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The scientists are more than a just surprised at what is happening. They didn't see me doing anything aside from touching Lexi a little, no more than a couple of seconds at a time.

And yet, each time that I did, Lexi has multiple orgasms, which all happened simultaneously.

She is actually a drooling mess right now. Her face is flushed with red. Her eyes are rolling and crossed. Her tongue is protruding out of her panting mouth. Her heart beats madly in its ribcage while her quite bountiful chest heaves uncontrollably. Her body is having trouble retaining her bodily fluids – most of which are now pooling on the chair and floor.

"I have magic hands."

I wave a hand dismissively, telling the men to completely focus on the required task.

They don't really need to know about the finer details of my temporal power. They only need to know that I can totally fuck people up in more than just one way.

And as expected, the pheromone in the air is off the chart. It is the highest concentration that we have measured thus far. This just demonstrates that the rate of excretion is related to her emotional state, especially her arousal state.

However, the concentration detected isn't as high as theoretically possible yet.

This is what the men had told me once they did their analysis. Selene and Legion confirms their finding at my request since I had a thought of them just wanting to see more of my magic hands.

"P… l… e… a… s… e… n… o… m… o… r… e…"

Lexi pants breathlessly. Her mouth gapes weakly. Her pleading eyes try to focus on me. Even though I have already released my mind control over her body, she is unable to tell it what to do since her mind is a complete train wreck.

"You will learn, daughter, that disobedience has its dire consequences. Only then, you will understand and listen what I have to say."

I response to her plead. A hand runs along the left side of her face, cupping her check gently. The other hand slithers down her body like a venomous snake before soaking up the sweet nectar.

Lexi croaks weakly with tears in her eyes, trying to tell me that she has learned her lesson. However, I am the only person who can say that for sure, not her.

Her body convulses violently afterwards. Her senses are being overloaded. Her mind is somewhere in the 7th heaven. And her body loses all its control.

It is just really, really messy, and I wonder if a person can die from too much orgasms. The real answer is yes, but I did not allow Lexi to. Before each time I had brought her to rapturing pleasure, I fixed her body up so she didn't get overdosed.

Still, it is just purely torture at this point, as the concentrations did not peak any higher than previously recorded. This is because a theoretical value is theoretical value. A calculated or measured result in a controlled experiment is far more useful.

And from the acquired results, we do know now for a fact that Lexi's body isn't capable of synthesizing the chemical compound quickly enough.

The scientists and I crosscheck all our findings one last time to make sure before packing things up, all while Lexi remains on the chair, strapping in and convulsing.

Once we are done, the scientists then head off to another room to get their memories digitized before returning back here so I can swipe their mind. They are not supposed to remember the experiment in their mind, and the memories downloaded will be stripped of nonsense stuff.

While the scientists are gone from the room, I return to Lexi's side and have a final look at her current state. Her breathing is ragged. Her eyes are disorientated. What little consciousness she has left in her pleads for mercy.

"You have done very well, daughter. I will free you from your binding now. Please try not to move too quickly afterwards."

I state and tap on the console. The chair orientates into a sitting position before freeing Lexi.

Lexi falls forwards onto the floor the moment she is free from the restrains as she didn't listen to my advice, thus soiling herself. There is no strength left in her body.

I shake my head at that and pull her off the floor with one hand.

Lexi grabs onto me for support while mouthing something inaudibly. I didn't bother to make out what she is trying to say. With a thought, her body is restored to its original unmolested state.

However, her mind can still remember everything that has happened except for the part about being cut open and then having her brain extracted.

That part is unnecessary.

"A punishment is only effective if the punished remembers the experience. It will take a moment for your body and mind to synch up with each other."

I point out as Lexi struggles to stand upright even with my support. She is unable to control her bladder at all, wetting herself over and over. I clean her up with some time reversal on her clothing.

Before the scientists return, I teleport her back to the estate alone. I deal with the scientists afterwards then join her. But from her perspective, I haven't left her alone for more than a second.

"How are you feeling now, Miss Lester?"

I question and allow her to stand on her own power. She collapses onto the wooden floor afterwards as her entire body shivers. It did take a while for her to recollect herself, so I left to check on Sandra.

Sandra is resting in one of the couches within the study room, where Lexi has left her. Aside from the chillness, the spiritual energy lingering in the air doesn't affect her mind. She hasn't been seeing any kind of hallucination or ghostly aspirations.

"What do you think of the place, Max? It is too big for just me alone, but… if you come over regularly, it will not be so big. And I wouldn't feel alone."

Sandra asks. She states the last sentence almost inaudibly.

I chuckle and sit down with her.

"I think this place isn't suitable for you, Sandra. We will look for another place, as soon as our guide returns. She is currently upstairs, doing something, so we have a little bit of time for yourselves."

I response and wrap my arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer.

There isn't anything to look at in the study room, but we both are contented by each other's side. We chat a little bit about what we have been doing since the last time we were together.

I simply response most of her questions with work or taking care of Antigone since too much details with Eliana will break this serene moment.

Sandra is more talkative, going into great details and telling me all about her days.

She didn't mention anything about the nightmares that keeps her up every night since her rescue. It comes and goes, and it has become less frequent now. She will get over it soon.

Lexi joins us some moments later.

It seems her fear of being alone in this haunted house helps her get over her memory. Her body is still shaken, as she has trouble walking properly. Still, she is trying her best.

"It looks like time is up, Honey. Let's see other places before we make our decisions."

I suggest.

Lexi then drives me and Sandra to several more places for sale in total silence. She is no longer talkative and only response if I or Sandra asks her something. She didn't bother to sale-talk at all the places we are inspecting either.

"Is something wrong with the agent? She seems to be out of it."

Sandra asks when we finally settle on an estate. It is quite nice and cozy, and it isn't overly expensive either. There is a nice yard in front and back of the house. There is no swimming pool, but the backyard is big enough for one to be built.

Like most houses on the market around this area, it comes with furniture.

"Probably. Umm… let me go and talk to her because we expect better services. Why don't you have a look around the house while I do?"

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"Okay, but don't be long, Honey."

Sandra gives me a kiss on the cheek before grinning. I chuckle and left the room to find Lexi. It didn't take long since she is waiting for a chance to talk to me. I have been glued to Sandra the whole time.

"You… you're my dad, Mr. Maxwell?"

Lexi questions. She still couldn't get her mind around my current age and appearance. I am actually younger than her, in appearance only. In age and experience, she is like a child in comparison to me.

"Hmm… do you want another demonstration?"

I question as I lean towards her.


Lexi calls out and steps backwards repeatedly.

She would never want to go through all of that again. It is just far too terrifying.

"Why haven't you come and look for me? Where were you this whole time?"

Lexi questions when she has no room left to retreat. Her back is now against the large window, leading into the garden.

The sun is descending in the horizon, as it is getting late.

I am actually getting hungry after the whole day worth of work, but I could undo my hunger as easily with my power.

"Look for you, Miss Lester?"

I laugh out loud before stopping abruptly.

My face is right in front of hers. I could smell the expensive perfume oozing from her body alongside with her pheromones. I usually don't like the smell, but it is a nice fragrant, concocted by Infinite Health.

"You are not anything special."

I spell it out for her before pulling myself back, standing straight.

My words are like a knife stabbing her heart, repeatedly.

Lexi has lived her entire life thinking she is special. It is the reason she runs away from home and finds her way in the world by herself.

And for someone like me to tell her otherwise, it just shatters her world.

Lexi is visibly shaken. Her legs weaken. Tears are pooling in her eyes.

I let out a sigh and give her an embrace.

It is probably the first time I give a hug to any of my daughters except for Antigone. Her slender hands slowly crawl up my back and shoulder. She grips my frame tightly, as if no one has ever hug her before – well, not sincerely and freely as I do.

The embrace last longer than necessary. I pull back and check her flushed face.

"If you want to be someone special, you have to prove to me that you are, Miss Lester. Now I have a date with your mother. Please don't interrupt us, okay?"

With that, I return to Sandra, who is waiting for me.

I really do enjoy my time with her.
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