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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal 320 An Unfortunate Case Caused by an Airplane

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Tianjing City, outskirts, National Security Bureau.

"Chief," Mu Huishou anxiously dashed into the office of the Bureau Chief, Wu Di, and frantically reported. "Chief, a UFO has been discovered at the outer area of Tianjing Mountain. It's silvery white in color, doesn't look very big. Should we…"

"The outer area of Tianjing Mountain? UFO?!" The Bureau Chief was stunned. "Have you seen it clearly? You're sure it's a UFO?! Don't mistake a toy played by some child as a UFO!"

"I've seen it clearly, there's a video on the internet and the image is very clear." Mu Huishou hurriedly switched on his laptop and showed the downloaded video to the Bureau Chief. "Chief, quickly look. The size of this UFO is about half a meter or so. Its appearance is very streamlined and sci-fi and the propeller can't be seen, but it can just suspend high up in the sky just like them. Most importantly, upon calculation of the angle, its height above ground is confirmed to be around 1100 meters, so it's impossible that it's a toy! I've never heard about any toy that can be controlled to such distance!"

"What the heck, a toy can fly to a height of 1100 meters?!" The Bureau Chief was truly shocked as well.

Initially, he thought that this was definitely a toy that the prodigal Hong Dali had made to scare people for fun. Alas, upon hearing that it was suspending in the sky at a height of 1100 meters, he instantly rejected this speculation.

If a remote control toy could be controlled up to so far a distance, damn it, this would even be able to gain entry into the national technological department already!

"En, go to the military area right away and get the latest news." The Bureau Chief stroked his chin and thought for a while. "Remember to maintain friendliness, and no matter what, don't rashly launch an attack."

"Yes!" Upon receiving the instruction, Mu Huishou instantly left the room.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"A UFO has visited Earth?" The Bureau Chief touched his chin and thought for quite some time. Eventually, he still decided to call Hong Dali and ask what exactly was the matter. After all, it was too easy for this superprodigal to create trouble.

He took out his smartphone, dialed the number, but no one answered the call!

By then, the Bureau Chief couldn't sit still any longer. "Damn it, what's this small rascal up to, he's not even answering my call!"

The outer area of Tianjing Mountain, where Hong Dali was at.

Tang Muxin carried Little Meow and asked softly, "Dali, someone called you just now, is it really okay to not answer it?"

"Whatever, there's no rush. Let's continue playing!" Hong Dali wasn't stressed at all. Isn't it just a call, whether I pick it up or not depends on my mood, doesn't it?!

Speaking up to this point, there was suddenly a roaring sound from the propeller. Tang Muxin looked at it from afar and instantly pulled Hong Dali's arm as she exclaimed, "Dali, quickly look, there's a helicopter!"

"Aye? Really?!" Hong Dali looked up and instantly happily exclaimed, "This is good, I happened to not have seen a military helicopter before. Mo Mo, control the airplane and make it fly there!"

Wang Mo: "OK!"

Hong Dali gestured to everyone. "Heh heh, let's play a joke on them. Everyone, get onto the car and let's find some place to hide at! Don't let them see us, or else it'll not be fun!"

How would everyone know what exactly he was up to? Anyway, the Bureau Chief was backing Hong Dali up, so how much of a mess would it create? Thus, the group instantly joked and laughed as they got onto the car and drove forward for a while. Very soon, they went to hide within the forest in Tianjing Mountain…

Tianjing Mountain, in the sky.

Vroom vroom vroom—!!! Sounds of an engine sounded. Three military helicopters surrounded Hong Dali's airplane model. They flew very slowly and stable, but the pilot's palms were soaked in cold sweat—he executed quite a number of operations usually, but this was the first time he was so close to a UFO.

Initially, he thought that this could be the prank of a child too, but very soon, he didn't think that way anymore…

Because the helicopter he was controlling had already flown close to that legendary UFO. With just one look, the pilot was very convinced that it was definitely a real UFO, definitely not a toy!

That silvery-white metal outer casing appeared exactly like a UFO in the movies. Moreover, there wasn't a propeller, yet it could be suspended so stably in the air!

That actually wasn't his fault. After all, he'd really never seen a propeller hidden in the body of an airplane before…

Speaking of which, it really wasn't important whether he had seen it before. What was important was how he was supposed to communicate with the other party.

Thus, after the pilot thought for quite some time, he took out a previously specially manufactured microphone and asked in the most accurate Heavenly State language, "Hello, may I know whether you are the UFO?"

He asked with much seriousness, but how would Hong Dali's toy understand. In fact, Hong Dali, who was seated in the car, totally didn't know that the pilot in the military helicopter was speaking. He only instructed Wang Mo to slightly move the airplane closer. "Go close, closer, so that I can see what that helicopter looks like! Aiya, speaking of which, I really haven't seen such a helicopter before…"

While Wang Mo was controlling the airplane, the pilot in the military helicopter was completely dumbfounded. He only saw that UFO flying straight towards him.

No! This is very possibly the prelude of an attack!

The pilot was really scared, as he instantly contacted the other two helicopters and told them to retreat. After all, it was still the most important to express the wish of his side to maintain peace!

Thinking up to this point, the pilot pressed his lips and took the microphone, speaking in English. "Dear friend, welcome to Earth!"

That airplane still had no reaction!

The pilot's forehead brimmed with sweat. Then, he used languages which he was previously specially trained in, like German and French, and said in each language, "Dear friend, welcome to Earth," but that plane still didn't have any reaction!

"This… What should we do?" The pilot hurriedly asked his comrades, "Should we go closer, they seem to be unable to hear me speaking, or maybe they don't understand even if they'd heard me."

"If we go nearer, would it be seen as a hostile behavior?" His comrade stroked his chin and was rather undecided.

At that point in time, the inability to communicate between both parties already made things rather tense, because they were both unsure about whether the other party would understand what they meant by their actions—what if they treated their friendly behavior as the prelude of an attack…

The people in the military helicopters were in a heated discussion, but none of them had any good ideas. There were more and more cars on the road at the outer area of Tianjing Mountain. Countless people rushed there to see the legendary UFO. Many mini passenger vans of various media companies wildly sped there as well, and countless reporters raised their cameras and furiously took shots at the sky once they got off the car. One of the reporters held a microphone and anxiously said, "Dear viewers, I'm the reporter of Tianjing Entertainment Daily Paper. Everyone, look at the direction of our camera. There are currently three military helicopters and that legendary UFO currently in a confrontation mode. I'm risking my life while reporting for everyone…"

After she spoke, that mysterious sci-fi airplane moved towards the direction of the three military helicopters.

That reporter desperately reported. "Dear viewers, the UFO is currently moving closer to the military helicopters with an unknown purpose. Hopefully, there won't be a military conflict happening. After all, a UFO that's able to come to Earth must have quite an advanced technological ability. We cannot guarantee that we would definitely win. Thus, if I unfortunately pass away while reporting later on, please remember my name…"

Just then, the situation in the skies underwent a major change.

The UFO swayed left and right in the sky, and it was extremely agile, getting closer and closer to the three military helicopters.

In the military helicopter, the pilot's face was filled with cold sweat. That was too scary, he really didn't know what the other party was preparing to do!

An alien! A UFO! Being able to fly here, it definitely didn't possess only ordinary technology! It had definitely jumped from a wormhole, right? Moreover, did the other party have any aviation carrier or whatsoever hidden in the dark? With their technology, they definitely could manage to not let us see the aviation carrier, as it would definitely be easy for them to create light reflection. Could they be hiding in Tianjing Mountain?

Could a large group of such surveillance aircraft suddenly fly out and open fire at his side?

Possible, very possible!

What to do? Make a move or not? The attempt at appearing friendly to get close to them had definitely failed already. The other party totally didn't understand what he was saying. But if he stopped getting closer to it and turned away and left, what about the public down there?

"What to do?" The pilot was started getting anxious. "Should I attack or retreat! Those from above didn't give any instructions to us either! If we just continue staying up here, what if that thing attacks us, then we'll implicate the public down there!"

"I don't know either! Those from above haven't given any instructions up till now!" His comrade was also anxious. "Moreover, at the moment, it looks like that thing is definitely a surveillance aircraft sent by the aliens! Definitely! Look, there's evidently nobody controlling it in the surroundings, and it's at such a high height that it'd only appear as a tiny dot in the eyes of others. It's impossible that it could be controlled so accurately, quickly look! It's flying towards us!"

Following the exclamations of his comrade, the pilot instantly saw the UFO getting closer to his side. Now the distance was so near that he could see it clearer.

An entire silvery white streamlined body, there wasn't a trace of an ordinary airplane on the entire UFO. It looked like a circular disc about half a meter of size, and on the circular disc were some golden flower patterns. Especially, there were two things that looked like eyes(It was the position of the airplane's camera after Hong Dali's transformation) at its front. It was just suspended in front of him, not moving at all.

Speaking of which, fighter planes could fly at a fast speed, but it couldn't go straight up or down. It was possible for a helicopter to fly straight up and down, but it was never heard of one which could be suspended so stably—most importantly, the other party couldn't spot the propeller at all!

Other than that being the technology of the aliens, what other explanations could there be in this case?

"It… It's getting nearer again!" Upon seeing that the UFO was getting even more closer, the person in the helicopter frantically asked, "What should we do? What exactly should we do?!"

"For the people of Heavenly State!" After the airplane got closer yet again, the pilot's forehead brimmed with sweat as he gritted his teeth and said, "Go all out! Get rid of it first!"

Then, he fiercely pressed the button to launch the missile!
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