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Master of Time 2 The Old Life

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However, before I could go have an incredible adventure in time and space with my power, I needed to take care a few things first.

Mum is dead.

Dad is a deadbeat.

But even as a deadbeat, he did work his ass off to put me through school.

I suppose I should repay all that he has done for me.

It is the right thing to do.

And with my power, it doesn't take any effort at all.

Jumping back and forth in time just a few days can make you incredibly rich.

"Hey dad! I won the lottery, so I'm moving out. Thanks for everything. I put about 100 million dollars in your bank account. Don't spend it all at once. Invest in something. Oh. I'm not coming back, so don't go look for me, huh. By the way, tell Sasha that she is a bitch and I always hated her and her daughter."

Dad is flabbergasted.

He has just gotten home and see me leaving the house with a suitcase.

"Wait. What!? How!? Oi! The fuck!?"

Sasha is my step mum. She met my dad when I was about 4 or 5 – I can't exactly remember when. She already has a daughter named Ashley around my age of from her previous marriage.

She didn't treat me well my entire life. She always favors her daughter over me no matter what, and Ashley uses this fact to play the victim, blaming me for everything.

Because of that, I am not giving her and her daughter a single cent.

Too bad that dad will.

As the man of the house, he must take good care of his family.

Oh well. Not my problem.

Dad chases after me once his wit returns, but I was already long gone.

I obviously didn't take a taxi.

When you could teleport anywhere in the world, do you really want to sit in a taxi?

Dad did check his bank account later. The long number in his bank account turns him into stone – not literally.

With that much money, dad would never have to work a single day in his life.

Well, I can only hope.

Now that I'm 18, I think it is time to find my own place in the world. Strange that my power awakened on my 18th birthday.

It is probably because I inherited this power – likely from mum.

Too bad, mum died in childbirth. That was the story I was given when I was old enough to know what the hell is going on.

Of course, I did jump back in time to see if that is true.

Unfortunately, it is true.

Mum did die after giving birth to me. I did learn something new about my power when I jump back in time to see my mother, however.

It is a very unpleasant experience.

Honestly, how would you feel if you suddenly become a newborn baby, looking up at your dad as he cries his heart out?

Dad did love my mother dearly, so that is the main reason why I give him half of my lottery winning. I could always get more since I can't lose with knowing exactly what numbers will come up. But that is not the point.

Dad hates and loves me because I have taken away the love of his life and reminded him of her.

Strange contradiction – isn't it?

Anyway, I learn that if I jump into the past to a time period that I already existed, say jumping to when I was 6, I would takeover the past-self and effectively change the future.

That is the reason why I suddenly becomes a baby when I return to see my mother just after she gave birth to me.

Thank God that I can age or de-age myself due to my power.

I can also age or de-age anything I touch, including people.

I call this ability Time Manipulation, as it allows me to manipulate the time of any object.

It is incredible useful, especially when I want to see something grow up quickly, like a plant.

I can also destroy anything with a touch.

Everything instantly crumples into dust when a billion years have passed for them.

The reverse is also true, as everything was atoms in the beginning. In fact, everything is just heat and light in the beginning.

I learn this when I reverse their time to a kazillion years ago.

Talk about overpower!

But enough about that. I head to the bank right after I left home.

"Excuse me. I don't understand. You want to keep this account for a thousand years?"

The receptionist didn't understand, so her manager takes over.

Since I have more than 100 million dollars in my account, I am pretty much a VIP.

"Look. What is so hard to understand? I want you to lock my account and let the money grow until my descendants can make use of it. I want at least 1000 years."

The manage believes I was insane, but if he did what I asked, I didn't care.

How much money would I have in my bank account in a thousand years? Who knows, but it must be a lot. I specify what conditions for the account to be accessible.

This is because I need to access it in the future.

I need the cash to do some self-improvement in the 31st century – right before the world goes to hell.

Once everything is in order, it is time to step into the future!

Hopefully, this time, a fucking nuke won't greet me.
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