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Soon, the last segment of analysis of the video on the Iron Warrior begun. "Of course, everything mentioned previously could be considered as poor workmanship. However, this last segment is extremely strange. Everyone, please take a look at this slow-motion clip. This tank obviously exploded from within. Yet, based on what we know, Mechanical Man's light beam weapon practically penetrates through buildings. In this case, it's entirely different. Before the tank blew up, its entire body went red. It seems like it was burnt red due to high temperatures. However, everyone, take a look again and you'll realize that at the moment the tank blew up, the metal returned back to its original color. Why is that so? After much research, we discovered an interesting fact—the red color was added later on… This time, let us slow the video and remove the red portion that was added on. Everyone can see that the tank did not change one bit. The explosion was actually from within…"

After everything had been explained, a few big words appeared at the end of the video—"This video was provided by Wen Wen and her two pursuers of the New Lanxiang Vocational School, Computer Science!"

Honestly speaking, the Merikan ambassador did not know what expression he had on his face at this moment. He so desperately wanted to bury himself in a hole in the ground. It was just a pity that he was at the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so the ground definitely did not have any holes in it. The shiny tiles lining the floor did not even have a single scratch on them.

Even if this video was released and exposed the video of the Iron Warrior to be fake, he should have waited till I left. Exposing me on the spot really puts me in a tough spot, like I've been slapped on the cheeks. The saddest thing is that I did not even have a chance to retaliate…

"Hahahaha, this New Lanxiang Vocational School is pretty talented!" Yin Weimin slapped his thigh and laughed hysterically. "This thing that Hong Dali, this wastrel, made is, hahahahaha, too impressive! I didn't even think of that!"

As he laughed more, the Merikan ambassador's face flushed redder. After he stopped laughing, the Merikan ambassador's face was almost as red as a monkey's butt.

He wasn't the only one who wanted to look for a hole to crawl into as even the Jabanese ambassador was wiping away his sweat furiously.

Actually according to their plan, if Merika had Iron Warriors as well, then both parties would call it even. Then, there would be a more sufficient bargaining chip in negotiating the conditions. Who could have thought that they would be exposed so quickly, how could they live like that!

"Horrible! This must be some prank made by someone!" The Merikan ambassador's face turned a few shades of red and white. Luckily, he was a foreign ambassador and probably was pretty thick-skinned for him to attain such a position. Hence, he quickly found an excuse. "Someone must have intentionally smeared the name of our Merikan army. This must be it!"

The Jabanese ambassador was on the same boat as him and naturally helped by saying, "Yes, this must be a scheme! It must be a scheme by someone harboring ill intentions! This is slander! Their behavior deserves to be condemned!"

"I'm not sure about condemning or not." Yin Weimin smiled and said, "However, based on these circumstances, it seems like the condition set by both of you to exchange an island for two people seems to revolve around the objective of attaining our Mechanical Man. Yes, use our own island to exchange for our blueprint. This scheme is very good! Honestly speaking, I admire the two of you slightly. The thickness of your skins makes me feel ashamed of myself, hahahaha!"

This was already considered a direct slap to the face. At this moment, regardless of how thick-skinned the Merikan and Jabanese ambassadors were, they were too embarrassed to stay. However, regardless of whether it was embarrassing or not, there was a reason for some words to be said about the unchanged situation. Hence, before the Merikan ambassador left, he said fiercely, "Your Excellency should not be so happy so soon. Since Your Excellency didn't agree to our terms, then let's wait for a good show. I remember that your country's investment in the offshore mining industry is close to 50 billion USD. Among the commonly used colored metals, your country's copper, aluminum, and nickel resources are relatively deficient. As long as we Merika sanction you, hehe."

The Jabanese ambassador smiled maliciously. "Additionally, our Jaban Empire will stop supporting your building technology of cars and home appliances. Even though your country has the Mechanical Man, it doesn't have other technologies. Hmph hmph!"

"Is that so, then we'll to trouble the both of you for your guidance. I won't send you off!" Yin Weimin sat in his seat stably with no intentions of getting up at all. He stared at them nonchalantly as he watched them leave.

After the two had left, Yin Weimin stared at the ceiling before mumbling, "Mascot, this time I really went all out. The rest will be up to you! I hope that your luck will surpass the limits of the sky, you wastrel. You must be awesome!"

Tianjing City West Fourth Loop.

Hong Dali was walking his dog and tiger when he suddenly sneezed. He mumbled, "Who is talking about me…"

"Dali," Tang Muxin laughed at one side. "New Lanxiang's students actually exposed the video of Merika's Iron Warrior, hehe. I bet their expressions were brilliant! But I'm curious about how you were previously so reserved. You didn't seem to care that Merika created the Iron Warrior and, based on your expression the other time, it seemed like you obviously knew that their Iron Warrior was fake."

"Pfft, how is it possible for them to study our Mechanical Man so easily." Hong Dali smiled cheekily before replying, "Dali Technology's, Dali Creates Miracles! If it were so easily learned by others, then how would I keep my standing in the world!"

How could he not maintain his composure? The Mechanical Man was created after six perfect-grade sets were pieced together from disassembling 100 sets of Mechanical Holy Garments. The level of power of the weapons system could only be obtained if they were perfect-grade Mechanical Holy Garments. Merika did not have people who specialized in disassembling and reformation, so how would it be possible for them to create Iron Warriors with comparable power to their Mechanical Men? It was obviously fake.

"Let's go, let's go. Let's continue walking around. Oh right, Xinxin." Hong Dali held Tang Muxin's small hand and asked, "Do you like pandas? I can ask for one from Uncle Chief. He definitely will give one!"

"Panda!" Just thinking about the cute, chubby pandas made Tang Muxin's eyes sparkle like the stars. "I like them! But can we raise them well? We shouldn't cause it to be ill."

Indeed, there was a heart-to-heart connection. A panda probably wouldn't be raised poorly, right? Anyway, whatever it wished to do, it only had to ask directly…

"It shouldn't be a problem. I saw that Quentin likes to eat Dali Beans. By then, I'll feed the panda a few as well." Hong Dali looked at the small tiger, Quentin, that grew pretty quickly in the span of two days. The color of its fur even changed slightly. No wonder it deserves to be our family's wastrel tiger, even its breed is different!

If we fed the big panda Dali Beans, perhaps we would raise it to be as tall as a two-story building? Then it would definitely be a magnificent sight…

Alright, hopefully, nobody gets scared to death…

Actually, after thinking about it carefully, a two-story tall panda, hugging and gnawing away on a bamboo shoot at the ground level of Chenhui Building would be pretty awesome…

At the same time, on the Internet.

The issue about New Lanxiang Vocational School exposing the video that Merika recorded occupied the headlines of the Internet at rocket speed. For the sake of suppressing the impact the Mechanical Man created, Merika shamelessly created the fake Iron Warrior. This news spread across the entire Heavenly State instantly.

Aiyaya, this is really, how would others see it? From today onwards, how would you live in the global world?

On the Turkey Software, friends and families asked each other out of concern—

"Hahaha, today is such a joyous occasion. Merika actually created a fake video to imitate our Mechanical Man by creating an Iron Warrior. It's too funny!"

"Yes, yes, I saw the video too. The students from the New Lanxiang school are too talented! They even discovered such a thing!"

"Without a doubt, just like you said, this New Lanxiang Vocational School seems pretty impressive!"

"Impressive. Impressive, indeed. A school created by the Young Lord definitely has to be impressive!"

Xinhai Weibo—

Dammit: "Such a big surprise so late at night. I just watched the video 'Discussing the Truth About Iron Warrior, Comprehensive Analysis on the Emergence of Iron Warriors (Merika's computerized special effects are pretty good indeed)!' on the Internet. Unknowingly, I ended up watching it five times… I'm guilty. I confess that I shouldn't have doubted Young Lord's level of technology!"

You Scolded Your Neighbour: "Hahahaha, today is way too interesting. This time, Merika has lost all face!"

A Cucumber Forever: "I've decisively turned from a passerby into a fan! New Lanxiang Vocational School is powerful!"

Accompanying the video released by New Lanxiang, topics regarding the New Lanxiang Vocational School garnered people's interests once again.

Very quickly, another video by the New Lanxiang Vocational School was uploaded on the Internet again.

This time, it was a child who looked to be five-years-old operating an excavator. Even though he couldn't even get up onto a seat, but looking at his incomparable familiar techniques and reserved expression, it instantly blinded countless people's 24K gold-plated eyes!

Of course, it was actually not a big deal. The most important thing was the explanation in the video. It was extremely impactful, beyond the limits of the sky—

"Being the driver brings great pressure. Not only does he have to overcome road rage and complicated road conditions, but he also has to overcome pedestrians who jaywalk. Hence, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain a driver's license. Without a mature and strong mental age, it's impossible to sit in the pilot's cockpit. However, the video below entirely overthrew this theory."

"Strong youth, strong country! Aside from the University of Science and Technology that set up a youth class, New Lanxiang did as well! Look at that technique! That reserved expression! Just from watching this image, I'm already intoxicated…"

Below were replies from other netizens—

"(╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻ lifts table! How can others live? This brat's definitely mad hacking!"

"Lanxiang is so impressive! Which school's excavator operating skills are stronger? Tianjing City's New Lanxiang!"

Mingxin Network.

The handsome, earth-shattering Liu Mingxin stared at the video in front of him in bewilderment. He was so surprised that his mouth was agape. He watched the video thoroughly for ten full times before finally verifying that he was familiar with the child before his eyes, very familiar indeed—

"This… This… Zuo Zhu, this child, actually has talent in operating excavators?! How did I not realize that in the past?!"
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