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These Mechanical Holy Garments were silver in color, reflecting off a cold sense of light under the dim light of the warehouse. Different from the first time Hong Dali saw it, this time, its outer appearance differed greatly from last time.

The Mechanical Holy Garments this time obviously covered more parts of the body than before. The main appearance was almost similar to that of the Iron Man suit from his previous life, but there were also many areas that were different from it.

"Little rascal, are you satisfied this time?" The Bureau Chief walked up and proudly patted the Mechanical Holy Garments. "These Mechanical Holy Garments were specially made by the military department for military use. It's essentially different from the type in which you asked Miss Jin Zishan to draw. Actually, according to your request, I can just give you the normal Mechanical Holy Garments. But I thought for a while and still decided to give you the best we have to show my generosity."

"OK, OK!" Although Hong Dali replied to him, his eyes were staring intently at the Mechanical Holy Garments in front of him.

This is awesome. I can definitely assemble a very awesome perfect-grade Mechanical Holy Garment this time!

"For the appearance of these Mechanical Holy Garments, the military department's professional designers added on to Miss Zishan's design." The Bureau Chief's face was full of pride as he laughed and said, "After all, Miss Zishan only considered how to make it look better but didn't consider its technical aspect. Therefore, our designers mixed many advanced concepts in the world and finally created this newest generation of the Mechanical Holy Garment."

As he said so, he picked up a shoulder part of the Mechanical Holy Garment. After a series of humming sounds, very quickly, the entire Mechanical Holy Garment shoulder part was suited onto the Bureau Chief. He moved for a bit and said, "Look, all of the joint areas and muscle areas for the Mechanical Holy Garment have been specially processed so that it will better stick to the body. No matter how the wearer moves, they won't feel any discomfort."

Then, the Bureau Chief punched the wall beside him. With a "boom" sound, a fist mark was left on the wall. As for the Mechanical Holy Garment's arm, not even a scratch was left on it.

The Bureau Chief laughed and said, "See, this is our newest research result. It uses the most rugged maraging steel and has high resistance to physical harm."

"Ma… What is that thing again, ma-something!?" Hong Dali curiously asked, "What is this stuff? This is the first time I have heard of it."

"It's maraging steel." The Bureau Chief explained, "This type of steel is based on carbon-free or micro-carbon martensite. It's an ultra-high strength steel capable of producing precipitation hardening of intermetallic compounds during aging. Different from traditional high strength steel, this type of steel is a special class of low-carbon ultra-high-strength steel that derives its strength not from carbon, but from precipitation of intermetallic compounds. This caused it to have some special attributes: High strength and toughness, low hardening index, good formability, simple heat treatment process, almost no deformation during aging, and good welding performance."

"It's so… So advanced! Although I don't understand anything you said, it sounds really impressive!" Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. "Then, what was this maraging steel used for last time?"

"There are many uses for this type of steel, but I reckon that you wouldn't be able to remember them even if I told you." The Bureau Chief smiled and said, "You only need to know that this steel is used to make the engine housing for rockets."

A material used to make the engine housing for rockets! Wow, could these things in front of me be…

"Good, this is good!" Hong Dali expressed that he was very satisfied. He beamed with delight and said, "Uncle Chief is still the best. I thought that it would be enough to just use normal steel, hehe."

"Little rascal, Chuyin used normal steel because she lacks the tools." The Bureau Chief laughed and said, "The one she made could only be considered to be a prototype. The Nation definitely has to do an upgrade on the materials used. Naturally, I will give you the best there is."

"Then, thank you, Uncle Chief!" Hong Dali thanked him and looked at the mechanical arm he was wearing. Then, he looked at the outer appearance of the other Mechanical Holy Garments and suddenly asked, "These Mechanical Holy Garments seem to look like insects?"

"Good kid, you have good eyesight." The Bureau Chief laughed loudly and said, "The structures of several insects were adapted into these Mechanical Holy Garments. It can be said that these Mechanical Holy Garments are exoskeleton armors made for war. They were made by the military department, after all. They would consider everything in terms of war first." Saying so, his fingers moved for a bit and made a strange pose. Then, a spring knife almost a meter long extended out from the elbow!

"This self-defense knife is made from CPM M4HC high vanadium high-speed tool steel." The Bureau Chief slowly introduced. "It has high hardness, high toughness, extremely wear resistance, and excellent retention—all of the close-range weapons for the Mechanical Holy Garments are made from this type of material quality." Saying so, he casually waved the knife and cut apart a wooden log nearby like tofu…

"Wow!" Hong Dali stared in bewilderment and said, "Uncle Chief, this is so powerful. Is it really suitable to give to me…" Although he said that he didn't want it, his saliva was almost drooling down…

"Little rascal, pretend, continue to pretend!" The Bureau Chief kept the knife and hammered Hong Dali on the head. "You still want to pretend when you are gaining such a large benefit! Just one of these Mechanical Holy Garments costs at least four million to make. The outer shell of the garment is made from the most advanced technology that the Nation has, and it's structured into the genetic composition of the strongest creature on Earth, the Tardigrade. I'm not sure about the professional details, but all you have to know is that other than not being able to fly, these garments don't have any other major weakness."

"This is good!" Hong Dali beamed with delight. "I like the best quality stuff! I don't like to use normal quality stuff!"

"OK, that's all." The Bureau Chief sighed and looked at Hong Dali with meaningful eyes. "I shall be handing over these things to you now. As for what you can come up with from this stuff, that isn't my concern. However, whatever you make in the end, you have to give one to the Nation for research purposes, alright?"

"No problem." Hong Dali nodded, smiled, and said, "Uncle Chief, you know that I'm not someone who keeps all the good stuff to myself, hehe."

"Haha, little rascal, if you did that, you would have been captured by us to use as a guinea pig." The Bureau Chief said these meaningful words and then looked at Hong Dali again. "Slowly tinker with them, I shall wait for your news with the rest outside."

"OK, OK!" Hong Dali agreed and said, "I understand."

The Bureau Chief left the warehouse and carefully closed the door. After he did this, he finally gave out a long sigh.

This was the good thing about Hong Dali, he would share the good stuff with others. If not, how would the Nation cooperate with him so happily? To be honest, the Nation wouldn't capture people to do research on them just because they were a little special—the precondition was that they would share the benefits with the Nation. If not, the Nation would be left with no choice but to do that. After all, the Nation couldn't let a single person be above the Nation, could it?

Therefore, towards Hong Dali, the Bureau Chief always felt that although Hong Dali seemed very carefree and didn't think too far into the future, he was very smart on this point. He knew what he could do and what he couldn't do.

For this kind of clever people, cooperating with them would be quite easy.

Inside the warehouse.

Hong Dali thought for a while as he looked at the 100 Mechanical Holy Garments in front of him and touched his chin. He wasn't a stupid person, it was easy to infer that the Nation definitely knew about his ability to breakdown and assemble materials. However, obviously, the Nation never thought about capturing him for research. Also, the meaning of giving him these 100 Mechanical Holy Garments was to tell him to do as he wished.

Then, things were simple now. He could just play as he wished, share the benefits with them, and there wouldn't be any problems.

Thinking up to this point, Hong Dali snapped his finger. "Breakdown! Assemble!"

The outer area of Tianjing Mountain, in a small secret house.

The mysterious man sat on the chair with eyes slightly closed and continuously tapping on the table.

Currently, he was pondering about Hong Dali's problem.

From the current situation, there was definitely something wrong with Hong Dali's luck. It was certain that Hong Dali's luck was very good.

But now, his luck as shown on the device was obvious just a normal person's standard. Happy Contented Life, such a level of luck…

Could it be that the device is spoiled? There's a problem with it? But that doesn't seem to be the case, Wu Di and I have both tested it. If there really is a problem with it, Hong Dali's luck should be at least the same level as Wu Di's and mine. But the difference now is really quite big.

It would be acceptable if my luck wasn't as good as Hong Dali's, but the result now is that Hong Dali's luck is only that of an ordinary person.

Could it be that his luck hasn't been activated yet?

Then, when would it be activated?

As he thought up to this point, Dr. Ai Hui suddenly let out a surprised sound and said, "Leader, Hong Dali's luck is changing! Quick, take a look!"

There's a change!? The mysterious man instantly stood up and rushed over, staring intently at the luck detector device.

Hearing the commotion, the rest of the researchers all came over and held their breath as they looked at the needle representing Hong Dali's luck.

Currently, on the monitor, the needle was jumping bit by bit. At the start, it jumped up twice and landed on the fifth level, Rewarding Life. Everyone all "OHed…" Meanwhile, the mysterious man was shouting in his heart, It's rising, it's rising! It finally raised! Let's see what level will his luck reach this time!
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