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Early the next morning, on Big Fish.

In a flurry, Tang Muxin rushed into Hong Dali's room and shook his shoulders vigorously. "Dali, wake up, something has happened, something big!"

"What are you going on about…" Hong Dali yawned widely and asked, "What is it? What is more important than my sleep?"

"This is definitely more important than your sleep!" Tang Muxin said anxiously, "Merika is going to hold a military exercise and demand that the Heavenly State hand you over. The reason is that you sent a killer and assassinated the president of the Toyoda Conglomerate, Tarō Gohon, leaving the Jabanese economy in turmoil and things in a bad state."

"Oh," said Hong Dali listlessly. "So it was Tarō Gohon who tried to kill me. I forgot to ask about that previously… If I die, so be it. I thought it was something big…"

What did you mean if you die, so be it? Was this the kind of attitude you should have when you encounter something serious?

Tang Muxin was usually the most anxious person when Hong Dali encountered any danger. This time was no exception. She pulled Hong Dali's ear fiercely. "They are going to hold a military exercise in the sea around Sea Turtle Island! Landing exercise, Second Fish is still there!"

"F**k!" Hong Dali was not particularly concerned about other things, but he would not stand for it if anyone dared to lay a finger on his people. "Tell Running Dog. If they dare to come within one hundred miles of Sea Turtle Island, attack them! How dare they strut around in front of my place. Do they know I intend to build a holiday villa on the Sea Turtle Island in the future? If they dare to even say anything, I will destroy their entire aircraft carrier battle group with one blast when the development of the high-energy electronic engine is complete!"

Look, how forceful he was when he said this?

Tang Muxin was content now. "Okay, that's settled then. If they dare to come, we will attack them viciously until they dare not return!"

In the past, Tang Muxin might have been a bit skeptical about what she said. Now…

She had seen aliens, as well as Granzon and Valsion on Big Fish. Hong Dali had already connected with the universe, he would not be afraid of Merika!

"Dali." As they were talking, the Bureau Chief walked slowly over. Once he saw Hong Dali, he said, "Merika has sent three aircraft carrier strike groups to conduct military exercises at our gates, and you are one of their targets. Now Merika is saying that you sent someone to kill Tarō Gohon, and they want to try you in the international court. For the sake of insurance, the boss sent you two aircraft carrier strike groups. We plan to deploy them beside your Big Fish and Second Fish, lest the Merikans have any insidious plans."

"Uh." To be honest, Hong Dali did not care much about what the Merikans were doing—Granzon and Valsion were standing just there. If he was afraid of the Merikans, he might as well give up. So Hong Dali pouted and said, "Whatever. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me. I can't be bothered with them—eh, Uncle Chief, if the two aircraft carrier strike groups are coming over, does that mean I have a naval fleet?"

"Yes." The Bureau Chief smiled. "What are your plans?"

"Plans?" Hong Dali's eyes lit up. "I want to be a Pirate King, what do you think?"

"Cough, cough!" The Bureau Chief almost got driven to an early grave by what Hong Dali said. "Brat, you are going to be a pirate who steers aircraft carriers?"

"Doesn't that sound nice…" Hong Dali looked at the vast and boundless sea. "Hahahaha, pirates, your big brother Dali is coming, hand over your weapons and treasures quickly and I will spare your life!"

As a result, the entire world revolved around the prodigal Hong Dali. On the surface, it seemed to be calm, but under the surface, it was turbulent.

Early in the morning of the third day, Itra was talking to the captains of three Gales aircraft carriers—

Itra asked, "How far have you gotten?"

The captain replied, "Chief Itra, we have entered the Pacific region and are advancing towards the Heavenly State at a speed of 30 nautical miles per hour."

Itra: "Very good, keep moving forward. Remember to stop when you are about a hundred nautical miles from Sea Turtle Island. Then, send two unmanned ships to go forward and see if Hong Dali will really attack!"

Captain: "Understood, Sir."

After getting off the line with Itra, the captain smiled and said, "Hehe. A powerful force such as us is going to the Heavenly State for just a prodigal. He should be honored, he has not lived his life in vain."

The deputy captain nodded and hurried to curry favor with the captain. "Yes, Mr. Captain. Hong Dali the prodigal has a powerful force such as us mobilized for him. He should be honored. Oh right, when we are nearing Sea Turtle Island…"

"Take it down." The captain narrowed his eyes and said, "It's just an island. There was so much controversy about it previously. When we get there, patrol the sea around it. Then we will see how the Heavenly State reacts. If they do not send their troops out, we will occupy the island immediately!"


At this time, after the release of the television report in Merika, the eyes of all countries in the world were on the Heavenly State.

The three Merika aircraft carrier strike groups had a joint military exercise, and at the same time, Jaban issued a statement firmly supporting the spirit of Merikan internationalism and resolutely cracking down on despicable and insidious acts such as Hong Dali's move to assassinate others. At the same time, they demanded that the United Nations put pressure on the Heavenly State, insisting that Hong Dali must be tried in a military court. Otherwise, the peace of the world would be broken, and the important people in every country would feel greatly threatened.

New York, Merika, United Nations Security Council.

At this time, a Merikan was madly pounding the table and shouting, "Chairman, we need a reasonable explanation for the Heavenly State's Hong Dali's assassination of the Toyoda Conglomerate President Tarō Gohon, as well as a way to deal with it. We demand that Hong Dali be put on trial in the International Court of Justice. He must be tried. This transnational assassination of important people in a country is a terrible transgression. This time, if you do not give us a reasonable explanation, Merika will withdraw from the United Nations. Jaban will also withdraw! After that, what awaits us will be war! War!"

His remarks were curt and full of confidence, with no intention of yielding. It left everyone with no doubt to the fact that if the UN Security Council chairman said anything out of line, they would immediately leave. What came next would be a world war.

With the Merikans taking the lead, the foreign ministers of Jaban were wiping their tears non-stop. As they wiped, they said, "Chairman, we have always followed the law and developed our economy peacefully. Hong Dali from the Heavenly State must have gotten jealous because Tianying cars, in which he had a share, did not sell as well as Toyoda cars. He must have secretly hated us and so sent a killer to assassinate the president of the Toyoda Conglomerate, Tarō Gohon. A narrow-minded person such as him must be killed. As long as he is around, there will be no peace in the world! Due to the death of Tarō Gohon, the president of the Toyoda Conglomerate, the value of Toyoda shares has crashed and our economy is in turmoil. It has cost hundreds of thousands of people their jobs. If we do not deal with it, our state of Jaban will be… sob, sob, sob…"

His performance was heart-rending and caused the people watching to feel heartache and drove those listening to tears. It was perfectly executed.

The UN Chairman listened to the two of them echoing one another. Merika must be given due respect. He gave it some serious thought. Then, he nodded and said, "If this is the case, then I will demand that the Heavenly State hands him over. Let Hong Dali be tried in the International Court!"

The International Court of Justice was not a place anyone could go.

Generally speaking, only international terrorists who caused countless deaths would be sent to the International Court for trial. When that happened, people all over the world would be able to watch the live broadcast. Once Hong Dali was sent to this court, it was confirmed that he would be sentenced to hundreds of years of imprisonment.

When the Chairman said that, diplomats from the Heavenly State refused to tolerate anymore. In serious voices, they said, "Chairman, you have not even determined the actual cause and effect of the matter, you shouldn't be arresting people just like that, should you? They claim that Hong Dali sent someone to assassinate Tarō Gohon, is there any evidence? As far as I know, Hong Dali is just a prodigal. Squandering is his hobby, killing is not."

"Evidence? Of course there is evidence!" The Jaban diplomat said, "The killer is called the Blood Demon. He is from the world-famous killer organization, the Sand Eagle Organization. He ranks fourth on the world's top killers list and he is the one who killed President Tarō Gohon. We have the surveillance video!"

"Surveillance video?" The diplomat from the Heavenly State laughed and said, "Tarō Gohon has offended numerous people. Are you sure that he was sent by Hong Dali?"

"Of course we are certain!" The Merikan diplomat said, "We have already conducted a thorough investigation. We are very certain that the person is the Blood Demon of the Sand Eagle Organization. We not only want to try Hong Dali, but we also want to completely destroy the Sand Eagle Organization. We are doing this for the peace of the world!"

"Okay, everyone quiet!" The UN chairman was naturally on the side of Merika. After all, the chairman was clear as to who the world hegemon was. "Hong Dali sent the Blood Demon to assassinate Tarō Gohon. I have seen the surveillance video, it is definitely not a fake. Therefore, I hope that the Heavenly State will surrender Hong Dali. As to the truth of the matter, the international court will naturally give you an answer, so as to avoid damaging our good relations…" Just where did he learn the terms "damaging our good relations" from…

"What good relations, my ass!" The Heavenly State diplomat stood up and started walking out. "All of you are conspiring with each other. You want us to hand the man over, no way!"

As the world hegemon, Merika had always taken on the role of the international police. The United Nations had always been under their control. It was pointless to try to reason with them. Previously, they had acted under the guise of maintaining world peace. Now, things were different—Jaban's economy was in great turmoil and Merika was naturally afraid that Hong Dali would mess with them next. God knew whether Merika would follow in the footsteps of Jaban. Therefore, the Heavenly State diplomat knew very well that Merika was set upon her way. Nothing he said would make a difference.

"If you refuse to hand him over, just wait and see!" The Merikan diplomat sneered, "You will definitely hand him over, I am sure of it!"

Heavenly State, in the mysterious man's office.

The mysterious man leaned back on the swivel chair and frowned as he thought about how to resolve the current crisis.

Merika definitely wanted Hong Dali. They were afraid. The mysterious man understood that.

The problem was that in this whole matter, Merika timed their act perfectly—with Taro Gohon being assassinated as a catalyst, holding a military exercise, then threatening to land on Heavenly State lands, making Sea Turtle Island hostage, and finally forcing the Heavenly State to cooperate. The Heavenly State reacted passively, especially since it involved Hong Dali. Hong Dali's status was exceptional and there could be absolutely no mistakes.

"This bunch of damn Merikans." The mysterious man massaged his temples. "Hong Dali took down the Toyoda Conglomerate in just a few days. They have been plotting against Hong Dali even before that, afraid that Hong Dali would turn on them. What should I do to resolve this crisis in the best possible way?"

As he was thinking, the phone rang. The mysterious man answered and the latest report came from the other end of the line. "Boss, Merika threatened the United Nations Security Council, demanding to try Hong Dali. They are now putting pressure on me. They want us to hand Hong Dali over to the International Court of Justice."

"No!" The mysterious man immediately commanded. He said, "Even if it starts a world war, do not hand Hong Dali over. These Merikans are pushing their luck!"

"Okay, got it."

After hanging up, the mysterious man thought for a while, then picked up the phone and muttered, "It seems that it is time to mobilize in preparation for war."

Mobilizing in preparation for war was done only when they were really going to war.

This time, it was definitely not an exercise. Even a tiny mistake was likely to start the world war.

For Hong Dali, the mysterious man had sufficient reason to do so—the aliens were coming. Once anything happened to Hong Dali, without Hong Dali around to deter the aliens, the mysterious man was sure beyond a doubt that the aliens would not hesitate to attack Earth immediately.

In the universe, force was the most important factor. This was an unchanging truth.

The mysterious man had just picked up the phone. Before he even dialed the number, rapid knocking on the door was heard. Dr. Ai Hui, who had been responsible for monitoring the luck indicator for Hong Dali, hurried in with a suitcase. Once he entered, he said anxiously, "Leader, something has gone wrong with Hong Dali's luck tester, something very wrong!"

"What? Something has gone wrong with the luck tester?!" The mysterious man stood up and asked urgently, "What is going on?"

"Super huge fluctuations have appeared in Hong Dali's luck!" As he spoke, Dr. Ai Hui put the suitcase on the mysterious man's desk and took the luck tester out from inside. He said, "Leader, look!"

The mysterious man looked at the luck tester and was instantly stunned.

At that time, the pointer on the luck tester had already reached the apex and it was still going up. Again and again, it tried to move further up!

Luck of the Heavens!

"This… this…" The mysterious man was stunned. "Is the brat Hong Dali getting ready to destroy Earth?"
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