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Bai Ling felt dizzy. She remembered that when she left, her daughter did not know anything. How did she turn so powerful after 20 something years and also have extraordinary medical skills?

What hardships did she experience in these 20 years?

Bai Ling heart twitched in pain again and firmly decided to use her whole life to compensate her.

Not far away, Qi Su had his head raised and was looking around in anticipation. When he saw Yun Luofeng walking over with Bai Ling, warm tears flooded his eyes instantly.


It had been more than three years. Who could understand how he had passed these three years? No one treated him better than Master in this world. Master was family that he did not want to lose in his life.

"Su'er." Bai Ling caught sight of Qi Su at first glance, a gentle smile surfacing on her face. She slowly walked toward Qi Su, leading Yun Luofeng by her hand. "Feng'er told me everything that happened these past three years on the way here. It has been hard on you and Xiao Ling. I didn't expect the Qi Family to be ingrates like this."

They used the world she conquered to abuse her disciple! And they also wanted to sell Xiao Ling to someone? Bai Ling never expected someone like this would exist in the world!

"Master." Qi Su kneeled in front of Bai Ling with a bang, sobbing. "It was this disciple who has been unfilial. I have caused Master to suffer inside Forest of Heaven's Trial these past years!"

If he had enough power to protect his family, then Master would not have taken a risk like this!

Bai Ling realized that Qi Su had gathered the blame for her going missing for three years onto himself. She hurriedly helped him up and gently said, "Su'er, this wasn't your fault. Master was set up by other people and had no choice but to hide in this place."

Qi Su did not say anything, but he secretly decided to never let Master come to any harm ever again.

When Mu Xuexin saw Yun Luofeng and Bai Ling step out at the same time, she was dazed. She discovered that when these two women stood side by side, they looked like mother and daughter.

Curious, she asked, "Auntie Yun, you and Miss Yun are…"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you." Bai Ling clasped Yun Luofeng's hand, her face full of pride. "This is my daughter, Yun Luofeng. My real name also isn't Yun Yueqing, it's Bai Ling! Yun is my husband's surname, which is why I was unable to forget it for so many years. And I named Xiao Ling 'Ling' because I only remembered this character…"

Mu Xuexin's mouth opened in astonishment, and she quickly held her hand over it.

No wonder she thought Yun Luofeng was so familiar. It turned out she was Auntie Yun's daughter…

Currently, the people from Ziyue Kingdom were all dead, and the Jinyang Kingdom suffered some fatalities as well. Only the group of people led by Cheng Li were still alive. As for Qi Yu of the Tianqi Kingdom, no one had seen neither hide nor hair of him, who knew where he hid…

Without much surprise, Cheng Li was not as wild as earlier and was frightened to the point of not daring to utter a single word. His head was kept lowered in a subservient manner.

Yun Luofeng did not pay attention to him and walked to Qiao Zixuan's body, took the jade seal from his lapels, and put it inside her lapels without any hesitation.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Do you have any objections against me taking this jade seal away?" she indifferently asked while looking at Cheng Li with raised brows.

Cheng Li's heart nearly stopped beating from terror. "No objections."

What a joke, this woman did not care about reverent-god levels even. Did he dare to have objections? Wouldn't he be seeking death?
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