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Hong Dali held the gem and smiled foolishly. At this time, the AI butler Tang Long silently projected from the inside of the watch. When he saw the jewel in Hong Dali's hands, he suddenly exclaimed, "Don't move! Put the stone down! Show me what it is!"

His actions scared Hong Dali. Soon, Tang Long cried aloud, "Oh my God! Double attribute gem! It's a double attribute gem! Where did you get it from?!"

"I combined them myself." Hong Dali grinned. "One million to combine one. How is it? Not bad, right?"

"Not bad! not bad!" Tang Long stared at the gem. "This is really rare! Oh my God, you can actually combined gems. This…"

He ran to a corner and started crying. "If my Master had something like that, he wouldn't have lost to Duan Xuan… Uh uh uh, I better go back first. Uh uh uh…"

And he returned to the space watch…

To be honest, Tang Long was really upset—Mo Tianji and Duan Xuan had fought for three days and three nights. In the end, he lost by one move. If he had attribute gems like this to increase his attributes, he would have won. Sad…

"Lackeys," Ignoring Tang Long, Hong Dali got stressed and exclaimed. "let's go have fun at the auction!"

The lackeys cheered. "Okay!"

Everyone soon gathered. There were not as many people setting off together. They were not on Earth, after all. Some had to improve their combat ability at the Tower of Trials. Only about ten people tagged along—Hong Dali, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Jiang Qianxue, Ling Xiaoyi, three female lackeys, as well as four of Jiang Qianxue's eight guards.

Such an entourage was not as powerful as before, but it was sufficient—Jiang Qianxue's guards were clearly leaning towards becoming Hong Dali's lackeys. They were very obedient…

And they set off.

On the spacecraft, Hong Dali pulled out some armors from the space watch. "Xinxin ah, see if they accept these armors later on. If they do, we could exchange them for some money to spend."

"Ah?" Tang Muxin was a little shock. "You want to sell all these?"

Of course, there would be a shortage of four hundred million. Although he was a prodigal, it should be okay for him to sell something. To avoid accidents, Hong Dali gave a decisive instruction. "One for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Sell as many as possibles. It takes up too much space." That was the truth. The armors and gems took up a huge space in the space watch. Hong Dali did not like that.

"En, okay!" Tang Muxin quickly agreed.

They soon arrived at Sauron Auction Center. When they alighted, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi brought Hong Dali to the appraisal room like a pro. The Goblin was taking a nap on the chair—the auction was about to begin. Not many people would bring their items to get appraised at this time. Hence, he was quite free. Of course, he was so free he could take a nap…

"Ah, my dears." Seeing that he had customers, the Goblin quickly got up and greeted them. "Time is money, my friends. Is there anything I can help you with?" Although he said this, his facial expression showed otherwise. The auction was starting in half an hour. All the precious items had been sent over in advance. What kind of good things could there be at the last minute?

Then, he regretted it.

Li Nianwei smiled as she approached him. Once she sat down, she put her long, slender legs on the table. The heels of her shoes were almost in the Goblin's nose. "Little guy, I suggest you take this seriously. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!" Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"You… you are…" The Goblin sweated profusely as he shouted fearfully. "You are from the other time…"

"Rubbish!" Tang Muxin took out a small knife and drew something mysteriously in the air. The tip of the knife stopped in one of the Goblin's nostrils. "We have something to put up for auction. Appraise it right away, and make the necessary arrangements!"

This lass had learned the manners of a tough woman…

Hong Dali stared in bewilderment—this woman is scary when she's fierce. I'm scared!

These few were the real masters! The thing that they sent over last time was going to be the finale of the auction. The Goblin did not dare to slight them. He forced a big smile and nodded. "Immediately! I will appraise it immediately! I will go get my senior now! Right away!"

When Tang Muxin's knife and Li Nianwei's heel were more than one foot away, the Goblin hurriedly ran out.

This is no joke. With such scary customers, I better call my senior over. I still want to continue living!

He left promptly and returned promptly. In an instant, the Master Appraiser, Brahman, ran over. He shouted as he entered the room, "Where is it, where is it? What kind of good items are there?"

"It's a few armors." Tang Muxin smiled. "Armors, weapons, accessories, embedded with gems."

"Quick, show them to me!" Master Brahman said anxiously. "If I begin appraising now, and nothing goes wrong, we should be able to make it for the auction later!" These were all his masters. If he served them well, and they put more things up for sale, that was all money! The five rocks that they brought the last time, three Strength +12, one Agility +13, and one Reflexes +13. They were all top-grade items! He could not wait to see what they had brought this time!

"En, we better hurry." Tang Muxin winked at Hong Dali. Hong Dali pouted and swung his space watch—"Walaladangdang", fifty to sixty pieces of armors dropped on the ground.

Seeing all the equipment, Master Brahman was a little stunned. Things were precious if they were rare. If it was one or two pieces of equipment, they would definitely be top-grade. But Hong Dali took out fifty to sixty pieces at once… are you sure these are worth much?

He began to hesitate.

With the intention of testing it out, he grabbed an armor and felt it casually. Then, he was completely shaken. "This… this… the attribute gems on it… two Strength +12, one Reflexes +11?! Oh my God! Such good attribute gems are embedded in this lousy piece of armor?! It's a waste of good gems! Fortunately, the stones can be dug out…"

He continued to appraise the second piece of equipment. Master Brahman exclaimed again. "One Strength +11, one Agility +12, one Reflexes +13! Oh my God!"

The third equipment, Master Brahman exclaimed again. "Three Strength +12! Heavens!"

He exclaimed every time he appraised one piece of equipment. The Goblin was trembling with excitement—they got lucky this time! Such extravagant items. They should be able to get quite a bit of commission! If one piece of equipment was sold for five hundred thousand, they would get a few hundred or thousand. So many pieces of equipment…

When he finished appraising all the equipment, Brahman's eyes could no longer focus. "My God, they are all top-grade gems with more than +12 attributes… this…"

In his time here, Master Brahman had seen quite a number of top-grade gems. He had even seen a few energy gems.

But this time, they appeared like cabbages. It was the first time he had encountered this…

"Gulp!" Brahman gulped. It was tiring to even talk. "Respected guests, do you intend to put these pieces of equipment up for auction…" After appraising everything, there was a total of fifty-three pieces of equipment with more than +10 attribute gems, seventy-three Strength gems, fifty-four Agility gems, thirty-two Reflexes gems. Such numbers were surely enough to make everyone's jaws drop.

"Rubbish. Why would I let you appraise them if I am not putting them up for auction?" Li Nianwei was perfect in mimicking a tough woman. The rough voice contrasted with her beautiful looks. "Quit talking rubbish. Go inform whoever to include these pieces of equipment in the auction. We don't have much time. You waste one minute of our time and you're wasting tens of thousands of Galaxy Dollars!"

"Yes, yes, yes…" Brahman replied carefully and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "I'll go immediately!" He shouted, "Men, men! Bring these few respected guests to the auction hall! Speed up, these are distinguished guests. Serve them well!"

Loud voices were heard. "Yes!"

Exiting the appraisal room, Dali put on the Double Honorary Aristocrat golden cloak and cheered. "Alright, let's set off to take part in the auction. Hahaha!"

With the extravagant golden cloak on him, he looked extremely cool.


10 AM, Shenluo City, West City, twenty-seventh district, Sauron Auction Center branch.

As Hong Dali strode into Sauron's large auction hall with his entourage, there was strict security and no bystanders. The entire parking area was filled with expensive spacecraft. The lowest-end cost at least five hundred thousand Galaxy Dollars. The highest-end one, one million. What was more powerful was the spacecraft representing Honorary Aristocrats. There were luxury spacecraft worth more than two million Galaxy Dollars, the kind that one could not buy even if they had money.

Of course, that was still acceptable. When they saw more than ten spacecraft representing Galaxy Aristocrats, everyone knew that this auction was not as simple as it seemed!
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