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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal 171 Beautiful Woman Are Just so Self-Confiden

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Li Nianwei looked out of the window at the night-view, feeling anxious in her heart.

This coming of age ceremony cost almost 50 million yuan in total, yet the main character was actually late for it.

It was indeed not a polite thing to be late for such an occasion. Quite a few of the less patient and hot-tempered guests were already secretly expressing their unhappiness about this. Although it wasn't to the extent where they would directly leave, the smiles of some weren't as sincere anymore.

Being one of Hong Dali's closest friends, Li Nianwei acted as the older sister of a playful brother and helped to ease the atmosphere. Although unwilling, she even talked with the guests to prevent them from becoming too impatient.

Sigh, I hope that Young Master can come as soon as possible. After all, such an occasion isn't the same as usual times… Letting out a soft sigh, Li Nianwei helplessly thought to herself.

At this moment, a figure suddenly approached her. He was a young man of about 20 plus years old, short hair, skinny, tan skin, dark and deep cold eyes, demonic and sexy. The temperament he gave off was quite complex; as if it were a mix of different temperaments. Within his gentleness and handsomeness, there was also his own unique sense of elegance and otherworldliness.

Out of all those present, who could have such a temperament other than Liang Yifeng?

"This person…" After only just glancing at him, Li Nianwei's heart instantly missed a beat. Then, she shook her head. "I wonder which family's young master is this, he must be at least the same level as Liu Mingxin. I wonder if he is friend or foe, sigh…"

As she was thinking this, Liang Yifeng had already walked to her side. Suddenly, eyes looking up as if he were Fei for visiting.

Liu Mingxin helplessly shrugged. "Fine, that's all that I have to say. If you don't believe me, you will see for yourself later."

At the same time, in another corner.

The gathering point of Hong Dali's classmates.

Ling Yi jogged over and reported on the latest news he acquired. "The latest news, the latest news! Brother Dali went to deal with something, he said that he will be late."

Du Xinzhen was listless, like a withered eggplant. "I made a prediction and knew that he had something on his hand right now… Sigh, I can't even fend for myself, I shouldn't make any more predictions…"

Ji Zhiruo asked, "Du Xinzhen, you still haven't managed to court Su Luoyu yet?"

Du Xinzhen helplessly said, "Don't mention that girl, you are not saving me any face."

As he said this, Ling Yi suddenly saw a figure amongst the crowd. His face full of surprise, he said, "That's… That's… Blood Consort!? She actually came? This can't be, she has never attended such an occasion before!"

Du Xinzhen was immediately invigorated. "Where, where is she? It really is her, oh god, what is she doing here?"

Ling Yi: "I have no idea. Oh my, look. She seems to be going out now."

Lin Chuyin sat quietly at a corner of the hall. She suddenly looked at her watch and murmured, "Oh, it's already 8:00 PM sharp. Hong Dali actually hasn't arrived yet…"

She thought for a while and took out a small delicate signal receiver device. The screen quickly displayed a map. "North Third Loop, Wan Hao nightclub. Destination confirmed, moving out."

She got up and walked out just like that.A famous Chinese singer.You are a good man, you will find someone better.
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Table of Contents
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