and down like it is inviting me.

"Come to daddy."

Father requests, and I quickly find myself kneeling in front of him with Sandra. But unlike her, I am still fully clothed. His cock, which is coated with cum and saliva, is right in front of my face.

I am about to take in the thing that give birth to me. It is what I wanted, right?

"I have never given anyone a blowjob before, dad."

I comment and look up at father, almost innocently. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Sandra giggles at my remark. She probably thinks it is part of the roleplaying.

This isn't roleplaying. I have never given anyone a blowjob before. With my power, I never have to do anything I don't want to do.

However, I want to do this. If Sandra can do it, I can do it as well.

In contrast, father smirks and places a hand on my head. His cock presses against my lips. I part them and let him inside slowly, inch by inch.

His hard cock fills out my mouth completely, all the way to the back and then intrudes into my throat, making me gag. I swallow the gag reflex as tears fill my eyes while more and more of father is entering my mouth.

"You're a good girl, Lexi, taking me all the way into your mouth and throat."

Father compliments.

Somehow, that makes me happy. I want to response, but my mouth is full of him at the moment. His cock twitches in my mouth and throat, unbelievably growing even larger.

"But you want to be a special girl, don't you?"
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