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Qin Residence - Early hours of the morning 

Dan Caihong was eventually handed over to the police and subsequently charged with aiding and abetting a kidnapping attempt. 

Qin Song and Elder Qin sat in their living room in silence. 

After Dan Caihong was taken away Qin Song was forced to reveal everything with regards to Zhou FengMian.

Elder Qin mulled over all the information his son told him; from the night of the party and the setup to the present day of attempting to kidnap the children. 

Elder Qin hardened his features: "Why didn't you tell us any of this earlier? We had someone so vindictive around us for so long, around little 4th."

Qin Song: "I have no excuses. I tried to keep her contact with all of you to a minimum. Apart from when she came to our residence, she did not interact with any of the family. Bodyguards were always monitoring everything closely during those interactions. If I had said anything before; then right now Jie's reputation and future would be ruined and worse yet he might even be married to Zhou FengMian. He's the type that's stubborn and always fulfills his responsibilities. I didn't want his life to be destroyed. Additionally, I didn't want to just deal with her I wanted to ruin her backing. I have no doubt in my mind that her family was involved. As you are aware the Zhou family has dealings in multiple industries. Their roots are too deep to be destroyed overnight, they have connections with some people that can't be taken lightly. That's why it has taken this long."

Elder Qin calmed down a little. He knew that Qin Song had only taken such risks because it was Jie that was being used in a scheme. The Zhou's were indeed not easy to deal with. 

Elder Qin restated: "She was the one to do this to little 4th and the others. I always knew she was obsessed and selfish but I never thought that she would cross such a line. She even had her niece take part to trick the children."

Qin Song: "Mmm."

Elder Qin: "All this time I wondered why you would be with someone like Zhou FengMian. Even after everything we had shown you about her character and her history. All of us could see that she was a fish eye marauding as a pearl. " 

Qin Song: "Mmm."

Elder Qin: "The Zhou Family?"

Qin Song: "Will disappear within 2 weeks."

Elder Qin nodded: "I'll leave it to you to handle. I had Cao Shen collect some information about them that may be useful to you."

Qin Song arched a brow. 

Elder Qin said proudly: "I never liked Zhou FengMian. I was waiting for the day you finally woke up. I never could fathom why The son of I, Qin Weimin would have such poor tastes."

He was about to get up when Qin Song spoke. 

Qin Song: "Dad, there's something else I wanted to discuss with you."

Elder Qin sat back down and tried to lighten the mood a little: "What's the matter? I didn't think you would have any more revelations to shock me with tonight."

Qin Song: "What do you think of Li Xiuying?"

Elder Qin was confused by the question: "She has saved little 4th's life twice now. We owe her more than we can repay. She's an excellent skilled surgeon and is helping to improve the reputation of Unity hospital."

When he saw Qin Song remain silent he said he frowned: "Why do you ask?"

Qin Song: "I've spoken to the twins and Jingfei. The parents of others have blamed Li Xiuying for the attempted kidnapping. More concerning, mother is behaving somewhat oddly."

Elder Qin frowned: "Odd, how?" 

Qin Song: "I think it's best if you discuss everything with Mother." He wasn't going to interfere with his father's and mother's relationship. His father should see and hear it for himself how his mother is feeling and behaving towards Li Xiuying. 

Elder Qin: "I'll speak to Chuyou." He was silent for a moment before he spoke again whilst carefully watching Qin Song's expression: "What do you think of Li Xiuying?"

Qin Song face remained expressionless: "I think that she is a good doctor that will help Unity hospital become one of the hospitals at the forefront of this country. Why do you ask?"

Elder Qin: "Is that all she is? Just good for the hospital?"

Qin Song frowned: "You've already stated that she's little 4th's savior. Is there anything else I should think?"

Elder Qin was dubious when he heard Qin Song's response. From the beginning, he treated Li Xiuying differently. At first, he thought it was just because of business and her importance to the hospital, but now he knew that his son had no feelings for Zhou FengMian he thought there may be something more behind his son's behavior. 

Qin Song started making his way to his room: "It's getting late. I'll say Goodnight."

Elder Qin waved his hand to dismiss his son. 

Elder Qin sat in contemplation 'How did Li Xiuying become a scapegoat for everyone? I'll have to speak to Chuyou tomorrow, she sounded off when I tried to call her earlier.'

Even if Chuyou had developed some sort of resentment towards Li Xiuying, he could only try to make her see reason. He could try to use logic however, he couldn't reason with the emotions of a mother who had almost very nearly lost her child. He didn't want Li Xiuying to be wronged but he wouldn't upset his family dynamics for her either. However, if his son had the intention of wanting something more than a business relationship with Li Xiuying, it would add another layer of difficultly to the situation. 

Elder Qin rubbed his brows: "When it rains it pours."


The Next day Unity hospital- Sunday Afternoon

Li Xiuying was dressed in a baby blue long-sleeved t-shirt and some jeans that were picked by Ren Daiyu. She finished putting her toiletries in her bag. 

Yao Changying: "Where to?"

Li Xiuying: "Wherever."

Ren Daiyu: "Why don't we go out and eat somewhere to celebrate YingYing's recovery?"

Yao Changying: "Sounds good. Are you treating us?"

Ren Daiyu: "I'll treat Li Xiuying. You can fend for yourself."

Yao Changying: "I'm part of the healing process I need some compensation for my hard work."

There was a knock at the door. 

Yao Changying: "Come in".

Dr Wang lei came in: "Good afternoon everyone, Good afternoon Dr Li."

Li Xiuying: "Good afternoon."

Dr Wang Lei: "Although I advise against leaving before the 24 hours, you do have the autonomy to make your own decisions. Here is some analgesia. If you start experiencing any symptoms such as persistent or worsening headache, vomiting, dizziness, changes in vision, any weakness in your limbs, or any other signs/symptoms you're worried about; please seek medical help. I'm sorry for reiterating what you probably already know."

Yao Changying waved her hand dismissively: "Don't worry I'll be staying with her for a few days."

Dr Wang Lei nodded "I'll take my leave."

Ren Daiyu grabbed Li Xiuying's bag: "Let's go I know the perfect place for lunch."

Yao Changying: "I hope your card can handle the strain of today; I'm starving."

Ren Daiyu rolled her eyes. 


Zhēnguì de zhēnzhū- Restaurant 

Yao Changying: "Wow this place looks pretty good."

As soon as they entered they were greeted by 2 waitresses: "Miss Ren, it's a pleasant surprise to see you again. I would like to welcome your friend to our small pearl. Please follow me to your table."

The head waitress led the trio to a booth that was in a relatively private area but still allowed them to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. 

The other waitress put down the menus and places ice water with lemon wedges on the table. 

Head waitress: "Please take your time, let us know if you need anything."

Yao Changying: "Why is it a pleasant surprise for them to see you?!"

Ren Daiyu gestured to herself: "Look at me."

Li Xiuiyng: "This is Xǔ Junjie's place."

Ren Daiyu was shocked: "How did you know?"

Yao Changying eye became wide like saucers: "Forget that, Ying Ying is a being that can't be constrained by normal parameters. Did you come here with him? How many dates have you been on? Does he have a hard shell but a soft center? Is it official? Are you dating? Are you serious? Is it casual?"

Li Xiuying frowned: "Hardshell? Doesn't everyone have a soft center anatomically?" 

Ren Daiyu tossed Yao Changying a napkin: "Wipe your drool. I've never known someone to salivate because of what they imagine to be gossip. Xǔ Junjie recommended this place to my cousin, and I've been here a few times with him. Before you say anything HIM referring to my cousin."

Yao Changying looked suspicious: "Why are you blushing then?"

Ren Daiyu cleared her throat and kicked up the menu: "The Mandarin SquirrelFish is really good."

Li Xiuying nodded she pointed to the spicy tofu. Food is something she understood better than Yao Changyin's assault of questions. 

Ren Daiyu nodded and pointed at another dish: "It's good. The texture and the amount of heat. Oooo and this one here the Beijing duck."

Yao Changying gave up after being ignored: "Hmph. I want abalone." 

The waitress came back and left in a daze when she saw the number of dishes the three women had ordered. 

Eventually, the food was brought over and the 3 of them started devouring ravenously. 

Yao Changying interrupted the food fest. She asked: "Ying No.2 check your email. I just remembered that arrogant kid was meant to send you an essay by now right?"

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