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"Not late, just in time." Yun Luofeng had her eyes lowered and a faint smile on her face. Immediately, she pulled Yun Xiao toward Bai Ling. "Mother, this is Yun Xiao. He has accompanied me for these past 10+ years. He is also my lover who I can entrust with my life."

Yun Xiao was startled, but he quickly regained his cold expression and nodded lightly. "Mother."

Hearing Yun Luofeng say it like this, Bai Ling surveyed Yun Xiao up and down, liking him more the more she looked at him, just like how most mother-in-laws viewed their son-in-laws.

However, when Bai Ling heard Yun Xiao's address for her, she was taken back. "You two have married?"

Yun Luofeng rubbed her nose. "It happened not long ago. We were just married."

The current Bai Ling felt like she was struck by lightning and wanted to cry but had no tears. She originally wanted to participate in her daughter's marriage ceremony, but who knew her daughter would tell her they were married already…

The largest tragedy for a mother was probably being unable to see her daughter getting married.

"Mother, how should we deal with this guy?" Yun Luofeng asked with raised brows, turning her sight toward the man unable to climb out of the deep crater.

Bai Ling stated with a deep frown, "Kill him!"

If Ou Lei was being unreasonable to her alone, she could forgive him. But she could not tolerate him wanting to harm her precious daughter.

"Yun Xiao, kill him. I don't want to dirty my hands." Yun Luofeng lazily yawned, her expression indolent.

Things were nearly at its end at this point…

"Alright," Yun Xiao spoke concisely and walked toward Ou Lei.

In the crater, Ou Lei saw the approaching cold face, and panic appeared on his face. "No, I don't want to die! I beg you to spare me! I beg you… AH!"

Suddenly, Yun Xiao waved his hand and numerous sharp sword lights charged down one by one, cutting him down.

Not long later, there was not a single whole spot on Ou Lei, and his eyes were wide open, as though he died with remaining grievances.

Bai Ling watched Ou Lei's life fade as he laid in a pool of blood with grief in his heart. This man died like this… He died in an extremely miserable fashion!

However, Bai Ling did not feel any sympathy. Ou Lei must pay for his sins, who could he blame?

"Mistress." Little Tiger's ears suddenly twitched, and he said, "The spirit beasts from Forest of Heaven's Trial sent a message just now, saying that the woman called Lang Xinyue had fled…"

Earlier, Yun Xiao merely killed the reverent-gods from the Freedom Alliance and was about to take care of Lang Xinyue when he heard the commotion deep inside Forest of Heaven's Trial. He was worried for Yun Luofeng's safety and could not attend to Lang Xinyue. Who would have expected that woman would be capable enough to escape…

"No big deal." Bai Ling's furrowed brows relaxed. "Besides the Freedom Alliance, where else could she go? And I will personally make a trip to Freedom Alliance eventually!"

After saying this, Bai Ling turned to Little Tiger, "Also, your mistress is Feng'er. From now on, she is your only mistress."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Woo." Little Tiger obediently responded and flopped onto the ground in a pile.

"Yun Xiao, let's meet up with other people first." After saying this, Yun Luofeng walked to Bai Ling's side and wrapped her arm around her shoulders. "Mother, come with me for some time, I still need to help you treat your poison."

Bai Ling was startled. "You are saying my poison… can be treated?"

Yun Luofeng smiled. "In comparison to my strength, I am more proud of my medical skill! So I am 100% certain I can resolve your poison. It's just the procedure is a bit troublesome."
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