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"Rascal, you're not going?!" Hearing that Hong Dali was not going, the Bureau Chief instantly freaked out. "You have such good luck, and you can communicate with animals. You'd be able to achieve more if you go there to look for clues!"

This person was actually not going. How could he…

"I want to go to the Bermuda Triangle." Hong Dali chuckled. "I don't have time for Water Spirit Village…"

What was so good about the Bermuda Triangle? The Bureau Chief only felt that he didn't have enough brain cells today. Hong Dali was completely an undefeatable lucky star. He said he was going to go to the Bermuda Triangle, what if he found something good? He had to support him! But Water Spirit Village…

At that moment, the Bureau Chief felt that it was sometimes a burden when one's luck was too good. For example, he couldn't decide whether to ask Hong Dali to go to the Bermuda Triangle or to the Water Spirit Village…

In the end, the Bureau Chief left the decision up to Hong Dali. Since he wanted to go to the Bermuda Triangle, let him go then. If they found a cave or something at Water Spirit Village, he could call Hong Dali back…

"Alright, in that case," The Bureau Chief nodded. "You can go to the Bermuda Triangle first. I'll send someone to Water Spirit Village. Even if they dug three thousand feet below, we need to see if there's anything underneath!"

Three thousand feet. The Bureau Chief was determined!

"Oh, oh." Hong Dali nodded. "Uncle Chief is the best!" He dragged Li Nianwei and left. "Sister Nianwei, I'm tired. Let's go take a nap…"

Li Nianwei gently said, "Okay, Young Master."

Tang Muxin: "I'll go study this Clear Water Ring, and if it serves any other purposes."

Lin Chuyin: "Uh, I'll work on the Small High-Energy Electronic Collision Machine…"

Zhang Yi: "Aiyaya, I'm embarrassed. Young Master Dali gifted me such a good thing, I'm so shy…"

Lucifer: "I'll go observe the satellite…" Before he could leave, the Bureau Chief dragged him back. "Rascal, come back. I need to ask you something. Hehe. You hid it well…"

"Ah, Mr. Bureau Chief, see…" Lucifer's sweat was like a waterfall. But he had no choice, he was in someone else's territory after all. "That, can you not hit my face…"

"I promise I won't kill you. Let's go." The Bureau Chief smiled ferociously. "Rascal, you kept it from me for so long…"

In an unoccupied meeting room within Big Fish, the Bureau Chief sat on the sofa and pointed to the other sofa. "Sit. I was just scaring you just now. My dear Mr. Angel of Misfortune."

"Sure enough, you found out." Since the Bureau Chief already knew his identity, Lucifer was no longer shackled. He sat down, laughing. "What advice does Mr. Bureau Chief have for me?"

"I dare not advise you." The Bureau Chief smiled. "I'm just curious, how did you manage to get in? Can you tell me?"

"Alright." Lucifer described the situation of how he managed to get onto the aircraft carrier, and how he joined Hong Dali's team. When he finished speaking, the Bureau Chief was dumbfounded. "My God. Was that possible?! You mean, Hong Dali simply picked you up from the roads?"

"Something like that." Lucifer raised his brows. "Young Master Dali is indeed an amazing person."

"That's true." The Bureau Chief nodded. "But the problem is, after you board the aircraft carrier, why did you continue to post curses on Weibo? I have someone monitoring you closely on your actions online."

"Redirecting disasters, escape from death." Lucifer grinned. "Young Master Dali's luck is on a much higher level than mine. The curses I posted were just testing to see if anything interesting would happen. Hehe."

"Alright, you've convinced me." The Bureau Chief was confident about Hong Dali's luck. At present, Hong Dali was running around, and nothing happened to him at all. But at that moment, Lucifer suddenly mumbled to himself, "Speaking of which, I remember posting a Weibo about a storm. Where did the storm go? It hasn't appeared yet…"

Hearing that, the Bureau Chief's eyebrow twitched. He thought about it too. Had there been any odd storms anywhere around the world? What was going on?

"Forget it, let's not crack our brains." The Bureau Chief concluded. "Anyway, that rascal Dali should be okay. As long as he is safe, I don't care about anything else."

"Alright." Lucifer shrugged his shoulders, and suddenly asked the Bureau Chief, "Oh yes, Mr. Bureau Chief, how did you guess that I'm the Angel of Misfortune?"

This question, even with Lucifer's IQ, he couldn't figure it out. He had been very careful, did he reveal any clues?

"Actually, it's not difficult." The Bureau Chief smiled. "Lin Chuyin and Zhang Yi are both members of the Holy Grail. Their elemental revolving magicians were dependent on the five-elements theory. Yours made up a black elemental ball. That got me curious. What kind of attributes did the black elemental ball represent? I thought about it for a while. Generally, black represents bad luck and curse. So, you know."

In fact, the Bureau Chief usually read magical fantasy novels when he was bored. Hence, when he saw the black elemental ball, he was enlightened.

"I see." Lucifer laughed nonchalantly. "It seems I've been careless." He looked at the Bureau Chief's eyes and asked, "Mr. Bureau Chief, what do you intend to do with me? Throw me into the sea to feed the fishes? Or lock me up? Nobody would find out, then."

Merika did not treat Lucifer well. Because Lucifer's ability was too strange, most people were afraid of him. Especially after his identity was exposed.

But the Bureau Chief was not like other people. Spending too much time with Hong Dali, the Bureau Chief did not bother about small matters, just like him. "I won't deal with you. Anyway, since Hong Dali can redirect disasters, it is no danger for you to stick around him. Hence, my plan is, the two of us can keep it a secret. As long as the others don't find out. Let things remain the way it is. You can continue posting on Weibo, I won't object to that."

"That's all?" Hearing that, Lucifer smiled. "It seems people around Hong Dali are all very magnanimous. Alright then, Mr. Bureau Chief. To be honest, I hope we cooperate well together in the future." He looked around. "It's really cool to follow Hong Dali. I even get a chance to take a look at the universe in the future. That is not something anyone can do."

"Of course." The Bureau Chief smiled and stood up. "Alright, Lucifer… Ah, no. Mr. Ferguson, have fun. I need to make arrangements for the survey of Water Spirit Village. I'll go first, then."

"Do you really think there will be something underneath Water Spirit Village?" Lucifer asked curiously. "It's a little unreal."

"The land that Dali buys will not lose money." The Bureau Chief laughed and left coolly, showing his chic back. "All I need to do is to support him with everything I have. As for whether there is anything—it doesn't matter."

"Interesting." Lucifer chuckled. "Bizarre, the people around him are all bizarre. Haha…"

At the same time, in the universe, three space carriers, on the ship island inside the main carrier.

All their plans had failed. Everyone felt a little lost, especially Shelley and Susan, who had always been confident of their beauty…

Graham was not too frustrated. He put his hands behind his back and paced around in the captain's room. Everyone was getting giddy from his pacing. Then, he suddenly stopped and looked at everyone around, saying in a deep voice, "Everyone saw what happened. Although I'm not willing, I still have to announce that our plans have failed. And it was a total failure at that."

Hearing that, every knew he had not finished speaking. They waited for his next instructions.

"But, although our plans failed," Graham smiled and said, "Our trip was not in vain this time!

"Hong Dali is an amazing person. Although I'm not sure why there are so many bizarre people around him, he has quite a lot of treasures with him as well. One thing is certain! That's the planet where Hong Dali is located. It is indeed just connected to the Galaxy Virtual Network! What does this mean? This means that we have a chance to establish a good relationship with them!"

When Graham got to this point, everyone understood. Moen, who was completely defeated previously, said anxiously, "Captain Graham, you mean, we are heading off to Earth?"

In the virtual world, he was crushed by Levis. The memory was still fresh in his mind. That feeling… hmm, there was no need to elaborate…

"Yes, of course!" Graham smiled. "They have just entered the Galaxy Virtual Network and know nothing. We are different. We have a lot of information. We can use our information to exchange for valuable resources with them. In other words, we will be their guides into the universe. For example, how to enter the Galaxy Alliance City Center, how to enter the galaxy, how to go to other planets.

"They don't have all this information, but we know it! In today's universe, information is wealth! Hence, the purpose of our trip to Earth this time is to establish a good relationship with them! In the future, we are sure to benefit from it! At least, the four elemental revolving magicians are worth at least 80 million Galaxy Dollars in the Galaxy Virtual Network. Not to mention there is Hong Dali, the all-elemental magician! A good relationship with them will gain us many benefits. So, Deca," Graham looked at Deca. "Your main purpose when you look for Hong Dali on Earth this time is to be his guide. In other words, his lackey!"
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